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Lore & Stories

A rather large quanitity of material has been written for the World of Sulerin. Included in this area are IRC transcripts of online gaming sessions, important historical documents, general lore regarding the world and its inhabitants, journal entries from various adventurers, interviews with the creator of Sulerin and its players, and a variety of other documents.
    Categories are listed in the left sidebar, some are named for their content and some for the campaign that the material originated from.

Ashes of Arend

Guardians of the Shrine and the Halls of Azrandar
The following is a recounting of events which took place place when our adventuring party was about 14th level. Herein is the story of how they discovered the corruption that had infested the Shrine of Passion and the ensuing brave rescue of elfin villagers from the guardians of that shrine, including a brief visit to the fabled Halls of Azrandar.

Journal Entries of Amineri Brookhollow
The following are some journal entries of events which took place towards the end of L2: the Assassin's Knot, while the party was adventuring in the town of Garrot.

Journals of Ayoi: Part 1, Discovering the Temple of Bone
Herein, Ayoi describes her and companions discovery, arrival, and first encounters at the evil steeped Temple of Bone.

Journals of Ayoi: Part 2, Of Undead and Demons
The journals of Ayoi continue as her party travels deeper into the Temple of Bone, encountering new threats and discovering new information about an evil they have opposed in the past.

Journals of Ayoi: Part 3, The Hunter
Ayoi's party continues to battle against the machinations of the demon lord, Titalus, and the Hunter rises to do battle.

Journals of Ayoi: Part 4, Killing Time
Within these journals Ayoi recounts the travels of the party as they visit Al-Rathis's family, spend some time in Bluewater, and take a look into the reports they hear of the growing numbers of undead along the Kingdom of Arend's western border.

Oracle Answer for Ayoi
This is the answer which was given to Ayoi, upon speaking to the Aken Oracle. Ayoi's question asks about the earliest times of creation, of the ages which were before the Age of Chaos.

Teachings of Borsaeg: Ley Lines, Backroads, and the Green Ways
While Sasha experienced the wonders of the time known as the Unholy Wars she was privileged to make contact with the druids of that time. They took her in and one of them, a bear-lycanthrope by the name of Borsaeg, taught her a great many things. Herein are his teachings concerning druidic means of power and travel: ley lines, backroads, and the Green Ways.

The Defeat of Titalus, Torment of Slavery
This was the end of the Ashes of Arend campaign. Within is a recounting of the final battle against the Torment of Slavery, Titalus, and its defeat, survived by Tellzan, Ayoi, Sasha, Al-Rathis, and Elena.

The Oracle of Aken
This excerpt from the Ashes of Arend campaign took place while the heroes traveled back in time. Seeking answers to guide them to return to their own time and to aid them in their quests, they traveled to the ancient Oracle of Aken, a place lost in present times, but known in those old days. The story begins with armies marshaled battling beneath the small mountain in which the oracle lairs. The party has defeated the guards to the complex entrance and are about to enter within when a wizard arrives among them, bringing them warning, and imploring them to not enter the oracle.

The Unholy Wars: A Visit to the Past (part one)
This is the story of what took place when the party unexpectedly found themselves transported back in time to the era of the Unholy Wars, over ten-thousand years into the past. Our story begins in the present, on Silusa 27 of 12888AC, the day in which the party is transported to the past.

The Unholy Wars: A Visit to the Past (part two)
This is the story of what took place when the party unexpectedly found themselves transported back in time to the era of the Unholy Wars, over ten-thousand years into the past. This continues with the events following the party's triumph over the Vaati and describes their journey as they seek to return from the past and to their native time, concluding this story-arc.

Cleansing Flame

How Brome Got His Soul Back
This a the story of what lengths a groups of friends might go through to help one of their own in times of terrible need. As told by Tadhg con Artigbrauer to Elena, daughter of Tellzan Amberson, this is the story of how Brome got his soul back.

Journals of Therod Karynson - Part I of II
Read within the many adventures of the ranger Therod Karynson. These early stories of his detail his travels in the very beginning of his adventuring career, spanning several months of his travels. This is the first of two journals taken by Therod.

Journals of Therod Karynson - Part II of II
Read the continuing adventures of the ranger Therod Karynson in this second of two journals he kept. These early stories of his detail his travels in the very beginning of his adventuring career, spanning several months of his travels.

Journey to the Surface
Before his adventuring days in the Cleansing Flame, Brome dwelt beneath the surface among his people, the Drakher. Here is the story of how he came to the surface.

Of Black Crows and Curses
These are the journals of Brome Islret. Upon returning from adventures in the Cruth Mountains, Brome and his companions discovered that a terrible curse had arrived at their home town of Mendenton.

On Corruption and Duty of Faith
How can one tell the corrupt from pure? Can one clearly distinguish between good and evil? Tadhg von Artigbrauer tackles these questions and talks about lessons he's learned while adventuring.

Riddle of King Horrownon, the Andal
Scribed upon a copper plate and set within a floor of ice in a small templee located high in the Cruth Mountains, this riddle hints at treasure to be gained should it's prophecy be fulfilled.

Tale of the Faerie Realm of Twilight
Here is the story of how Tadhg, Brome, Therod, and Henonon entered into the Fairy realms in search of wisdom from the Eternal Court. Not knowing where they would arrive in the fey world, they braved many dangers before arriving at their destination. Read on for a tale of their travels through the Lands of Twilight.

Tale of the Fall of Stronbauden
This is the story of Stronbauden, as told by Tadhg von Artigbrauer to Al-Rathis, where ancient Urdunan succumbed to madness as infernal spirits invaded their clan halls beneath the earth.


The Tsadutan
Charles Sablons, the artist who drew the Tsadutan, interviews Randy, author and publisher of the World of Sulerin, about this odd race of tentacled creatures.


Mendenton: Part 1 - Beginnings (IRC)
Mendenton was a campaign entirely played online over the IRC medium. Lasting eight campaign sessions, our adventurers made their way through the reworked module S1 - The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh. Herein, our party of adventurers arrives in the town of Mendenton and begin their search for adventure.

Mendenton: Part 2 - The House (IRC)
Our brave party receives the commission of investigating the haunting of the House of Dodokilno. Herein is their first excursion to that myterious manor.

Mendenton: Part 3 - Mirenn (IRC)
Our adventurers return to the haunted house of Dodokilno in search of the source of its hauntings. Read within to see what they did find.

Mendenton: Part 4 - Discoveries and Surprises (IRC)
There is more to some party members than meets the eye. The party explores ever further, and deeper, into the House of Dodokilno.

Mendenton: Part 5 - New Clues (IRC)
Returning to the House of Dodokilno once again, the party uncovers new clues concerning the nature of the house's haunting. Do the undead truly haunt this house?

Mendenton: Part 6 - Our Foe Revealed (IRC)
Revealed secrets lead to new friends, new enemies, and a great confrontation.

Mendenton: Part 7 - The Spoils of Success (IRC)
Having disrupted their enemies plans at the House of Dodokilno, signs point to further leadership and greater plotting done by their foes. Meanwhile, there is a great quantity of booty to be sorted though.

Mendenton: Part 8 - New Preparations (IRC)
While the first part of our story has come to an end, the second act from the The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh was begun, but never finished. Players returned to their lives as busy students. Nevertheless, here is the last installment of the Mendenton campaign logs.


Age of Wonders: The First Millennium
Being an overview of the emergence of first civilizations and events which shaped them. This document factually covers the first millennium of the Age of Wonders, that time which immediately followed the end of the Age of Chaos. The forward of this document also briefly addresses the events which brought about the end of the Age of Chaos and what place this history plays in the knowledge of present day historians.

Breaking of the Sultan
The story of the fall from grace of a ancient race known as the Sultan. It was from this legendary race that the Haruninki and Silothreni are descendants from. The Leader of the Sultan, Kirrinda Loch-dar begins a blood bath that forever shatters his people.

Chance and Christian
The meeting of the bard and adventurer, Chance Paedragn and Christian - a young rogue and aspirant.

Creed of Dreams
A tale of the beginning of times. One of the few texts said to predate the Age of Chaos. While the location of the original text is a mystery (some claim it lies in the Eastern Empire's vast catacombed lyceum) copies of it exist in other great places of learning.

Declaration of the Seals of Chaos
A text which is said to have been written by the hand of one of the Brothers Khan - a mysterious group of beings said to frequent the World of Sulerin occasionally through the millennia. This particular text marks the end of the time known as the Age of Chaos by the supposed forging of legendary wards known as the Seals of Chaos.

Fey and ffolk of Sulerin
A short description of fey, their place in the World of Sulerin, their habits, genres, and their views of politics, death, and activity on the Material Plane of mortals.

History of Dunnal Krannok
This is the story of how the great dwarven kingdom of Dunnal Krannok was fallen. There are, perhaps, none alive who remain to know the tale. Only a vague poem, penned by the dwarven bard, Granantaeg Chael, alludes to the location of Dunnal Krannok. Many have searched for it because of the great treasures said left within when the dwarves abandoned it to evil. Others seek Dunnal Krannok in hopes of finding the legendary celestial steel; for the name Dunnal Krannok means Star of the Earth in ancient dwarvenrish.

Legend of Ilerth
As told from various texts contained in Ars Arcana this is the tale of the rise of the demonic entity known by the name Ilerth, who came to Sulerin and ravaged the lands.

Legend of the Seasons
This is the story of Mordun, a poet among the First Spirits, and how his love and words shaped the world. It is also the story of how the four seasons were created and it is said that by this story the months came to be named.

Song and Cant
A collection of short works, songs, ballads, and poetry.

Tolman Prophecies
The beginning of this manuscript is all that survived of the Tolman Prophecy after the razing of the Great Library in the United Kingdoms. It is thought to also predict the coming of the Dark God. It is also one of the few documents surviving from ancient times which refers to the mysterious energy called Sol and references the Curtain of the Void.

The Black Scourge

Adventures of Xavier: Part I - "Endings and Beginnings" (IRC)
Under pressure, Xavier La'Kithsoon renounces his claim to his lands of Greentree and leaves to seek companions for the long road home to Elestinlore.

Adventures of Xavier: Part II - "Friends Upon a Time"
Hated by many, Xavier seeks out a couple of old associates. Follow him from the Swamps of Dhaal to the Citidel of Light and thence to the Forests of Elestinlore.

Adventures of Xavier: Part III - "The Grip of Stone" (IRC)
Xavier encounters his brother, Gamaliel, and closes the chapter on his life as a servant of Daer-Koch.

Adventures of Xavier: Part IV - "The Dwarves"
Xavier travels to his homeland, the Nation of Elestinlore. Shattered by the Black Scourge, it is now a wild land and creatures of darkness walk its wooded paths.

Adventures of Xavier: Part V - "Forest Meetings" (IRC)
Xavier introduces Kinnowyre to his brother Gamaliel and there is talk of retaking the forest from the evils that have inhabited it since the fall of Elestinlore.

Adventures of Xavier: Part VI - "Counselmen"
The trio - Xavier, Gamaliel, and Kinnowyre - travel to the refugee camp of elves from Elestinlore and meet with several of their leaders.

Legend of the Wayward Priest
The story of Xavier La'Kithsoon, a priest of Daer-Koch and his rise and fall from grace.

Prophecy of Akzhar Daer Khazraan
A translation of the insane writings of Akzhar Daer Khazraan, a prophet and seer who many say foresaw the birth of the Dark God and the coming of the time known as the Black Scourge. This difficult to read document was something of a road map to those whose efforts were aimed toward the defeat of the Dark God and the banishment of its presence from the World of Sulerin.

Storm Dragon
The tale of how the great adventurer, rogue, and lord Garbin Gilthanus, having recovered the twin Swords of Mishima and Mindama, released a being of great power which had been imprisoned within and gained a great prize.

Travels with Bolas

Adventures of Chance: Excerpt (IRC)
A recorded log of the adventures of Chance Paedragn. In this short adventure he meets "Sir Garid," Earina, and the mysterious healer called Abrahm. While most roleplaying with Chance use to occur at the table-top, this segment occured online over IRC.

Adventures of Chance: Part I - "The Meeting" (IRC)
In which Chance Paedragn has his first meeting with the strange Lord S.

Adventures of Chance: Part II - "Murder" (IRC)
Wherein our ties with strange Lord S. become all the more mysterious.

Adventures of Chance: Part III - "Riddles Upon Riddles" (IRC)
Wherein our hero seeks out and meets with several leaders of the community, and where he himself is sought out and met.

Adventures of Chance: Part IV - "To the Warves" (IRC)
Wherein more clues are explored, an old friend joins in on the action, and an abandoned shipwreck is explored.

Journals of Chance Paedragn
A collection of journal entries written by Chance Paedragn. These entries detail the parties travels on Loche Isle, struggles against the evil necromancer Daglan, and his experiences in the Ki'kiri Jungles.

Journals of Theodophilus Greenbow
A collection of journal entries by Theodophilus Greenbow, the parties mage from our lengthy campaign entitled, Travels with Bolas. These journals cover almost two years of the parties adventures.

Online Travels with Bolas: Part I - "The Quiet Bard" (IRC)
Deep underground, far from the light of day, our heros bask in sunlight, walk in the forests, and do battle. This is the first of three sessions which were played online over one summer and they take place in the middle of a campaign.
    Among our party is Bolas, who we first encountered as a ghost. He had been slain deep beneath the earth by creatures known as the Zith and wandered in his undead state for nearly a thousand years before he met our party. Now brought back to life, Bolas and our adventurers have traveled into the underworld to recover the cache of magical weapons and goods which Bolas left behind in his death.

Online Travels with Bolas: Part II - "Tapping" (IRC)
Deeper into the earth our companions travel, towards the territory of the Zith and where Bolas' lost equipment lays from ancient days long passed when he was last here, and slain.
    This is the second of three sessions which were played online over one summer and they take place in the middle of a campaign.

Virtue Sin Love

Lore of Ancient Numidium
A brief overview on the origins, rise and fall of the ancient civilization known as Numidium.

Path of Yodha
Detailing the beginnings of the Path of Yodha, a group of scholarly warriors of good who seek to safeguard the secrets of "materia," a substance that they think to be the essence of divinity and the root of all things.

Secrets of the Saruswathi
This short piece discusses the apex of the wizard Hesdeus' power, how it was used to imprison alien creatures called the Saruswathi, and the relationship between the Saruswathi and the vile Tsochar. It sets the stage for a battle between three powerful forces, which the heroes of the Four Pillars became deeply caught within.