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Over the years, many a fine campaign has been run in the World of Sulerin. Presented within this part of the World of Sulerin website are notes and records taken from a multitude of campaigns. We hope they provide you with entertainment and perhaps with inspiration for your own adventures in the World of Sulerin.


A fine campaign of many years that continues to grow. This solo campaign features the adventures of the wizard Archaios and his drive to seek ever-greater power and knowledge. Read within about his many adventures and interesting companions.

Ashes of Arend

This campaign toured a series of published modules, altered to fit into the World of Sulerin and for continuity. When I started this campaign I was also busy running a game for Call of Cthulhu, so I didn't have a lot of time to plan for each gaming session. Using modules was a great help in this respect and a bit of a new experience for me as well.
    We explored five modules in the beginning of this campaign: Raiders of Galath's Roost (Dungeon Magazine #87), set along the borders and within the Darkenwood forest; Bogged Down (Dungeon Magazine #91) set in the village of Braden Hollow; Stormdancers (Dungeon Magazine #86), set in the hills of the Caramoar Crater; L2: The Assassin's Knot, set in the town of Garret; and the excellent Tears for Twilight Hollow (Dungeon Magazine #90), set in the village of Twilight at the tip of the Couchee Mountains.
    After the last, we adopted a regular storyline and departed from the modular format once I had more time to do campaign planning.
    This campaign was set in 12885AC, in the struggling Kingdom of Arend, and ended late in year 12889AC.

Cleansing Flame

Now in its third year of adventuring, the Company of the Cleansing Flame campaign was originally a solo campaign with only the character known as Therod, a ranger. Later, Tadhg, a paladin of Lathidus joined in on the adventure. Then, finally, Brome, now a powerful fighter-mage. Other characters have passed through this campaign as well, but these three have stayed.
    The Cleansing Flame is based just outside the city of Mendenton, though its adventures have spanned throughout the Crescent mountains to as far east as Karthay and have passed through many strange dimensions, such as the Fae Realms.
    Defending the lands against the tide of orcish armies, laying low evil sorcerers and demons, exploring the depths of the underworld, rooting out despicable priests, and championing the forces of good, the Cleansing Flame's leadership has gained great experience and continues to grow in power.
    Within you will find a collection of journal entries by Therod Karynson, an essay on Corruption and the Duty of Faith by Tadhg von Artigbrauer, and also a collection of histories and details of the various player-characters of the campaign.

Dangers of Hana

Being a relatively new campaign, Dangers of Hana is about a group of adventurers thrown together and entwined in the political web of Hana. While this campaign was a bit short, it was an opportunity to add some detail to the Hanois Peninsula area of the world.

Hunter's Memoirs

This is an ongoing solo campaign, now nearly ten years old and played every few months. Selden, the main character has made his living these many years as a bounty hunter for the infamous thieves guild of Tel-Akbar. Read about him and his many adventures here.


This campaign, set initially in the northwestern corner of Irendi, near the empires of Bethdezra, Maragash, and Dezeri, explores a variety of themes; principly that of young adventurers who become involved in the stories left unfinished by or which resulted from the actions of their ancestors. The rise of draconic influance is a strong sub-theme as it presents many conflicts for these old kingdoms, for relatively new deities, and for a setting just recently emerged from a devastating two years of supernatural winter. The year is 12913AC, roughly twenty years after the fall of the Torment of Slavery, Titalus. This campaign is also noteable for its lack of an alignment mechanism, increased ability score progression in lieu of stat enhancing items, and use of the Pathfinder edition of D&D.

Lands of Azhral

A short campaign set in the Lands of Azhral. Rife with inter-party problems, this campaign met its dismal end as greedy party members were devoured by a slithering tracker while looting each others bodies.
    The personalities of each character made up for the parties lack of coherence. Each character had an interesting and provocative personality - sometimes provoking other player-characters to leave the character tied up and left to die in the desert, but it was still fun and plenty interesting.


This campaign ran over eight online gaming sessions, playing through the first half of U1, "The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh." The setting was transplanted to the City of Mendenton and some minor adjustments were made to fit it into the World of Sulerin.
    Just outside of Mendenton, a long abandoned house has long been called haunted. Our adventurers are hired to take a look into several mysterious circumstances surrounding the ancient home of Dodokilno.
    Herein can be found the complete transcripts and Dungeon Master notes for this campaign.
    Be warned! Secrets and spoilers lurk within. If you ever intend to play through the "Sinister Secret of Saltmarch" or later S2 and S3 modules, it would be best if you did not read any of the material from this campaign.

Quest for Beer

These characters and the world presented here were made up for a couple nights of IRC gaming where we were figuring out how to roleplay over IRC. The participants were each handed information on a character, a description of the world and details on how to make a map of the realms. Some of the maps the players came up with given the description were quite interesting... Anyhow, it was great fun, though also very chaotic, but it later allowed us to have some excellent IRC gaming over the following summer.
    Within, you will find all of the player handouts from this campaign, as well as information about the player-characters. Unfortunately, as we were still learning the IRC software that was used for this game, no transcript of it exists.


In Sulerin, the setting of Sinordin exists far away from where I usually place my campaigns. It is a terrible desert of ash turned glass by the endless storms of lightning that rage above. In this desert, five vast cities, each far larger than anything found on Earth, exist. From the lowest mining tunnels, miles deep into the earth, to the titanic towers that rise thousands of feet above the layered metal metropolis of the cities, to the wastelands of ancient city areas abandoned and inhabited only by monsters, to the wars that rage between mortal and the demonic on a daily basis, Sinordin is a dynamic campaign setting filled with turmoil and adventure.
    Within you will find a collection of material to help you run your own campaigns in the Sinordin setting. Also, I've included a large amount of information about the campaign which adventured in Sinordin.

The Black Scourge

As one of my longest campaigns, this one set world events in motion which even today still affect the setting where current campaigns are played. Run over about seven years, the adventures of Garbin, Kati-bre, Tachos Oakenshield, Gillius Thunderclap, and Thaymen Silverstreak had it all. Mighty earthquakes, nefarious thieves guilds, elvin princes, civil war, demon gods, holy warriors, dragons, the exploration of far and new lands, and far more.
    As much of this campaign came to pass before the advent of the internet, much of its records and notes are still on paper and not published here. An effort is being made to bring much of it to the web, here, for your enjoyment.

The Golden Sword

Many a good evening was spent in the company of college friends through-out this campaign. Numerous visiting characters lent a colorful aspect to the adventures herein. Join Taloc, Janos, L'Kari, Gowron, and many others as they travel throughout the Wild Coast of the West, the flooded Shayohin Plains, and the United Kingdoms.

Tomb of Horrors

The original "Tomb of Horrors," by Gary Gygax, was a work of dark imaginings and deadly challenges, pitting player characters against the evil designs of the powerful lich called Acererak. In the "Return to the Tomb of Horrors," by Bruce Cordell, characters are again challenged and called to bring justice against the evil lich, whose power has grown over the last 20 years and nears his greatest accomplishment.
    In the Summer of 2000, I ran this infamous module and a group of nine players took Acererak's challenge. Did they make it? How many survived the trials of this module? I won't say here in this introit, but all the details of this fourteen week campaign are here in chronological order.
    Be warned! Secrets and spoilers lurk within. If you ever intend to play through the "Tomb of Horrors" or the "Return to the Tomb of Horrors" modules, it would be best if you did not read any of the material from this campaign.

Travels with Bolas

For this party of adventurers, Bolas was a good friend, a dependable warrior, and at one time - a ghost. Read on here of the many adventures of Bolas, Chance, Kolvidir, Marcus, Taren, and Theo. Played over the more than three years, this campaign amassed a wealth of material and even though it is no longer being played, it continues to have an effect on present campaigns.
    Within, you will find a collection of journals, character histories, campaign discussions, emails, and setting information spawned by this campaign.

Virtue Sin Love

In the vast city of Hana commerce is king, and its powerful merchant princes endlessly vie in subtle warfare against each other for wealth and power. In its colorful tent lined streets the masses live surrounded by mortality and vice, their lives shaped by Hana's lawlessness and by the movements of the princes. Occult and superstition are as rampant as poverty, and a thousand small gods have arisen to capture the minds of those who will listen. In this sea of chaos, commerce, and mortality, can four adventurers rise as champions of good virtue, stand free of the sin that surrounds them, and in the midst of the city's dangers still find romance?
    This is our current and ongoing campaign. It explores a variety of social themes and complexities within the context of the city of Hana, a sub-tropical and teeming and dirty metropolis which has no law, yet is ruled by princes of wealth and commerce.