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Our Modules area isn't the biggest since most adventure plots I've written for the World of Sulerin are very campaign specific. However, several have been adapted and rewritten so that they could be placed in any campaign and in any world.

The Prison of Niosha

This fortress was the center of power for a vampire cult dedicated to the fallen goddess called Niosha, who was cast from the heavens for her predilections upon other young gods. Entrapped nearby is the remnant of one of her deity lovers who also fell from grace, Ravadin, set to guard the tomb. Since the arrival of Madrasheen, a powerful devotee of Niosha, the power of Ravadin has diminished even further to barely a whisper.

Tomb of Yearon

The "Tomb of Yearon" is an adventure for designed for four 8th to 10th level player characters. It is advisable that the party retains the services of a rogue, a less diverse party of characters may have trouble surpassing some of the puzzles within.
    The Tomb of Yearon was created as a starting point for a campaign in which the player characters recover the first part of a three part magic item. It could just as easily guard any number of special magic items.
    Players should be able to complete the Tomb in an evening. The module is short enough to use as a sidetrack adventure or as part of a larger storyline.