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Magic Items


Chainmail of Felarban the Bold: This +3 armor encourages brashness and grants the power to survive it.
Demonhelm of Marmon the Hungerer: Grants devil chills diseased bite attack and fire resistance 20.
Divine Chainmail of Khazadul: Meleers will find this armor far more useful than those who prefer ranged tactics.
Full Plate of the Lord and Laborer: +5 dwarven crafted, adamantine full plate with powers fit for a noble king.
Helm of Vaporous Resistance: Grants a +2 AC bonus and a +4 to saves versus attacks that are gasseous in origin.
Shield of Deloni: Provides a +2 sacred bonus to AC and saving throws, +4 vs negative energy creatures.
Shield of Ur: Grants +3 bonuses to AC and saving throws. Allows wearer to camoflage and pass without trace.
Visionary Shield: A heavy metal shield +2 in which portents can be seen.


Axe of Arquin: This handaxe returns when thrown and protects its bearer from harm.
Axe of Fatar: When blood touches this axe a ring of fire erupts around its wielder.
Axe of Sodex: A keen and vorpal +3 greataxe that drains magic from nearby weapons.
Axe of Ur: A +1 axe which easily cuts wood, warns its bearer of danger, and harms magical beasts.
Blackwood Bow: A charred wooden bow which shoots flaming arrows.
Blade of Weeping: A +3 bastard sword with many evil powers.
Bow of the Night: A shortbow whose arrows magically appear and cause extra damage when shot at night.
Dagger of Armor Piercing: This +2 dagger strikes with a successful touch attack, bypassing armor.
Dagger of Death: These cursed daggers require their wielder and victim to make Fortitude saves or die.
Daggers of Throwing: These magical +1 daggers rarely miss their mark when thrown.
Elhak Sword: A +1 enchanted longsword which cannot be disarmed and bestows proficiency in its use.
Elshukar Staff: A +1 quarterstaff which has the power to paralyze nearby creatures.
Eltorin Bow: One need not buy arrows for this bow, it fires magical ones from thin air.
Enhancement, Blissful: Blissful weapons inflict wounds of exquisite pleasure, dazing those struck.
Enhancement, Harmonious: Harmonious weapons double flanking bonuses
Enhancement, Shadowed: Shadowed weapons pass through material matter with ease, ignoring armor.
Enhancement, Sol Touched: These weapons can strike incorporeal creatures and ignore damage reduction.
Forcelance: A +2 javelin which inflicts 3d6+2 electrical damage and has properties of returning.
Graymane of the Moors: An evil +3 bastard sword which afflicts stubborn wounds and disease on those it strikes.
Guardian Shortsword: A shortsword which has a 1 in 10 chance of blocking physical attacks aimed at its bearer.
Gwachmali: A +3 enchanted, keen greatsword.
Hammer of Quakes: A +4 warhammer with multiple earth-related powers.
Harmonious Blade of Sacrifice: A +1 harmonious longsword that lets its wielder sacrifice health for damage.
Heartsword: A +3 bastard sword in which may be stored life essence for later healing.
Jousting Lance: A +2 heavy lance with an enhanced hardness and the ability to dismount mounted combatants.
Lhovaar's Scimitar: This +3 enchanted scimitar's blade is made from red hot lava.
Lightning Caller: This +1 shortsword can channel lightning from the sky into its wielder's enemies.
Lokar: A +3 vorpal longsword
Mace of Magovia: A +4 heavy mace which 1/day can cause a creature to become Imprisoned.
Magebane: A powerful scimitar enchanted to wreck havoc against enemy spellcasters.
Malibone's Bow: The bearer of this bow can travel to where their arrows land.
Nightbringer: A +3 light mace whose powers wax and wane with the night.
Rapier of Parrying: This +2 rapier grants a +2 AC dodge bonus to its wielder and is difficult to disarm.
Sickle of Vile Disease: An evil +2 sickle that demands sacrifice before dealing disease.
Sinker: This +2 shortsword can drain hit points from enemies, healing its wielder.
Steading Sword: Forged of ice, these blades are a boon to travelers of glacial wastes.
Stunning Stones: These sling stones emit a powerful sonic attack when thrown or shot
Sun Singer: This +2 enchanted sun blade with the additional power of sunburst.
Sword of Sha'eel: A Cold Iron Blessed bastard sword +5, fit for a champion of good.
Sword of the Stone Lord: A +1 bastard sword which allows its bearer to walk through stone.
Traman's Dagger: This +4 dagger teleports its bearer when struck into the ground.
Truth: A +5 longsword, holy avenger for paladins of Lathidus.
Vestment: A +3 broadsword which is baneful to undead and can heal good, religious bearers.
Warhammer of the Bull: Allows wielder to initiate a bull-rush as part of an attack action.
Wraithsword: A weapon capable of afflicting permanent constitution damage on those it strikes.


Aptitude: Grants a +5 competence bonus to skill checks for the next 30 minutes.
Essence of the Spirit: Holy to Zhakrin, this oil bestows blessing upon reverent followers.
Oil of the Fire Walker: When aflame, this oil will not burn the object it coats.
Protection from Death: Imbiber returns to life if they die within an hour of drinking this.
Tragic Heroism: Imbiber gains Heroism potion effects and all combative creatures nearby attack them.
Virility: Heals 3d8+3 hp and grants a brief +4 enhancement bonus to Str and Con.


Fortune Band: Grants a floating +1 luck bonus.
Magic Attunement: Detects magical spells and items within 30 feet.
Master Swordsman: Grants proficiency and Weapon Focus in all swords while worn.
Merchant: Pursuedes people to purchase items, regardless of product viability.
Mountaineer: Grants multiple immunities related to mountainous environs.
Prescient Death: On activation, wearer becomes dead until a specified event occurs.
Ring of Rage: This ring enhances characters with the rage class ability.
Ring of Spirit Binding: The soul of one who wears this ring does not depart when slain.
Signet Ring of Mithrilguard: Worn by Thurbardains of Mithrilguard, this is a ring for kings.
Silvering Band: Any metal melee weapon held is treated as though made of silver.


Moonrod: Powers of levitate, hypnotic pattern, spectral hand, and invisibility wax and wane with the moon cycle.
Rod of Aramis: A weapon and a defensive tool whose powers are related to electricity.


Arcane Education: Teaches one arcane spell to the spell-caster that uses it.
Wish: Wishes written on these scrolls come true in 1d8 days.


Blackwinder: This charred +3 enchanted staff can send forth black tendrils to ensnare enemies.

Wondrous Items, Minor

Amulet of Second Chances: Provides last-moment healing for fallen heroes.
Charm of Healthful Breath: A creature may receive cure light wounds from this charm but once in their lifetime.
Cold Forge Oil: Temporarily causes normal steel to act as cold iron.
Dust of Maximization: A spell component addition. Employed to maximize a spell, per the feat.
Dust of Petrification: Creature struck must save (Fort. DC19) or be turned to stone.
Dust of Putrification: Makes objects rot and corrode.
Dust of Trap-Finding: Reveals all traps in a 10' square area.
Feather of Vushundra: This feather can detect evil or detect good.
Folger's Crystals: Tiny crystals which can be made into an energizing and healing drink.
Hat of Shade: Wearer is immune to fatigue caused by hot environments.
Holy Amulet of Shistar: This holy symbol grants bonuses to scry and knowledge checks.
Lightning Flower Seeds: Creatures struck by these seeds under an open sky are effected by call lightning.
Nycoptic Manuscripts: +5 competance bonus to Knowledge (arcana) checks regarding necromantic topics
Pearl of Wisdom: Consumer gains insight to a problem at hand and a +3 wisdom bonus for one hour.
Rock of Encumbering: This rock gets heavier when the command word is spoken.
Sachet of Seduction: Grants a +2 circumstance bonus to all Charisma checks.
Scry Disruptor: Single use. Protects one room or 20' radius area from scry attempts.
Shrunken Orc Head of Augury: An evil looking shrunken head that speaks of the future from its dried lips.
Skull of Study: Grants bonuses to those who study magic in its presence.
Stoning Parchment: The ashes of this paper can turn an enemy to stone.
Talisman of the Grave: Detects and allows its bearer to smite undead once per day.
Tome of the Alchemist: Study bestows a permanent +2 Craft (Alchemy) bonus.
Warding Stones: Suppresses a specific persistent magical effect.
Whetstone of Keen Edges: Bestows keen weapon enhancement for 1 hour to slashing weapons.

Wondrous Items, Medium

Amulet of Divinity: This powerful amulet increases its possessors divine spell casting potency.
Amulet of Magical Maintenance: Grants Greater Path mages the ability to maintain additional spells.
Bag of Accessibility: Items may be fetched from these bags as a free action.
Book of Recording: A book which records all spoken within 20 feet of it.
Boots of the Cat: Provides +10 circumstance bonus to climb and balance. Falling bonuses.
Bracelet of Missile Snaring: Grants the wearer the Snatch Arrows feat.
Candle of Persistent Summons: Allows a summoned creature to remain for 24 hours.
Cloak of Shadows: Grants a +3 deflection bonus and other shadowy powers.
Cloak of Splendor: A scintillating cloak of feathers which augments its wearer's presence.
Darksight Torch: This black flamed torch doubles the natural range of a creatures darkvision.
Engraving of Might: Tattoos which increase wearer's Strength by +1 to +6 points.
Figurine of Wondrous Power, Jade Monkey: Animates as a fine spider monkey spy or normal monkey companion.
Flute of Friendship: Casts charm person on all within 60 ft. who hear its music.
Gem of Imprisonment: Creatures struck must save or be imprisoned.
Gloves of the Deft: Grants +4 dex and competence bonuses to multiple skills which require deft hands.
Hijinx of Poison: Grants either immunity to poison or a penalty to all future poison saves.
Mantle of Bravery: Grants a +2 armor enhancement when worn over existing armor.
Periapt against Sonic Attacks: Grants +3 resistance bonus to and damage resistance 10 vs sonic attacks.
Phoenix Gifted Gloves: Grants the flaming enhancement to weapons and protects against death effects.
Prism of Viewing: Looking into this mirror allows the viewer to scry on people who are friendly to them
Robes of the Dead: These shifting robes influence how undead regard the wearer.
Rope of Climbing: From a magical jar extends upwards a knotted rope to its users desired height.
Stylus of Secret Script: Words penned with this stylus vanish if read without first speaking a password.
Trumpet of Motivation: A skillful playing of this trumpet grants morale bonuses to those nearby.

Wondrous Items, Major

Ameliorative Necklace: These enhance the potency of any amulet is hung from them.
Amulet of Arachnids: A strange amulet which grants its wearer a strong affinity to spiders.
Amulet of Curative Ward: Protects undead creatures from injury via curative magic.
Amulet of Passage: Transposes user from one side to another of 1 door/day, any number of times.
Belt of the Thrall: Redirect damage you receive upon your spawn.
Belt of Vested Health: A belt which absorbs up to 5 points/day of Con damage or drain.
Book of Enduring Summonings: Extends summoning spells of level 4 or lower
Book of Vile Services: Grants greater control over summoned creatures and undead.
Chains of Caging: Used properly, this chain causes a forcecage to appear about a creature.
Cloak of Mists: Grants the wearer the ability to assume a gaseous form and invisibility when in fog.
Cloak of the Evening Mists: A feather light cloak which allows its wearer to wind walk or disappear when in fog.
Cloak of Water and Shadow: Allows wearer to walk on water or travel through shadows.
Codex of Secrets: This book can perform the services of Legend Lore.
Crown of Chorieon: The wearer gains the ability to invoke several charm spells.
Crown of Hammers: Awarded at the Eastern Empire's Shieldmeet, each of its powers are usable once a week.
Crystal Ball, Dream Speaker: Through which its bearer may speak into the dreams of others.
Dimensional Anchor: Transportation to these items is always safe and functional.
Door of Mouths: These magical doors devour those who attempt to pass without permission.
Earthen Canopic Jar: From this small jar can be summoned an elemental to do the openers bidding.
Fiend Bind Belt: This strength enhancing belt can summon fiendish dire lions to aid.
Flaming Falchion Medallion: Summons a flaming falchion on command to attack all nearby creatures.
Gloves of the Winds: These gloves can bring distant enemies close enough for melee.
Helm of Sha-Sher-Dorath: Grants +3 deflection bonus, fire resistance 10, and +4 to Will saves against illusions.
Portable Portal: Interplanar portal functions like a gate, but may be folded and transported like cloth.
Robes of the Sand: Grant immunity to heat fatigue and allows the wearer to assume a form composed of sand.
Saddle Cloth of Daer-Nadan: Transforms a horse into an adult dragon.
Saddle of Ahman: Prevents the rider from being dismounted and the horse gains morale bonuses.
Statuette of Sanctuary: Baths those nearby in an aura of healing and protection.
Urn of Rejuvenating Rest: Creatures within 60 feet of this urn heal at twice their normal rate.
Vestments of Clannadigan: Dedicated to Clannadigan, these vestments are made for wearing into battle.

Cursed Items

Gauntlets of Crushing: Forces the wearer to crush delicate magic items.
Gauntlets of Imprisonment: Force the wearers hands to unceasingly clench closed.
Ring of Self-Suggestion: Suggestion invoked from the ring affects its wearer.
Scepter of Madness: This rod makes its possessor believe that his companions are attacking him.
Sphere of Greed: Enchants treasure it is placed with so that all who see it do all they can to possess it.
Stitches of Woe: A malvolent and evil item of unending suffering and torture.
Tome of Faces: A vile book which viciously steals the faces of those who attempt to read it, mutilating them.

Epic Weapons

Blessed Sword of Anar-Ralk: A +7 blessed bastardsword of dread to evil outsiders.
Garrotswing: A +4 bane versus undead greatsword which protects against energy draining attacks.
Scepter of Mhallaf'sef: A vicious weapon which can command the wills of numerous air elementals.
Stone Maul of Tennet: A +6 axiomatic maul of lightning blast.
Windrip: A +6 composite longbow with increased range.

Artifacts, Minor

Atabin Kotica, The: Trio of practica discussing the contacting of alien minds on other realms of existence.
Bracelets of the Sea King: Bestows magical tattoos that grant multiple powers.
Clay Tablets of Aneapta: Activated tablet negates any target effect that comes with a 20' radius.
Coins of Tas: An ancient item which can briefly prevent planar travel.
Eye of the Phoenix: A white-red marble stone of fiery power.
Heart of Ravadin: Said to be the heart of one of the first gods.
Holy Ashes of Ahnkor: These last remains of a holy warrior lend protection against evil.
Icesinger: This flute can freeze water and shape ice.
Left Hand of Abaddon: This +8 ring has the power to shatter weapons which strike its wearer.
Lizard's Scale: Becomes a skin tight layer of scales which completely covers its bearer.
Orb of Souls: Wreathed in burning ectoplasm, this orb burns the souls it contains to grant its powers.
Robes of the Neverworld: A mage wearing these gains multiple bonuses and may forgo material components.
Six Rings of Arcanus: A collection of magical, interlocking rings which display a multitude of powers.
Tome of Ambitions: A book, holding the desires of historic figures great and small.

Artifacts, Major

Banner of Deloni: This mystical banner can make an entire charging army invisible.
Blackforge of Brakah: A powerful forge, precious to Drakher and Dwarves alike.
Breath of Life: This elusive and ephemeral relic of power can restore any being to life.
Chalice of Abu-Maris: The legacy of Abu-Maris, this cup bestows many magical powers, some of which carry generous obligations.
Claw of Baeast: A relic holy to the druids of the god called Baeast.
Conflicted Rod of Mibrus: Filled with good and evil, this rod is a boon to creatures of almost any alignment.
Cup of Sorrownon: Bestows a variety of powers depending on what substance is consumed or poured from it.
Exus Mitalbre: A greatsword whose purpose is to turn or bring ruin upon those who pursue evil goals.
Lamp of Dawn: Any undead which enter the light of this powerful lamp are slain.
Lord of Gales: Terrible storms follow this powerful, stolen sword wherever it is taken.
Sebruma the Harp: Greatly enhances bardic abilities and can be used as a weapon.
Swearing Tree, The: Glyphs cover this stone tree for each promise that has been bound by its magic.
Sword of Mishima/Mindama: A powerful paired set dai-katana, found seperate, which wield great power over the elements of air and water.
Sword of the Void: An evil +6 enchanted greatsword whose purpose is to return Torim Zurkies from the grave.
Tome of Weathered Worlds: Creates an environmental effect in the vicinity of its bearer.