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An Introduction

Welcome to the World of Sulerin.

Sulerin is one of the oldest, if not the oldest, website dedicated to fantasy role-playing. Since the spring of 1994, this website has seen countless additions and has been perused by many millions of readers, such as you.

This, being the third incarnation of the World of Sulerin, is certainly the most exciting. In its second incarnation, Sulerin existed around the same design for more than five years. Since then, I've had the opportunity to refine and hone my skills at web design, database back-ends, and a multitude of other skills. With the advent of this latest incarnation, Sulerin will be come ever more interactive and provide a home for a community of role players.

A Word About Game Mechanics

The World of Sulerin is the setting which I use as the stage for my many table-top fantasy campaigns. Presently I make use of the 3rd Edition Dungeons & Dragons rules and guidelines - and as such, much of the material within this site uses this source to express game mechanics.

About the Author

I, Randy, the author of the World of Sulerin, grew up in Washington State, of the United States. I began roleplaying at the young age of seven and have been hooked on it ever since. I attended university, my studies including music composition and computer science. After completing my education in 2000 I began my present work as a freelance network & database application developer and as a web designer.

I have many hobbies aside from roleplaying, which include composing music, playing piano, reading, hiking, cooking, ballroom dancing, weight lifting, and helping local youth organizations.

My Thanks

The World of Sulerin is now nearly two decades old. It evolved as many custom worlds do, at the chaotic hands of of youthful gamers staying up late at night and conducting innumerous, fantastical, adventures. I am eternally grateful to my good friends Kelvin, Jason, Rich, Jeremy, and Mike for their patience, fortitude, the contribution of their creativity, and for untold hours of fun. They were a considerable part of the original inspiration that founded the World of Sulerin.

Sulerin, for the most part, is managed by only myself. Many fans have contributed ideas, pictures, and encouragement - to them I offer my heartiest of thanks, for without them my work on this website would not be nearly as pleasurable and satisfying. Special thanks to Mike Lopresti - who is responsible for much of the awesome artwork that can be found within the Creature Compendium.

Lastly, I would be in remiss if I failed to say thank you to the designers, developers, and staff of TSR, Wizards of the Coast, Sword and Sorcery, Chaosium, Mayfair Games, and the many other businesses and groups of dedicated gamers who have made the hobby of roleplaying a reality. Thank you.

Contacting Me

I welcome the opportunity to speak with people who have visited the World of Sulerin. Please feel free to contact me.

          -Randy, creator of the World of Sulerin
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