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Encounter Maker

The Encounter Maker can be used to generate random encounter tables for various climates, difficulties, and so forth. We use the Encounter Maker to generate random encounter tables for various parts of the Atlas.


You can select more than one option from a list by holding the control (CTRL) key as you left-click on what you want. For example, if you want creatures that are from Cold Hills you can select both Cold and Hills in the climate list. Use the Any option in the Climate list to select creatures that appear in any tempreture of a particular terrain, for example: Any Hill. If you really just want any creature at all, regardless of climate, just leave the Climate list unselected.
    Please note that if you specify a Challenge Rating (CR) for your encounter table that only creatures with Challenge Ratings will be included in your list. Try selecting multiple Climates and Challenge Ratings for a more varied list. You can use the Source list to limit the creatures in your list to resources which you possess.

Create a list of creatures where:

 Exclude unique monsters from your results.
 Exclude template monsters from your results.