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Since listing every single fantasy-related web page would be a vast undertaking, the following is are the jewels which I have found. In some way, each of these contain content useful with Dungeons and Dragons or that would be interesting to a D&D player. If you know of a great site which should be added to this list then please send me an email and let me know.

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Listings are alphebetical, not preferential. We think all the sites we link to are great!

    Art of Michael Whelan  -  The same fantastic, professional artist's website.
    Elfwood: Lothlorien  -  A massive collection of professional and amature fantasy artwork.
    Goddess  -  The artwork of Jonathon Bowser.
    Jeremy Simmons, Dungeon Artist  -  Creator of numerous useful maps that can be placed in any campaign.
    Larry Elmore  -  Site of famous TSR artist Larry Elmore. Occasionally is locked.
    Salvador Dali  -  Online Gallery. Not really a fantasy gallery
    Steph's Place  -  The beautiful fantasy artwork of the talented Stephanie Law.

    Flying Buffalo Inc  -  Old school roleplaying materials. The makers of Tunnels & Trolls.
    Malhavoc Press  -  Publishing alternative d20 dantasy material, here's game designer Monte Cook's website.
    Wizards of the Coast  -  The largest publisher of d20 roleplaying material.

Custom Campaign Worlds
    Agyris  -  Agyris (Gyr) conceals ancient mysteries of long lost empires and forgotten powers. Beautiful site.
    Farland  -  Read of heroes pitted against the vile minions of the Seven Lords of Sin in the World of
        Farland, a campaign world gripped in battle against evil.
    Karanblade  -  Wonderfully detailed world.
    Khoras  -  A great fantasy world of similar porportions to Sulerin. Great non-rules specific detail!
    Kingdom of Hurva  -  Visit the Kingdom of Hurva and find heroic tales, a rich mythic tradition, and pay taxes.
    Maelstorm  -  Fantasy floorplans, deckplans, legends, and a fantasy setting.
    Outland  -  "Where Xenophobia isn't just a concept....its a survival trait."
    Realms of Adventure  -  A detailed D&D fantasy setting with great maps, cities, and original adventures.
    Tryll  -  A thorough and inventive campaign setting. Lots of good alternative rules too.

Places to Get in Touch
    Mud Connector  -  Perhaps the most complete list of MUDS and other online text-games.
    Rpg Registry  -  Looking for role-players in your area? Try searching here.

    Acaeum  -  A repository of information on Dungeons & Dragons role-playing-game collectibles.
    An Online Latin Word-List  -  A terrific resource for figuring out your mages verbal componants.
    Blue Troll  -  Home of over one hundred netbooks and other manuscripts.
    British Coins  -  An enlightening discussion of medieval coinage.
    David Rumsey Historical Map Collection  -  Contains over 8000 beautifully preserved maps of historical earth.
    Encyclopedia Mythica  -  An online encyclopedia of mythology, folklore, and legend.
    Everchanging Book of Names  -  Need a name? The Book of Names has them all.
    Flat Earth Games  -  Quality free fantasy campaign tools and fonts.
    Grey Labyrinth  -  A site full of puzzles and brain teasers.
    Medieval Demographics Made Easy  -  A fantastic and revealing discussion of medieval population growth.
    Rune Mage's Maps Page  -  A great resource for floorplans of real places.
    The Internet Oracle  -  A great place for getting advice on anything, real life or fake life, fantastical or no.

Role-Playing Related Websites
    Candlekeep  -  If you are a Forgotten Realms fan, you cannot miss this place. A wealth of information.
    EnWorld  -  A community, publishing house, and awesome resource for D&D and d20 news and reviews.
    Mimir  -  Perhaps the very best Planescape site out there. Interesting even if you don't play Planescape.
    On Wings of Memphits  -  A great Planescape page by K. Lipka.
    Realms of Chaos  -  A site of sinister fantasy with class.
    RPG Life  -  Publish your D&D ideas at this very large and popular community website.
    Tracy Hickman  -  Author and RPG enthusiast. Modules, biographies, and a collection of essays.

    Adventurers  -  The longest and perhaps most popular on going story of some D&D adventurers.
    Bruno the Bandit  -  A daily fantasy themed comic about Bruno, a ruthless bandit.
    Nodwick  -  D&D themed webcomic.
    Order of the Stick  -  D&D parody comic strip. Updated thrice weekly.