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Whether its special training to help your warrior move quicker in heavy armor, your sorcerer seeking the secrets of bloodmagic, or a monk learning a special Shu-no technique. Feats make a character unique and expand their abilities beyond those of normal people. Herein are a collection of feats for use in any campaign world.

Armor Adaptation

Reduces the odds of arcance spell failure by 15% when wearing armor that normally incurs such a penalty to spellcasters.


Your witty banter, flair, and flourished movements distract your foes and give you a combative edge, whereas other warriors rely on strength alone.


You are able to focus your mind to the task at hand and apply your skills even when in distracting situations.

Flesh of the Afterlife [Heimrohar racial feat]

Your undead ancestor has a stronger influence over your geneology than those among the living, allowing you to draw health from energies that normally harm the living.

Focused Defender

You attack with caution, spending your opportunities to hurt your foes wisely even as you bolster your own defense.

Focused Warrior

You trade quantity for quality, making sure that each of your attacks count.

Forced Movement

You can ignore the movement penalty incurred by heavier armors while executing tactical movement.

Inside Attack

You can attack creatures adjacent to you with a reach weapon that normally does not allow such attacks.

Quick Sheathe

Allows you to sheathe a weapon as a free action.

Secrets of the Dead [Heimrohar racial feat]

The corpses of the dead yield their secrets to you with ever greater ease.

Sight of the Dead [Heimrohar racial feat]

Your ancestor from the afterlife has a greater influence over your being than those among the living. You can see in darkness as well as the undead.

Valorous Charge [Epic]

Your charge inspires your allies to greatness.