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Rule Additions

This area is devoted to additions to the d20 roleplaying system. This material was created for use in the World of Sulerin, but we think that you could make use of it in any campaign world. Prestige classes, new skills, feats, new character races, and house rules are all here.


Whether its special training to help your warrior move quicker in heavy armor, your sorcerer seeking the secrets of bloodmagic, or a monk learning a special Shu-no technique. Feats make a character unique and expand their abilities beyond those of normal people. Herein are a collection of feats for use in any campaign world.

House Rules

This section contains rule changes, errata, and meta-roleplaying guidelines. The purpose of this section is to create consistency, so that both new and old players in Sulerin know what to expect when they sit down around the table. Visitors to the World of Sulerin might also find the recommendations and rulings useful for their own campaigns. I run a fairly "core" rules oriented campaign, so there are correspondingly fewer rule changes enacted here.

Prestige Classes

A priest devoted to the goddess Chishlean ventures into the oceans after many years of devoted worship and returns as a newly born being, a Cerulean, devoted to the service of its god. A paladin of Lathidus devotes his life to bringing the light of the world to the races that dwell underground. A monk travels to the golden city of Tel-Akbar to learn the secrets of Ha-Tae. A sorcerer travels into the secretive culture of the Silothreni and learns the secret of rune magic.
    Each of these characters seek specialized knowledge, to hone their skills to perfection in a particular area of study. For players who want their character to gain special knowledge, to focus on a particular trade, acquire powers that bend the rules of the game just a little bit, there are prestige classes. Herein are a collection of prestige classes available to characters in the World of Sulerin.


In the World of Sulerin there are more civilized races than merely elves, dwarves, humans, gnomes, and halflings. There are several other races which are available for use as player characters. Further, the traditional elven and dwarven population is scattered into several distinct races, each possessing their own unique racial traits. More information is available for each of these races in Sulerin's online Creature Compendium. Here then are the details you need before you can begin to create your persona and travel through-out the world.