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Player Characters of Sulerin

Andy Carrol
    L'Kari (Retired)
    Raelyn (Retired)

Andy Whitehouse
    Sythrl Bedwyre (Retired)

Aron Beattiger
    Gerhalt (Dead)
    Ryan (Dead)

Brad Norman
    Amineri Brookhollow (Retired)
    Gurney Hallek (Retired)
    Gwendolyn (Dead)
    Jade (Retired)
    Kail (Retired)
    Kolvidir (Retired)
    Kulu (Dead)
    Therod Karynson (Retired)

Brian Griffith
    Brome (Retired)
    Gram Dedecus (Dead)
    Olwyn ap Juntho (Dead)
    Xian (Dead)

Cameron Smith
    Azraphel Nadar (Dead)
    Whym Tomrin (Retired)

Charles Hill
    Jaquen (Dead)

Chris Norman
    Allogenes (Retired)
    Ayoi (Retired)
    Lazarus (Active)
    Maximilian Edridge (Retired)
    Tadhg von Artigbrauer (Retired)

Chris Sylvas
    Darnath (Retired)
    Drof (Retired)
    Elvaryn (Savnal) (Retired)
    Janos (Dead)
    Kardios (Dead)

Doug Ronne
    Brother Yeule (Dead)
    Zachery of the Eye (Dead)

Doug Wilson
    Delvor Montique (Retired)

Erik Pearson
    Aaron ap Mathanwye (Dead)
    Asharak Hellbound (Retired)
    Omar Markus (Retired)

Erik Pope
    Chief Maleb (Dead)
    Llantha Syldin (Dead)

Erik Turner
    Demetrius (Dead)
    Gerom Grimforge (Retired)
    Kalendor (Retired)
    Theodophilus Greenbow (Retired)

Greg Murretta
    Neme (Retired)

Greg Skistimas
    Nirpun Mythaway (Dead)

Janet Godsoe
    Teagan (Active)

Jarrod Sharman
    Dev'Mith Torvan (Retired)

Jason Kletke
    Anja Dulchaste (Dead)
    Syth (Stealy) (Retired)

Jason Meloy
    Sanjian Mokodo (Dead)

Jason Webby
    Ax'cour (Dead)
    CRUNCH! (Retired)
    Lauranathalsa Kythin (Retired)
    Laurandas Athelreda (Dead)
    Sturm Shermitaad (Retired)
    Thorn (Retired)

Jeremy Anderson
    Ishara (Retired)
    Papal Feif (Retired)

Jeremy Fern
    Dalamar (Retired)
    Garben Gilthanus (Retired)
    Garm (Retired)
    Hanaku Daccidan (Retired)
    Kara Anroch (Retired)
    Katei-Brie Khahun (Retired)
    Protos (Retired)
    Sarion Donte (Retired)

    Zhalaia (Retired)

Karen Mabbutt
    Minalde (Retired)

Kelvin Brewer
    Falon (Retired)
    Gavin (Retired)

Ken Kaiada
    Dar'ash (Active)

Ken Kaieda
    Ahnkor Harrinton (Dead)
    Anjuli (Retired)
    Tellzan Amberson (Retired)

Kevin O'Neill
    Inktume (Retired)

Leandra Njaa
    Gwei Colaráh (Retired)

Marc Monroe
    Nodonlun (Dead)

Matt Fortier
    Bedwyr ap Gwyddno (Retired)

Matt Jaffe
    Gowron (Retired)
    Khazid (Retired)
    Nazim (Retired)

Mike Hutton
    Anya (Active)
    Daimos (Dead)
    Jor Scarblood (Dead)
    Kukalmak (Retired)
    Messhininok oc Shinkariok (Retired)
    Nonamoka (Dead)
    Osa (Retired)
    Rachek (Dead)
    Sasha Petrov (Retired)
    Vorlance Rus (Dead)

Mike McBain
    Archaios (Retired)
    Dorian Thornhelm (Retired)
    Lyran Ceolwulf (Dead)
    Selden Neradis (Retired)
    Torus Blackburn (Dead)

Omer Joel
    Alexander Ilkenvo (Retired)

Rich Van Meter
    Chance Paedragn (Retired)
    Gillius Thunderclap (Dead)
    Quinn Leonhart (Retired)
    Tachos Goldenshield (Dead)
    Thaymen Silverstreak (Dead)
    Xavier La'Kithsoon (Dead)

Robert Jones
    Connor Yenbo (Dead)
    Kolos (Retired)
    Marcus Bendaine (Retired)
    Sarcos Delosson (Dead)
    Sirig al Kor (Retired)
    Tomas (Dead)

Scott Peters
    Taloc (Retired)

Scott Pratchner
    Al-Rathis (Retired)
    Ashen (Retired)
    Jorsin (Active)
    Walks the Walls (Retired)
    Wind (Dead)

Teresa Bowers
    Mirenn (Retired)
    Rattana (Dead)
    Sarinda (Retired)
    Taren (Retired)

Tony Williams
    Alucord (Retired)
    Arkady (Dead)
    Zaknafein Illistyan (Dead)

    Amon (Dead)
    Arku Thimhallen (Dead)
    Calin Theros (Retired)
    Hasen (Retired)
    Kythin Sirinon (Retired)
    Markus Sims (Retired)
    Random Tappurse (Retired)
    Rekcortus (Dead)
    Shalifi Rall (Dead)
    Simpkin Devon (Dead)
    Sotilinith Quar (Sot) (Dead)

Yuval Galili
    Foline Julious (Retired)

A great many characters have wended their way through-out the World of Sulerin. Having run campaigns in the World of Sulerin for nearly twenty years I have the advantage of having seen more than 100 different characters pass by, of which 133 are presented here. Listed to the right are many of the names of both players and characters that have played here. Alas my record keeping wasn't always so good as it is now and the present list is an incomplete record.

Since, indeed, I have seen so many characters pass through Sulerin, perhaps you might find some statistics about those characters to be interesting

Average Character Level: 7.87
Highest Class Level: 30th level Druid

The average character level is that of all characters class levels divided by the number of characters. The highest level is the highest single class level. Some characters have multiple classes, perhaps making them higher level characters, but this number represents the character with the most dedication to a particular class. Since some characters listed here are tradional D&D, 1st edition, or 2nd edition characters with multiple classes it doesn't make sense to display the highest overall character level.


By and large, our heros have prefered to be good, but obviously the allure of playing an evil
Neutral:   27.82%
character hasn't been entirely neglected either. Admittedly, there were a larger purportion of evil characters in my earlier roleplaying days, but I think this is still rather representative of players preferences. In my experience, it seems that the older players get the more they prefer to play good characters.
    As regards the law and player characters, 25.56% prefered to, or at least intended to follow and uphold the law. The most popular alignment amoung player characters was Chaotic Good at 20.30%. The least popular alignment was Chaotic Evil at 3.01%.
LG: 10.53%NG 18.80%CG 20.30%
LN: 8.27%TN 15.04%CN 4.51%
LE: 6.77%NE 8.27%CE 3.01%
Personally, I'm not a big fan of neutral characters, despite their popularity. I like more dynamic personalities for my own characters. From a my own dungeon master's point of view, while alignment is a useful medium for helping players define what their character is like, it can't accurately represent the complexities of a character with a real, developed personality.


You would think that given the opportunity to try out another race and play something
Aasimar Human0.75%
Daernarthor Dwarf6.77%
Drakher Elf2.26%
Galiadre Elf2.26%
Lerether Elf13.53%
Selere Elf1.50%
Silothreni / Tenerthor0.75%
Tenerthor Elf1.50%
different than who you are in real life, that you would take that opportunity. And yet here, it's pretty darn obvious that most people prefer to play human characters. Considerably more than even elfin characters. I always thought that there would be more elves and humans would take either second or third place. Elven characters just stick out in my head, even though I myself prefer a hearty dwarven or wily Halfling. Alas, my favorites don't even account for 15% of those races chosen by other players. As you can see, there are some odd ball characters. Many, many years ago we had a couple people want to play Kender (taken from the ever popular Dragonlance novels by Margret Wise and Tracy Hickman). I've always tried to be flexible and so they were let into the game. At one point there was a centaur character played by a friend of mine a long time ago, but I can't find any record of it.

Class Profession

Anointed Knight   0.75%
Barbarian   3.01%
Bard   6.02%
Cleric   2.26%
Cleric of Acerak   0.75%
Cleric of Arden   1.50%
Cleric of Baeast   0.75%
Cleric of Daer-Koch   2.26%
Cleric of Kulanor   0.75%
Cleric of Lathidus   0.75%
Cleric of Shistar   1.50%
Dragon Descendant   0.75%
Dread Necromancer   0.75%
Druid   4.51%
Fighter   34.59%
Frenzied Berserker   0.75%
Knight   0.75%
Marshal   0.75%
Monk   1.50%
Near Channeler   1.50%
One Channeler   0.75%
Paladin   2.26%
Paladin of Arden   0.75%
Paladin of Daer-Koch   0.75%
Paladin of Lathidus   1.50%
Prestige - Deep Watcher   0.75%
Prestige - Dream Seeker   0.75%
Prestige - Knight of the Middle Circle   0.75%
Prestige - Legendary Dreadnought   0.75%
Prestige - Planar Champion   0.75%
Prestige - Plane Shifter   0.75%
Prestige - Sacred Exorcist   0.75%
Psion   3.01%
Psionic Warrior   0.75%
Ranger   2.26%
Risen Martyr   0.75%
Rogue   20.30%
Scout   0.75%
Sorcerer   2.26%
Soulborn   0.75%
Swashbuckler   0.75%
Sword of Righteousness   0.75%
Urban Druid   0.75%
Warlock   1.50%
Wizard   14.29%
Wizard (Chronomancer)   0.75%
Wizard (Conjurer)   0.75%
Wizard (Greater Path)   3.01%
Wizard (Transmuter)   0.75%
Wizard (Wild Mage)   1.50%
This table shows what percentage of player characters spent at least one level on a given character class. In addition to those character classes presented here, there were 33 multiclass characters (24.81%). Many of these multi-class characters were fighter/wizards or rogue/wizards.
    By far, fighter characters were the most popular. Adding paladins, fighters, and rangers together and they make over 40% of those professions chosen. Why the fighter class? I'm guessing that many of the fighters accounted for here ended their careers at a low level because their players were new to the game and they needed a simple character class to get themselves started. Now with the 3rd edition, none of the classes are quite so simple as they use to be. Not that it's a bad thing to add a little variation and complexity to the game. It use to be that few people played multi-classed characters, but lately I've seen more and more of them and it shows here in the percentiles. There is even one character here who has five classes, including prestige classes. I'm sure that we'll see many more heavily multi-classed characters in the future since it is so easy to multiclass in third edition games.


Of the 133 characters who have played in the World of Sulerin, 19 of them were female characters (14.29%). There is an incredible,
Androgenus   0.00%
yet not too surprising, disperity in the number of female players to male players. With only 0.95% of Sulerin's players being female, that means there have been a fair number of men playing female characters. I don't think there's anything wrong with men playing female characters, but I sure would like to see more ladies gathered around the gaming table. This is somewhat at odds with my experience in online gaming. I would say that at least one-third of the characters whom I have met online at various muds or online games are played by a woman.

Ability Scores

For as long as I can remember I have used a system of ability score generation as follows: role two sets of ability scores using 4d6 drop the lowest method, choose the set you prefer,
Average Scores
Constitution  14.33
Intelligence  14.30
arrange as you like. This method allows players to play characters with heroic stats, but not unbelievably high stats. Naturally, with the event of third edition characters being able to advance one ability score every four levels, scores will get somewhat higher. The following statistics take into account racial modifiers and other natural advancements to ability scores. Artificial enhancements, such as a Belt of Giant Strength had no effect on these statistics. Since I don't have the ability scores for all players who have ever played, the following numbers are based on a sample of 116 characters for whom I have ability scores. Given the sample size, the average overall ability score using my above system has yielded, after racial and character level progression adjustments, an average ability score of 14.07.
     I had expected Strength and Constitution to be the the highest scores on this table, but as you can see, Dexterity was highest even though about 40% of characters have one or (frequently) more fighter levels.
    Don't be surprised that all of the scores are above average. This is because this is the average ability score taken across all heroic characters. What you are really looking at here is a chart of which ability scores players consider to be the most useful; ability scores in which having a high score is desireable in preference to others. Not surprisingly, Charisma was the lowest priority for many roleplayers. Though Charisma has been becoming more important over the last few years since there are more abilities, character classes and skills which emphasize Charisma.

Hit Points

Since we're talking about ability scores, let's talk for a moment about hit points - the life and measure of a characters present health. Alas, as with ability scores, my record of hit points for every character is incomplete and spans a sample size of 112 characters. While the statistical outliers of these hit point expressions are numerous I think it is still interesting to know that characters possess, on average, 57.5 hit points. The lowest (no surpise) was 1 and the highest number of hit points earned by a character thus far has been 635; an envious quantity as possessed by Al-Rathis, a Barbarian 22/Fighter 2/Prestige - Legendary Dreadnought 6 character.


It's where all characters stand or find their end. An adventurers life is full of danger. While
Active5 (3.76%)
Dead48 (36.09%)
Retired   80 (60.15%)
the cause of death is always an element within the game, the greatest cause of retirement status is due to out-of-game circumstances. People move away, join in as a visiting player and play only a couple of times, and there is the occasional short game that only lasts for several weeks. Characters whose status is marked as active are characters who are in presently running campaigns.