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Monstrous Master Index

Welcome to the Monstrous Master Index, the most powerful and complete index of all known published monsters for the fantasy genre. With creatures indexed from well over 400 sources, we hope that you are able to find nearly any creature you have heard of. The index presently contains 9006 entries.

For obvious copyright reasons, we cannot display the full text of each monster in the index. However, the Master Index is a searchable database complete with a short description, favored environ, alignment, and other information useful to Game Masters for both finding out where detailed information on a monster can be had or for building appropriate encounters for your campaign. Each creatures most recently published characteristics are used.

Search Tips

If you can't find the creature you are looking for on your first search, try using other common spellings for the name. We have tried to include alternate names for monsters when such knowledge was available to us. Also you may try a different vernacular: spelling "gray" as "grey" and so forth.


We are very grateful when our readers let us know something is wrong or missing. If you find a typo, error, or you know of a creature that is missing from this collection please send us an email with the corrected information and the name of your source so that we can validate it.

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