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World Time Line

The Age of Chaos lasted for an undeterminable passage of time. It is said that in that age the world was made of utter chaos, and reality was undependable. Of this time there is no record, and any records which may have existed from before the Age of Chaos, if there was such a time, were lost in the complete destruction which reigned then. It is from the Age of Chaos that all nations and races measure absolute time. Thus, the beginnings of recorded history begin with the event of the Seals of Chaos. These mystical seals, created by the legendary Brothers Khan, swallowed away the power of chaos and all futures leading back to it, leaving the world as we know it to this day. Behind the Seals of Chaos were also hidden and locked away other horrors. Creatures of unimaginable evil and ideas for inventions which will never see their passage into the world. What other things there were are secrets that only the Brothers Khan know or can guess at.
    Three popular calenders are used to mark the passage of time. Scholars and members of the longer lived races use the designation AC to represent the number of years past as those "After Chaos", the end of the Age of Chaos. The everlasting Eastern Empire measures time starting after the end of the Unholy Wars (2559AC), a time which they mark as 0 U. Being so old, their calender is found throughout the Midden Kingdoms, the Kingdom of Arend, and elsewhere in the world. The Westering Kingdoms, Confederacy of Zhakar, Protectorate of Biengyar, United Kingdoms, and inhabitants of the Hanois Peninsula measure time by the Founding of the United Kingdoms (4545AC), a time which they denote as 0 F. For ease of use, all time marked throughout this site uses the After Chaos time line.
    Occasionally, adventurers will find documents dated with the demarcation of "S". This denotes the number of years that have passed since the Sealing of the Dark Warrens (10858AC). This system fell into disuse after the Black Scourge came to pass and the triumph of the dark warrens sealing was no more.
    To paraphrase the above:

AC = After Chaos
U = End of the Unholy Wars
F = Founding of the United Kingdoms
S = Sealing of the Dark Warrens

So then, we start with recorded history, beginning over 12,800 years ago...

 AC0BU2559BF4545BS10858Creation of the Seals of Chaos by the Brothers Khan, thus ending the Age of Chaos. The Age of Wonders begins.
 AC35BU2524BF4510BS10823The race of First Men, the Shin-Men, begin to change due to mystical and magical influence of the One power and the four regions of men begin to manifest different physical characteristics such as variations in hair and skin color, as well as physical guise. This solidifies the notion of the four great tribes of humans: Aerinia, Hevnin, Zurran, and Elvd.
 AC52BU2507BF4493BS10806The three Gyrfolk races build their first civilizations in what is now present day Alfheim, United Kingdoms, and Deephome. The Syorn build atop the mountains, the Ffyr build within the mountains, and the Bienog build in the fertile lands along the northern coastlines of the Gulf of Biengyar.
 AC159BU2400BF4386BS10699The Kinder (First Halflings) are led by angellic beings, called Seni, into the central lands of the Irendi continant where they found the kingdom of Medea.
 AC235BU2324BF4310BS10623The Ffyr Gyrfolk (first giants) and the Aenid (first dwarves) together create the first Underhalls, vast and impossibly long tunnels which spanned hundreds or even thousands of miles beneath the earth.
 AC239BU2320BF4306BS10619The Ffyr hear the beating sound of the heart of Haanmananar, the Hammerheart, the Earth Dragon and the Ffyr Gyrfolk are first tainted by its selfish dreams.
 AC385BU2174BF4160BS10473The Elvd, one of the four human divisions of the Shin-Men, have dwelt alongside the Aenid (the First Dwarves) for two centuries and learned many early secrets of the One power. No longer nomadic, they look down upon their ancestors and the other Shin-Men and as in a senseless act of aggression they bring war upon their nomadic kin. The Zurran and Aerinian tribes flee east, through the lands of the Gyrfolk, and eventually into the far lands of what is present day Eastern Empire.
 AC443BU2116BF4102BS10415Andlor, a powerful Kinder One Channeler, learns that the angelic Seni, guardians of his people, have been plotting his death. After a failed assassination attempt upon him, he uses his power to dream a star from the heavens, which smashes down upon the Seni holy city of Ifia, killing everything that dwelled within a days ride of the city and destroying the portal to the birth-realm of the Seni. The Kinder of Medea are horrified at this attack upon their friends and guardians. Andlor is driven out of Medea and into the swamps of Katar.
 AC451BU2108BF4094BS10407In the Katar swamps of the Kingdom of Medea, the wrathful dreams of Andlor corrupt the swamp waters and transform all that drink from it into nightmarish monsters. Meanwhile, the angelic race of the Seni begin to vanish. Kinder and Seni sages alike are at a loss to explain this mysterious vanishing, not suspecting that it is the evil will of Andlor who is willing the Seni out of existence.
 AC457BU2102BF4088BS10401Dark times plague the Kingdom of Medea as the abominations created by Andlor's hate-filled dreams continue to spawn monsters out of the Katar Swamps. Under the leadership of Efwyl and Cwerdin, many Kinder depart from Medea and travel in a northeasterly direction, in search of lands where they can safely raise their families. Other Kinder travel south, thus beginning the spread of the halfling race throughout the world.
 AC512BU2047BF4033BS10346The beautiful, angelic, and immortal Seni race disappears from the World of Sulerin, dreamed away and out of existence by the will of Andlor the Accursed. The very last of the Seni, Jamai, lives on to lead the Kinder in search of a new homeland which Jamai refers to as Galeim, a Golden Land.
 AC585BU1974BF3960BS10273The Aenid (first dwarves) decide to withdraw from the world and return to the cradle of Beldin Khan as they sense that their race, though resilient, is slowly being changed by other mortals spiritual impressions upon the One Power. They leave behind their changed youth in the care of the Ffyr, their longtime Gyrfolk allies. However, the Ffyr have long since been corrupted by the dreams of Haanmananar, the Dragon of the Earth, and they lust after the creations of the Aenid. Rather than allow the Aenid young to inherit their forefathers lands, the Ffyr murder the young progeny of the Aenid mere days after their pure blood kin have left. This betrayal between the Aenid and the Gyrfolk is the beginning of unending distrust between dwarves and giant kind.
 AC601BU1958BF3944BS10257Goblinization of the Ayrmin race. The Rhashar use their potent influence over the power of belief to reshape the Ayrmin (First Orckind) with a magical plague. Early experiments result in goblins, but in later years develop hobgoblins, bugbears, and further abominations. Ayrmin who live free from Rhashar rule flee northward and away from the southern lands of Nereka where the Rhashar are in power.
 AC685BU1874BF3860BS10173Ayrmin shaman use the magic of Sol to build a vast ice bridge between the continents of Nereka and Hammah and then travel across it to escape the goblinization mutagen plague and persecution beneath the elemental Barran giants.
 AC702BU1857BF3843BS10156Some of the elemental Barran giants, under pressure from unrelenting attacks by the goblinized Rhashar armies decide to abandon their cities and travel west in great stone ships, across the Sea of Rains, to the Irendi Continent. Their journey takes many months and great storms separate their fleet, less than a third who set out make the journey. Some build on the first land they find, in the far northeastern lands of Irendi, east and beyond the Evermounts and Sea of Lost Souls. Other Barran ships, fearful that the Rhashar may pursue them, travel west and into the Gulf of Yren, landing west of the great Jaws of Yren shoals.
 AC709BU1850BF3836BS10149Barran shamen of western Nereka raise the Mountains of Pyris as a barrier to protect themselves from the armies of the Rhashar.
 AC714BU1845BF3831BS10144The armies of Ashar, a powerful Rhashari leader, are completely destroyed while crossing the Plains of Enin when Barran wizards use a ritual to collapse the land and sink it beneath sea level, causing the interior sea and the Sea of Rains to rush in and crush everything in their path. In moments, the Barran bring an end to Rhashar attacks on their people which they have suffered for centuries. All that remains are scattered islands.
 AC870BU1689BF3675BS9988Rise of the Rhashari Prthavi Empire in the eastern lands of the Nereka Continent.
 AC897BU1662BF3648BS9961Kurckon, the Dragon of Storms, stirs in its aeon slumber at the depths of the Gulf of Biengyar, causing a mighty tsunami to envelope the civilization of the Bienog Gyrfolk. The Bienog are utterly destroyed by the flood waters, their cities swept entirely out to sea and lost. The mystic Bienog ruler, Ragog, vows that his people will return to reclaim their lost heritage on land, even as his people are destroyed by the rushing waters. It will not be until 7077AC that his descendent, Gog, leads giants out of the sea to fulfill the ancient vow.
 AC972BU1587BF3573BS9886Kinder, once from the Kingdom of Medea, found the Kingdom of Galeim, The Golden Land, in pre-Jarik Glacier lands. The prophet, Jamai, last of the Seni, gathers his closest followers with him at the top of a cliff somewhere north of the Sea of Lost Souls. After dispensing final words, Jamai is carried up into the sky by a blinding light. His followers return to the Kinder and become the Eight Noble Kings of Galeim.
 AC1020BU1539BF3525BS9838Aerinia declares war upon Zuraan over water-passage rights and for raids upon their canals, Serran joins Zurran in the war and attacks Aerinia, thus beginning the War of Five Kingdoms.
 AC1065BU1494BF3480BS9793In the Prthavi Empire of the Rhashar, public sentiment turns against Sishtha, the "Immortal," ruler of Prthavi. For almost three centuries, Sishtha has spread idols of himself through-out the kingdom which his subjects are required, by law, to think of in benevolent and flattering ways. By this, Sishtha has been transformed by the power of belief ("The One" power) into a godlike being. However, when the public begins to focus negative thoughts upon the idols Sishtha is slowly transformed into a terrible, fearful, tyrannical monster. One fateful night, Sishtha, the "Vile," ravages the capital, slaying and eating most of its leaders, princes, and dignitaries. What was Sishtha carves a swath of destruction through the Prthavi Empire, throwing it into chaos and ruin, before disappearing to the north. The empire quickly disintegrates into petty power struggles.
 AC1157BU1402BF3388BS9701The War of Five Kingdoms ends, Rydendow the First proclaims his five sons King over each kingdom, thus the Eastern Empire is founded.
 AC1865BU694BF2680BS8993The Sultan discover the art of Blood Magic.
 AC1950BU609BF2595BS8908Tremendous earthquakes sink a hundreds of square miles of land to the south of the lands of Zeret. In the coming spring the snow melts from the Arnor and Anvil mountains, flooding the basin area. In the following spring an explosion in the mosquito population coupled with the exposure of ancient burial sites brings the beginning of the Five-Hundred Year Plague which ravages the Thaluman, Zeret, and Merkesh empires.
 AC2380BU179BF2165BS8478The Plague of Five Hundred Years slowly draws to an end in ancient Thaluman, Zeret, and Merkesh empires. Merkesh, now little more than a battleground between Thalumani and Zereti armies has suffered most horribly from the disease while peoples in the other two nations have slowly developed a resistance to the disease. Remnants of the disease remain to plague foreigners and cause occasional local outbreaks even in present day.
 AC2454BU105BF2091BS8404Sultan, Kirrinda Loche-dar, ascends to the Pedestal of Divinity.
 AC2498BU61BF2047BS8360The All Stone, later known as the Heart of Magic, is brought from beneath the earth and gifted to Brunigin Alewyrd, High Thane of the clans of Deep Home. The High Thane unlocks the stones power after learning the keys to its power in a dream and uses it to open the Irworg Vaults, a legendary mithral vein that was encased in unbreakable iron. Having unlocked its power, strange gifts of magic begin to befall his family and the power of magic in the world begins to grow.
 AC2505BU54BF2040BS8353The Nadristi foretell the fall of their civilization, many of their long lived kind have been left infertile by the new levels of magic in the world and nearly every child is born with the gift to touch Sol, the true magic. Alarmed at the news of their coming downfall they seek the reason for the new rise of magic in the world and discover the All Stone held by the Daernarthor Dwarves of Deep Home. In an attempt to change their fortunes they attack Deep Home, slaying Brunigin Alewyrd the last of the First Line of Daernarthor blood set by the dwarven gods to rule over the Daernarthor. Powerful magics turn the lands then known as the Clainborough into the Alasyain Desert, shattering the Daernarthor. Most relocate westward but others travel far to the east and in later years build the Aken Halls or become the Clans of Hallanstaen. The Nadristi fail to recover the All Stone, but in the chaos it is lost to the Daernarthor as well. Legends of the stone's power quickly travel across the world as sages seek the answer to why magic has become more powerful.
 AC2506BU53BF2039BS8352Emperor Rydendow the Sixteenth, aware of the All Stone (aka Heart of Magic) and the rise of magic in the world, declares that such an artifact must be taken by humans for the good of humankind. Beset on his borders by giant-kind, fey, and demon filled mountains, he believes this item to be the key to humankind's destiny and rightful place as the superior race of all Sulerin. With this in mind he raises the mightiest armies ever seen by humankind and sets upon a military campaign to search the world for the All Stone.
    Meanwhile, in the north, Torim Zurkies slays his master and enslaves much of the civilization of Amn (in the lands now known as Bethdezra), and reveling in his ability as a necromancer of supreme talent and warrior of unquestioned skill, begins to raise a mighty army bent on conquering all he sees. Torim, being a sol-wielder, feels the call of the All Stone and, like many powerful sorcerers, is drawn to it.
    The exodus of Torim's armies and those of Rydendow become known as the beginning of the UnHoly Wars, named thus for men likened themselves as gods and there was no higher order of divine power in the world to guide them otherwise. Meanwhile, the Daernarthor have not been lethargic in seeking out the Nadristi and any other elfin kind that may have been involved in the loss of their precious All Stone. Soon, all races are embroiled in the conflict for the artifact and battles rage across all of Sulerin for many decades to come.
 AC2522BU37BF2023BS8336The Kingdom of Medea, first homeland to the Kinder (halflings), is conquered by the armies of Emperor of the Eastern Empire, Rydendow the Sixteenth. The Medea Accord appoints a viceroy of the empire to rule over the conquered lands and Rydendow takes his armies north in search of the All Stone.
 AC2524BU35BF2021BS8334Andlor the Accursed of the Katar Swamps, perishes by the sword of Emperor Rydendow's champion, Erwulf of Sparn, thus ending two millenia of terrible monsters spawned by Andlor's evil dreams.
 AC2559U0BF1986BS8299End of the UnHoly Wars. Torim Zurkies dies at Mt. Zion which is blown to dust, presumably at the destruction of his Sword, Agor Thar. However history shows his sword turns up later and the explosion which ended his life and most of those in the numerous armies which assulted him remains a mystery.
 AC2565U6BF1980BS8293Great builders, artisans, mages, scholars, and visionaries build the Hall of Kings as a final tomb for the souls of the great warlords who ravaged the world.
    In the Sultan homeland of Urharulan, Kirrinda Loche-dar, the Pedestal of Divinity, secretly slaughters thousands of Sultan to empower a blood magic spell which successfully entraps the Sandgorgon Demons into a Whirlwind imprisonment in the Golden Desert.
 AC2566U7BF1979BS8292Demonic forces corrupt the Hall of Kings, raising the souls of the Kings and leaving them aware or their imprisonment in the great Hall.
 AC2567U8BF1978BS8291Having captured several key southern cities and built fortified positions in the mountains near to the south, the Dagashi revolutionaries declare themselves independent and at war with the states of Bethdezra. The states of Bethdezra continue to war against each other and remain divided.
 AC2571U12BF1974BS8287The Breaking of the Sultan. Sultan are cursed and divided by their gods, the Elders. Haruninki lose the power of magic and Silothreni are cursed to forever live in fear of the sun.
 AC2715U156BF1830BS8143First recorded appearance of divine influance. The Twenty appear and begin to meddle in the works of mortal-kind. Thus ends the Age of Wonders where mortals ruled over themselves and begins the Age of Divinity, where gods bring new virtues, vices, and powers into the world.
 AC2717U158BF1828BS8141Marioba creates the Rods of Power.
 AC2752U193BF1793BS8106The Eloam retreat from the world of mortals, leaving the mainland and raising an island of their own hidden in the seas.
 AC3601U1042BF944BS7257Deciding the Year of the Blood and the red moon to be a potent omen, the half-fiend and arch-warlock Saulos establishes his academy in primitive lands along the northern coast of the Gulf of Yren. Calling younger wizards to study beneath his fame, their combined magics impress and enthrall the simple and unorganized people of the lands about them and the seeds of the Magocracy of Saul are sown.
 AC3679U1120BF866BS7179While worship of Shistar is prevalent throughout the Magocracy of Saul, worshipers of Zhakrin, Thurdon, Marmon, and most significantly Qo, find sanctuary throughout the land. Rumors abound that Saulos himself has made a secret pact with Qo and other evil gods in exchange for forbidden knowledge and an extended lifespan. Stories of the magical powers had by wizards trained in Saulos are spoken of in foreign lands with awe and wonder. Saulos appoints the Three of Shadow to rule over the three corners of his kingdom in Tyndol, Kaug, and Eres. Appointed in secret, these agents of Saulos spread fear among those without magic by using their powers to forcibly recruit youth with talent in magic and by rooting out sedition from the populous.
 AC4250U1691BF295BS6608Emperor Loraedros the Seventh of the Eastern Empire commands the mighty among his people to seek westward and into unconquered giant and fey filled lands, seeking lost riches from the Age of Wonders and in hopes of finding a great artifact that will cause his name to be recorded forever in the annals of history. Instead, he is known for depleting his countries wealth but in return some of the most advanced and detailed maps of the long unexplored lands beyond the Cruth mountains are produced. These maps would be instrumental in the spread of humankind throughout the southern hemisphere of the continent.
 AC4258U1699BF287BS6600First recorded Dragonflight.
 AC4260U1701BF285BS6598Fleeing from the Eastern Empire, refugees build a homestead upon some cliffs near the Gulf of Biengyar. These homesteads eventually grew to become one of the most powerful cities in the world, Tel-Akbar.
 AC4335U1776BF210BS6523The Warlock Saulos still rules over his evil magocracy and is feared throughout the northeastern lands of Irendi. Tale of the evils committed in the Magocracy of Saul and of its immortal ruler are frequent conversation even in the Eastern Empire, across the vast Gulf of Yren. Saulos, now said to be over seven-hundred fifty years old, rules with an iron fist. His armies, charmed through magic and filled with undefeatable warriors who are unharmed by conventional weapons, are feared by nearby Calaan, Greentree, and Silverhome. For decades now, cults to all manner of evil gods and fiends have spread throughout the Kingdom of Saul, granted power and sanction by the Warlock himself. In recent years even more powerful undead freely have walked the halls of power and it is said that the half-fiend, Saulos, conducts mass sacrifices to feed a great phylactery that sustains his immortality.
    A great grove of powerful magic has been fortified in the kingdom's southeastern realms, where trees and all creatures are filled with undeath. There the Three of Shadow and agents of Saulos have labored for many years to secure a great magic in hope of binding an evil god to their will. Their efforts come to fruition and in an orgy of bloodshed and foul rites they entrap a great portion of the god Qo within three great discs. Though in truth they have but stolen a sliver of Qo's power, the evil god allows them to keep what they have taken and for a time his presence in the region is subdued as only Qo's most powerful priests are made aware of the cataclysm to come.
    Saulos, engorged upon the power at his disposal begins to exact ever greater demands upon the unholy hosts of the lower planes, his allies and enemies powerless to resist him secretly seek alliances elsewhere and find welcome among divine agents of Qo.
 AC4337U1778BF208BS6521In an attempt to complete a ritual of incalculable evil, perhaps in a bid to consume the divine power he had captured two years previous and transcend to godhood, Saulos brings destruction upon his kingdom. A wave of power explodes from the Tower of Saul, consuming every living thing and poisoning the land in a roughly cone shaped blast to the west. Strangely, powerful wizards who travel to the lands to discover what has happened report that a strange forest still remains about the Tower of Saul, though the danger of the region prevents any exploration. In years to come these lands will plague the surrounding area with occasional incursions of undead, the lands are treated with a sort of spiritual awe by priests of Zhakrin, but no sign of Saulos is ever found. Scholars will debate exactly which divine forces were responsible for the destruction for millenia to come.
 AC4483U1924BF62BS6375Kargan Revolution takes place in the Eastern Empire. Many dissidents flee west over the Crescent Mountains, but those who do not are forcibly shipped east across the Sea of Rains, never to be seen again.
 AC4545U1986F0BS6313Founding of the United Kingdoms occurs with the signing of the Treaty of Trontor which ended the Mage Wars and recognized of the United Rebellion as a valid authority by the Eastern Empire.
 AC5091U2532F546BS5767Having grown large in population, settlers from the United Kingdoms begin to move into the lands of elves of Alfheim, after several attacks by the elves upon the settlers the United Kingdoms declares war on Alfheim.
 AC5094U2535F549BS5764After several decidedly bad military losses, the elves of Alfheim sign the Treaty of Larasu, ceding some of their southern lands to the United Kingdoms.
 AC5185U2626F640BS5673Great stones rain down from the heavens. Most fall upon the Aramat Kingdoms (where in present day is are the Midden Kingdoms), which is annihilated. Other, more minor stones strike the powerful Eastern Empire, but magics from its learned wizards and records of magic surviving from the cataclysm (AC1950) three-thousand years before are able to prevent the catastrophe from being as severe as befell the Aramat Kingdom. In the north, the human Kingdoms of Calaan (where in present day is the Kingdom of Arend). Two Calaan cities of Elepeth and Caramoar are utterly destroyed by direct impacts that lay waste to hundreds of square miles of land.
    As dust from the terrible impacts fill the sky, the Winter of 600 Years begins.
 AC5188U2629F643BS5670First recorded contact with the Lupinal. Survivors of the destruction of the Aramat Kingdom receive assistance and tutelage in hunting from strange and benevolent "wolf-men who never shed their wolf skin."
 AC5207U2648F662BS5651After the death of Queen Seraphane, her daughter, Serashenal, takes rule of the Kingdom of Calaan. The burden of rulership proves to be too much though, much due to the winter that covers the land. Rebel lords dissolve the alliance that holds the Kingdom together and Serashenal is deposed. A new leadership to bring together the descendants of Seraphina will not appear until nearly the end of the Winter of 600 years. During this time warring feudal states destroy most of the Calaan culture and history that had flourished there since the time of Seraphina. Loyalists to Serashenal make a valiant effort to obtain guidance and ancient knowledge from the Hall of Kings, where the body and spirit of Queen Seraphina, ruler of Calaan during the UnHoly Wars, is buried. They fail to return.
 AC5472U2913F927BS5386In the Ivory Kingdom of Dhaal, the son of King Yearon steals away the Holy Threepart Book of Tennet, a collection of divine laws that were bestowed to the Ivory Kingdom of Dhaal and under whose secret wisdom and insight that nation flourished. Led by evil whispers, the youth opens the book and allows evil beings to learn its potent knowledge. Vile spirits feed upon the power of the book and its knowledge and use it to assemble a horde of restless spirits and undead creatures. King Yearon travels into the foul host and recovers the book from his son. He curses his son to dwell among the evil he has unleashed and leaves him behind, but before he can escape with the book a great bolt of lightning strikes the device and shatters it into its three parts. With only one of the three parts remaining in his possession, meneced on all sides, and being badly wounded, King Yearon flees to his cities, secrets the book part away in a hidden tomb, and readies his lands for the coming invasion. The deity Tennet turns his eye upon the Ivory Kingdom and sees the abuse of his sacred lore and in divine fury he allows the wrath of the god of destruction, Cyndar, to raise a mighty tidal wave which washes over the Ivory Kingdom, destroying it and the evil hordes. The Kingdom of Dhaal is lost and remains forever flooded, now little more than ruins which litter a vast swamp. The Threepart Book of Tennet is lost.
 AC5788U3229F1243BS5070Caelwyn Serantos, son of a minor lord and a descendent of the Sorceress Queen, Seraphina, rises to power over the scattered and warring peoples that were once the Kingdom of Calaan and unifies humans in the region into the Seran Kingdom. He consolidates his rule from the ancient throne in castle Rydendow. After ruling for sixty-two years, Caelwyn's son, Telmeron Serantos, will bring the Seran Kingdom into a golden age, expanding human influence in the central northern region of Irendi, forging a lasting alliance with Monarch of Greentree, Aeltherion Turramen.
 AC5795U3236F1250BS5063Winter of 600 Years abates.
 AC6068U3509F1523BS4790Bethdezran nomads from several clans unite and make war against the invading tribes of the Dazazzin in a bloody holy war which claims the lives of hundreds of thousands.
 AC7077U4518F2532BS3781Sea Giants, led by the titan of the oceans, Gog, invade from the Gulf of Biengyar and into the United Kingdoms, destroying several coastal cities.
 AC7081U4522F2536BS3777The titan of the oceans, Gog, who led an invasion into the United Kingdoms and conquered several island states is defeated at the battle of Zhakar and within a year the sea giants have retreated back into the seas.
 AC7294U4735F2749BS3564The lands of Bethdezra erupt in multiple civil wars as Dagashi rebels assassinate several leaders and key polititions over the course of several weeks, starting a war of mis- accusations which would last for over one-hundred years.
 AC8191U5632F3646BS2667Second recorded Dragonflight begins.
 AC8192U5633F3647BS2666Due to the wreckage caused by the Dragonflight, Bethdezra reunites under a common flag against the common threat.
 AC8228U5669F3683BS2630After nearly four decades of destruction, Dragonflight ends. The Emperor of Bethdezra is assassinated in front of hundreds of thousands by a clan of revolutionary Dagashi during the Crowning Ceremony, dashing hopes of the nation remaining unified after the destruction of Dragonflight.
 AC8301U5742F3756BS2557Having captured several key southern cities and built fortified positions in the mountains near to the south, the Dagashi revolutionaries declair themselves independent and at war with the states of Bethdezra. The states of Bethdezra continue to war against each other and remain divided.
 AC8352U5793F3807BS2506Armies of Bethra, the once capital of the Yuzan, one of the most powerful nations of Bethdezra, declares war upon the Dagashi for attacks upon their trade routes to the south. After several failed attacks and numerous losses of leaders by Dagashi assassinations, the Cities of Bethra sue for peace. The Dagashi send the heads of several Bethran ambassadors back to the Cities of Bethra and continue to harass and attack caravans heading south which refuse to pay their tax.
 AC8979U6420F4434BS1879A terrible cataclysm strikes the Eastern Empire as a fiery asteroid plunges from the sky and into the vast southeastern lands of the empire. The following terrible earthquakes caused tens of thousands square miles to sink into the Sea of Rains. Millions of humans perished in only a few days, unable to flee faster than the land was sinking, turning a vast number of cities into undersea ruins. The Tsunami destroy hundreds of towns up and down the coast, large and small, leaving the Eastern Empire on the verge of ruin. A second dark age begins as the sky is filled with dust and clouds.
 AC8995U6436F4450BS1863Dust from the cataclysm of AC8979 abates, but the global climate has cooled under the heavy clouds and glaciers in the mountains have grown long. The Second Winter begins.
 AC9066U6507F4521BS1792Nomads from the Jarik Glacier ravage the northern lands of Kindertel and begin to harass elven patrols from Greentree. Halflings from Kindertel flee into Greentree causing lots of political debate in Greentree.
 AC9070U6511F4525BS1788Four years after their invasion of Kindertel, Barbarians from the Jarik glacier begin to move en masse against the nation of Greentree. Unable to reach an agreement of how to deal witht he halfling refugees and the oncoming hordes, Greentree is caught off guard and House Elestinlore loses most of its lands to the barbarians.
 AC9071U6512F4526BS1787Furious over their loss of lands, House Elestinlore demands action from the King Sarhaine Turramen of Greentree. Under pressure from other powerful lords and with his popularity falling due to the halfling refugees presence, King Sarhaine Turramen disbands the common councel and starts a high councel of the most powerful and important lords of Greentree, thus eliminating the vast political debates which have slowed Greentree's decision making. Unfortunately, this new high councel does not include House Elestinlore.
 AC9072U6513F4527BS1786Lord Elestinlore, who use to be one of the most powerful lords of Greentree demands his place upon the new council, citing that he deserves to be on it while barbarians ravage his lands. He is refused from the high councel. Greentree takes military action against the barbarian incursion. House Elestinlore refuses to cooperate and help with its garrison unless allowed a place in the high councel. Under pressure from the other lords in the high councel, King Sarhaine Turramen declares House Elestinlore to be traitorous.
 AC9073U6514F4528BS1785House Elestinlore and several other elven lords and their households leave Greentree, largly due to their exclusion from the new high councel. They leave westward. Greentree turns back the barbarian hordes and awards the lands of the houses which left Greentree to new lords who helped assist in the fighting. The barbarian hordes retreat to the eastern lands of Kindertel. That Autumn, Greentree and Kindertel forces push the hordes back to the Jarik Glacier.
 AC9079U6520F4534BS1779House Elestinlore and the houses which departed from Greentree find lush forests in the western half of the continent after six years of travel and found the nation of Elestinlore.
 AC9080U6521F4535BS1778The Halflings of Kindertel finish construction on two of four fortresses which will prevent further barbarian incursions from growing as out of hand as the last one.
 AC9750U7191F5205BS1108Warming trends of the last several years lead scholars to declare that the Second Winter has abated.
 AC10350U7791F5805BS508Andur Thelemon, a powerful druid gifted in the power of auspex observes the flights of birds and foresees the changing seasons, which he wrongly interprets as the coming of a third dark age and winter. Unable to convince the other druidic elders of the Elemental Council as to the urgency and import of his vision he gathers together what few followers he has. Together they enter the ancient druid library in Ruis Muin, the Vine of Worlds, and gain access to the Gates of the Seasons. With a complex ritual they entreat the Spirits of Autumn. Andur Thelemon is tricked into absorbing the autumnal aspects of decay into his mortal form. Incarnate with the powers of entropy he slays his followers and throws wide the Autumn Gate, bringing about the very imbalance of the seasons he foretold. Most druids who resided in the Great Library are slain, very few escape, and the older path druidic tradition experiences a sharp decline. Without strong leadership, those who fled scatter about the world. Following this time will arise in popularity the notion of divine druids, who are really priests of nature gods rather than followers of the old druidic tradition which directly tapped the power of nature. Also, as a result of the Autumn Gate being out of balance, the Green Ways of Ruis Muin become poisoned and too dangerous to use for travel. Remaining druids try to seal as many of the known entrances to the Green Ways as can be found, to prevent the Spirits of Autumn from escaping into the world and because of the terrible danger that awaits any who attempt to use them for travel.
 AC10769U8210F6224BS89The Grasping Death, a plague named for the spasmodic loss of muscle control experienced by those who were afflicted, strikes the Eastern Empire and from there spreads to all of humanity. Non-humans display a hearty resilience to the magical plague which breeds resentment among humans for the other races for many generations. Unable to counter the plague in a timely fashion, it quickly becomes a terrible pandemic across the continent, killing nearly one-third of the population in the Eastern Empire alone. The plague continues its onslaught through several human generations, lasting for nearly three-hundred years before dying out. These dark times breed untold hordes of undead that plague the lands for hundreds of years following. The source of the disease is never found.
 AC10858U8299F6313S0Sealing of the Dark Warrens. The entity known as Ilerth is sealed in the Abyss of Tything, also known as the Dark Warrens, some of the deepest cavern complexes in the world. The Ilerth War rages for nearly another decade however.
 AC10940U8381F6395S82Explorer Sanderan ap Candre of the Eastern Empire makes his historic voyage across the Sea of Rains and discovers the continent of Nereka.
 AC10971U8412F6426S113Amid controversy of another potential United Rebellion, the Eastern Empire founds its first colony on the continent of Nereka after seven failed attempts.
 AC11587U9028F7042S729After a vicious dissagreement between Black Eagle Barony and Valorian castle over crop rights, Black Eagle Barony lays seige to Valorian Castle and sacks several buildings. The Valorian Library, center of knowledge, is unfortunately burnt to the ground, a terrible historical loss. After several months of fighting, Black Eagle Barony retreats from its seige because of pressures from other kingdoms in the United Kingdoms.
 AC11680U9121F7135S822A scattered nation, hope returns to the broken Eastern Empire in the form of Emperor Lasillion the first, called, "The Hopeful." After centuries of neglect and feuding he reunites the country and leads it out of the despair and internal wars that followed the Grasping Plague.
 AC12756U10197F8211S1898In the Cruth Mountains to the south-central of the Desert of the Sinnd, four mighty heroes travel to the Cairns of Genodrar; the Haruninki warrior called Ichida, a Shinomen warrior named Ram, a Shinomen shaman called Chordu, and a young and accomplished Galiadre summoner called Aythera. There, they defeat the evil wyrm-dragon called Mulgeroth and end its hundred years of tyranny over the human lands of the Shinomen. Ichida departs from the horrors of the battlefield and bitterly returns to his homeland, Urharulan where he is welcomed as a hero, but he elects to retire from fame and marry into a low stationed family for love. Ram is slain in the battle, his body returned to the Shinomen people and elevated as a Kalishar to Kalin, the war aspect of the four-faced Shinomen god. Chordu was also heralded as a hero, but he was of many years and so faded back into retirement. Aythera claimed the esoteric wealth of the fallen wyrm and transported it to his hidden dwelling on the Isle of Deeds where he was consumed with its study. Mulgeroth had been a powerful magician and had delved deeply into many mysteries of the Fell Realms where demons and their kind dwell; these were the dangerous secrets that Aythera would study for thirty years before his own corrupted apotheosis. Meanwhile, though the body of Mulgeroth had died, its spirit lingered on among the necromantic energies of the Genodrar Cairns, and slept as it slowly healed.
 AC12787U10228F8242S1929On the Isle of Deeds, the elfin summoner called Aythera, once heralded as noble and heroic, has spent the last thirty years studying secrets of the Fell Realms since the slaying of the evil dragon Mulgeroth. The evil taint in the scrolls which he has spent day and night deciphering, has long since turned his noble heart towards cruelty. As advisor to the King of Rhaian on the Isle of Deeds, he has slowly manipulated the royal courts to his own ends. In this year, the King of Rhaian, suffering from slow but terminal poisoning of the spirit, names Aythera as his successor and dies the next day. Aythera casts aside his name, calls up from the Fell Realms a host of demons, and quickly consolidates his power under his new name: Zydol. The island kingdom of Rhaian is transformed into the tyrannical Domain of Zydol.
 AC12858U10299F8313S2000The seal of the Dark Warrens is found broken, heralding the beginning of another dark time.
 AC12859U10300F8314S2001Unable to cross the Sea of Rains, having lost contact with the colony on Nereka, and having lost too many vessals to the violent storms which have plagued the coast, the Eastern Empire abandons its efforts to colonize Nereka and turns instead to bolstering its defenses at the rumors of evil armies gathering in the far north.
    The Dark One, once called Ilerth, decends upon the nations of Bethdezra and Arend, decimating them and sweeping southward in a deadly pronged southward attack. The time known as the Black Scourge begins.
 AC12860U10301F8315S2002The Twenty Gods of Sulerin vanish from the world, leaving their followers without answers, and the world devoid of priestly magic. The Black Order of Zhakrin takes over the Kingdom of Arend, already decimated from the Dark One. The Inner Nations, known as the Lake Lands are captured by the Dark One's forces. Halflings from the Inner Kingdoms flee to the Totak Plateau Lands. Eloam dissapear from the Prime.
 AC12861U10302F8316S2003The Elven nation of Elestinlore is burnt to the ground by the forces of the Dark One, leaving the nation destroyed and in ruins. Queen Moriena Turramen of Greentree is assassinated by followers of Zhakrin. Greentree declairs war on the Kingdom of Arend under the guidance of its new king, Pathos Turramen. The Dwarves of Silverstreak retreat into their earthen mines beneath the mountain Silverstreak Peak. The Dark One, now called Murmandamus by his followers, begins the invasion of the Eastern Empire. A great portion of the Eastern Empires navy is destroyed at the Battle of Yren against the Dark One's forces. Signs of the dreaded Shaking Sickness are found in the lands of the Hanois Peninsula (no one is terribly surprised to find it there first). The population of Hana swells as the birthrate doubles in response to the appearance of the sickness.
 AC12862U10303F8317S2004The western branch of the Dark One's Hordes trek across the desert of the Sinnd and attack the northern cities of the Wild Coast. A contingent of the army travels into the mountains near Elestinlore to destroy the remaining elves who hide there and to also attack the Haruninkian Homeland; they are defeated at the Battle of Bithraad when the Dark One's forces invading the Homeland are attacked by Sand Gorgons, summoned by the Haruninki. The first appearance of dragons in the Dark One's armies as flights against the Hanois Peninsula and the Haruninkian Homeland are made. Signs of the Seals of Chaos weakening begin to appear; of the possible reasons for this, the presence of the near-god like power of the Dark One upon the prime seems to be the most likely.
    An elite scouting group of the Dark One's armies stumbles upon the Cairns of Genodrar. A moredwriath among the party senses the great sleeping necromantic powers that rest in the cairne and attempts to harness the power to advance itself, mistaking the spiritual energy for a multitude of weaker spirits when in fact it is the powerful resting spirit of the wyrm dragon once known as Mulgeroth. The dragon spirit awakens from more than one-hundred years of slumber and answers the moredwraith's summons by consuming it and slaying every member of the scouting party. Mulgeroth's spirit returns to its bones and animates them, becoming something akin to a draco-lich, then slowly works to regather its power and learn of what has changed in the world during its slumber.
 AC12863U10304F8318S2005Monarch of Greentree, Pathos Turramen, is captured by the Dark Ogres, but later rescued after his whereabouts are discovered. Confidence in Pathos' rule remains uncertain. The capital of the Eastern Empire is razed by Murmandamus' forces. The Isle of the Dead sinks and the Black order of Zhakrin blames the Dark One. The Black Order moves its capital to the Ancient capital of Arend. Greentree continues to war on the Black Order in the Kingdom fo Arend. A strange disease breaks out among the Dark One's eastern armies which continue to plow southward through the Eastern Empire. The Shaking Sickness begins to show up in Tel-Akbar and in other nations far from the Hanois Peninsula. Southern advanced armies of the Dark One conquer the southern Hanois Peninsula.
 AC12864U10305F8319S2006The Eastern Empire surrenders to the might of the Dark One's eastern armies. The Black Order of Zhakrin abandons the Kingdom of Arend due to pressure from its war with Greentree. The Black Order moves the castle, once capital of Arend, by flight across the Desert of Three Winds, and begin their rule of terror anew in the weakened nations of Bethdezra. In the wake of their success against the Black Order, Greentree turns its efforts towards expansion and begins to colonize the ruined lands of the Arend which they captured and southward over the empty surface lands of the Silverstreak Dwarves. The Black Order, in a final retributive strike, sets a magical fire upon the ruins of Arend, burning millions of square miles of land and killing nearly all of the remaining Arend population. This prevents Greentree from colonizing most of Arend.
 AC12865U10306F8320S2007Advanced armies of the Dark One attack the western edges of the United Kingdoms, by fall they have conquered Valorian Castle causing many of the United Kingdoms to surrender. Eastern Armies of the Dark One begin to travel west around the Crescent Mountains but are met with difficulties of heavy snows.
 AC12866U10307F8321S2008New Gods appear and new religions begin to spread across the continent of Irendi. The only gods to return from the original twenty are Arden, Zhakrin, and Shistar. Great earthquakes begin to rock the world as the Seals of Chaos continue to weaken under the power of the Dark One's presence in the Prime. Under Political pressure to dissassemble his armies which had just won against the Black Order, General Garen Varana declares himself rightful king of Greentree. Due to his popularity from recent victories against the Black Order and the lack of popularity of King Pathos, many side with General Varana, thus the country of Greentree is plunged into civil war.
 AC12867U10308F8322S2009The Dark One's western armies break the city of Zeaburg's defenses, completing their conquering of the United Kingdoms, while a token force leaves to make war on the Elves of Alfheim to the north of there, the bulk of the army heads south to Tel-Akbar. Meanwhile the eastern branch of the Dark One's armies finishes its trek west from the conquered Eastern Empire and the two prongs of the Dark One's armies join together in late fall, outside the city of Tel-Akbar.
 AC12868U10309F8323S2010The Dark One's presence dissapears from the world. Its armies lose their unity without the Dark One's presence driving them and they begin to war with each other and upon Tel-Akbar. Unable to resolve their differences the armies scatter and flee, what remains of the armies begins a seige of Tel-Akbar. With the help of several new faiths of priests and the bolstered armies of Tel-Akbar the seige is broken by late this year and the remaining armies of the Dark One flee to the mountains and forests. The Black Scourge ends.
 AC12869U10310F8324S2011General Varana captures deposed monarch Pathos Turramen and beheads him, under the might of his armies the remaining lords bow to his kingship and declare him King of Greentree. Delavidus, brother to Pathos and the only surviving royalty of the Turramen family flees with some of his most powerful advisors to the Arnorian Valleys to escape the wrath of General Varana.
 AC12870U10311F8325S2012Sherain Khan of the Brothers Khan begins to escape from beyond the Seals of Chaos where his brothers placed him due to his opposition to ending the Age of Chaos. Taking a name of evil, Sherain Khan begins a terrifying epic of dark dreams across the world. He also begins to raise armies of undead and recruit the shattered bits of the Dark One's armies for his own plans of conquest. Elements sealed beyond the Seals of Chaos continue to leak out into reality. By using a powerful artifact, Sherain Khan is able to cut off the newly born gods access to the Prime, leaving the world devoid of faith magic once more.
 AC12871U10312F8326S2013Under guidance from one of the Brothers Khan, Kith-tal Thasoon, Garbin Gilthanus, Kati-Brea Kahan, Sir Bayard, Macros the Undying, and several other heros gather the necessary pieces and replace the broken Seal of Chaos which had cracked due to the presence of the Dark One upon the Prime. The other Seals of Chaos are re-hidden across the world lest remaining forces of Sherian Khan attempt to destroy them to release their master.
 AC12872U10313F8327S2014After several years of searching for the dark artifact used by Sherian Khan to cut off divine access to the world, it is finally found and destroyed, allowing priests to commune with their gods once again. It is suspected that this is the same item which was used by the Dark One to seal away the gods access to the world as well.
 AC12874U10315F8329S2016The Galiadre Elves of Alfheim declares war on the weakened United Kingdoms, claiming right to their fore fathers lands which the United Kingdoms settled upon several thousand years ago. Records of the settlement were lost in the burning of Valorian Castle, nearly 1000 years prior so the humans of the United Kingdoms have no clue why the elves think the land is rightfully theirs.
 AC12879U10320F8334S2021Amid taxation resentments, the island cities of Irendi and Minothrad lead an uprising against the United Kingdoms. The Kingdoms are too busy, embroiled as they are in their conflict against the Galiadre of Alfheim to offer much resistance against the secession. The powerful merchant lords that rule the islands form a mutual protection pact and thus the Protectorate of Biengyar is formed. At the same time, amid concerns that the United Kingdoms is unable to benefit the eastern cities of Zeaburg and Woodhelven and unwilling to make bad neighbors of the Galiadre and the newly formed protectorate, citizens of these eastern cities secede from the United Kingdoms and form their own alliance, the Confederacy of Zhakar.
 AC12881U10322F8336S2023After several years of small orcish incursions, a full invasion of orcish forces pushes into the lowlands of the Crescent Mountains and the forests to their south, cutting off land bound trade across the southern lands of the continent. Inspired by repeated appearances of the mighty orcish warrior Korog that rides a chariot led by a pack of huge Worgs, the orcish hordes crash through the defenses of the lowlands and crush the cities of Wereskalot, Castellan, Ravensclaw, and Leah.
 AC12882U10323F8337S2024The Galiadre of Alfheim are successful in their campaign against the United Kingdoms. With the Treaty of Grey, the United Kingdoms cedes its forested lands, including those previously occupied by the human cities of Bhazzan and Soderfjord. This loss and the secession of the island and eastern cities from the union leave the United Kingdoms less than two-thirds its previous size in landmass.
 AC12883U10324F8338S2025The orcish hordes cease their efforts to push north of the river Sirrion after being turned back by military forces at the city of Mendenton. A pact struck by the leadership of Mendenton, members of the heroic Cleansing Flame, and the Orcish Gods lay the spirit of Korog to rest and grant save harbor to civilians of Mendenton and members of the Cleansing Flame who travel into the orcish territories for 100 years, or until a citizen of Mendenton or the Cleansing Flame attacks an orc that is a follower of the same orcish gods. Attacks on outer settlements of Tel-Akbar, and raids on other Crescent Lowlands towns continues.
 AC12885U10326F8340S2027In the Giant's Steps Mountains, west of the Kingdom of Arend, Vainegal thal-Zeroth, one of Saulos' mighty Three of Shadow, is freed from his millenia imprisonment in torpor.
 AC12887U10328F8342S2029Misled followers of the dead god Qo fall victim to the whispers of the Primal Lord of Slavery, Titalus, and thinking it a sign from their god they align themselves with Shel-Tuul, evil beings from the outer realm of Balbros. In preparation for the anticipated revival of their vile god, they plant seeds taken from the devil plant, Pherephon, and sow them near the Shrine of Passion. There, the seeds flourish into a monstrous plant, fed by the leaking waters of the Font of Life, which is held secure within the shrine. Its thorns burrow into the guardians of the shrine, mighty treants of exceptional power, causing them to abandon their post and wander the forests, attacking all they encounter. The progeny of Pherephon threatens to crush open the Shrine of Passion, defeating its ancient wards with brute strength. Many Lerether elves flee from the rampaging guardians and the disease they carry which seems to transform humanoids into Bradels.
    A band of adventurers enter the ancient Temple of Bone, the site where the Hunter of Titalus, Abarat, was once defeated. Calamity befalls the region as the three devices which hold Abarat's soul are reunited, thus freeing the demon. If this was not enough, the sleeping spirit of Aoran Zeprithun, one of Saulos' powerful Three of Shadow, is awakened and freed as well. In a terrible battle, Abarat is slain, an event which causes the sky to rain blood, but the half-demon, half-undead spirit of Aoran slips free and quickly begins to orchestrate the final steps necessary to bring Titalus from Balbros and into the world of mortals.
    Elsewhere in the world, rumor quickly spreads through the Storn, Hallanstaen, and southerly dwarven clans of the Daernarthor and Urdunan that the ancient dwarven stronghold of Dunnal Krannok has been found and freed from its ancient curse.
 AC12889U10330F8344S2031In the Lands of Saulos, Aoran Zeprithun, serves the foul will of Titalus and awakens the third sleeping power of the Three of Shadow, Kaug. Together they stir the stale air of that ashen land and raise up a mighty army of undead, which is set to march upon the Lerether nation of Greentree. Emperor Varana, of Greentree, forewarned by omens and seers, has marshaled his great armies to meet the advancing tide of undead and a mighty battle is fought, wherein heroes defeat Kaug, though at great cost. However, the attack upon Greentree is but a diversion which allows the sly Aoran to recover a powerful artifact, a second stone disc which holds latent powers of the dead god Qo. Aoran uses the power of this second disc to create a magic which affects a great region of land, causing the spirits of the recently dead to remain in the mortal world, gathering spiritual energy until such time as they are forcibly channeled through a device called the Black Anvil Gate, where their gathering spiritual power will eventually allow the Primal Lord of Slavery, a demon called Titalus, passage into the mortal realm.
 AC12891U10332F8346S2033Mortals in the human Kingdom of Arend and the elfin Nation of Greentree quake in fear as terrible earthquakes, a day without sun, and the sky raining of blood herald the arrival of the Primal Lord of Slavery, Titalus. The infernal lord is briefly weakened from its escape from Balbros and into the realm of mortals. Immediately it rallies great forces of devils, which have been passing slowly, but unchecked, through the Black Anvil Gate. While the armies of dwarves from Halthur Daernarthor , Lerether elves of Greentree, and the humans from the Kingdom of Arend band together to do battle against the outsiders, evil Titalus sets about erecting a permanent portal for its remaining forces to enter from Balbros and into this world. Pursuing the infernal lord, a mighty band of heroes defeat Titalus before it can strengthen. At the demise of the Torment of Slavery the earth heaves and mountains fall down upon much of the devil armies, crushing them; most flee and return to Balbros, but a great many hide in the mortal realm to cause future suffering and mischief.
    The defeat of Titalus brings other good news as well. The strange zone where the spirits of the dead continue living ceases its inexorable growth and stabilizes. Aoran, freed from slavery to the will of Titalus, flees into the depths of the Lands of Saulos to lick his wounds.
 AC12892U10333F8347S2034In the northern region of the Kingdom of Arend, and partially within the elfin Nation of Greentree, the ghosts of the dead create spectral borders which surround the lands where the spirits of the recently departed stay on in the mortal world. It is discovered that spirits which travel to the center of this area become effectively corporeal; though they remain dead they can resume a semblance of their old existence. Both Arend and Greentree abandon their claim to the lands filled with the spirit dead of their fallen heroes. The ghosts name this new region Larenmorn, the Land of the Dead.