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In the World of Sulerin there are more civilized races than merely elves, dwarves, humans, gnomes, and halflings. There are several other races which are available for use as player characters. Further, the traditional elven and dwarven population is scattered into several distinct races, each possessing their own unique racial traits. More information is available for each of these races in Sulerin's online Creature Compendium. Here then are the details you need before you can begin to create your persona and travel through-out the world.

Elf - Drakher

The spartan Drakher (drah care) are a subterranean race of elves. They are a pale race with white hair, though they frequently make use of dyes. Drakher are also quite thin and significantly shorter than the other elfin races, this is a practical adaption to the restricted spaces of the underworld. Since Drakher have difficulty seeing distances clearly when exposed to bright light, they rarely leave from underground to dwell on the surface for a prolonged period; but few can match their superior vision underground.
    Drakher are well suited for numerous occupations. Despite their diminutive size there are adept warriors among them. Many Drakher are also followers of the mysterious God of the Deep, Brakah.
    Most Drakher do not get along well with their surface relatives. The Drakher are strongly ethno-centric and resent the barbaric stereotype by which other elfin races describe them. The Drakher tend to be independent and un-reliant upon each other; friendship is a rare relationship among them but those few friends are treasured.

Elf - Galiadre

The Galiadre (Gah lee aah dray) are a stoic and aloof race of elves who share an affinity with the roots of the earth, stone, and mountain. Their skin is pale with gray undertones and their hair is earthen brown to granite gray to obsidian black. They are spartan in both costume, lifestyle, and emotion, but to those that earn their friendship they are loyal to the end. Galiadre are poised and reserved beings whose culture is strongly tied to ancient traditions, skeptical of shorter lived races who can barely remember their own history longer than a Galiadre's lifetime. They dwell in forested mountain valleys where they build their homes from stone, magically shaped by their supernatural vocalizations into breathtakingly beautiful towers that soar into the treetops and cling to mountainous cliff sides with impossible grace.

Elf - Selere

The Selere (sel lair) are a race of aquatic elves who live in deep salt-water seas. For the most part they are reclusive, though the occasional Selere goes to live away from their kind and at the surface, whether as an outcast or adventurer.
    The Selere have a somewhat chilled blue skin tone and possess increased webbing between their hands and toes. Their eyes are also slightly larger and almond shaped. Unlike other elves, the Selere are powerfully built and have a strong bone and muscle structure, even the female Selere are typically more muscular than the fit human manual laborer.
    The Selere are capable warriors and priests. Thievery is nearly unheard of in Selere society as nearly all property is communal. Likewise, the gift of magic is runs rare in Selere blood, however when present it is very strong. The Selere, being an aquatic rare, have many a natural affinity for water thriving creatures and such environments. Selere tend to be accepting of their position in the world, once they have discovered it, and find peace in the perfection of their position. The conquering of new lands is not what inspires a Selere, but the development of themselves to serve the community is what does.

Elf - Tenerthor

The Tenerthor (ten-ur thor), or Culip-non (the "uncultured") as the Lerether elves call them are a race of elves which herald from beyond the Evermounts. Small clans of the Tenerthor are scattered though-out the world and can even be found occasionally within island clusters on the seas. For the most part the Tenerthor are a nomadic race, however, the "high-class" of the Tenerthor hold a great civilization hidden beyond the Evermounts.
    The Tenerthor are a life-loving race of elves. They highly decorate their bodies with paint, tattoo art, jewelry, and braided hair. Often scantily clad, the Tenerthor have very little "personal space." They tend to stand very close to each other when in conversation and casually speak of both horrific and splendid topics with the same ease and interest. Once over their initial shock of being near such exotic elves, most people find the Tenerthor to be very charismatic and brotherly. They are a brave and notibly valiant race.
    Tenerthor are the tallest of the common elfin races, ranging from five to six feet tall. They are wirey and athletic. The Tenerthor tend to have dark features. Their eyes range from a light almond to a deep black. Their bodies, what skin can be seen through their decoration, is strongly tanned and weathered from exposure.


The Haruninki (Ha rune in kye), also informally called Haruchi, live in lands to the far west which they call Urharulan, or Jhet Brahna - "The Homeland." Haruninkian society is rigidly caste and few Haruninki can be found outside of their lands. Those that are either are of a disposition that does not fit into their society, are on a quest to improve their status in the society, or are criminals banished from the Homeland. Haruninki have rigid facial features and tight, compact bodies. They are naturally athletic and easily rise in skill in physical sports or exercises. Honor is an important facet of Haruninkian lifestyle and it impacts almost every facet of their culture. Those few Haruchi who are banished from society frequently show extreme temperaments against lawful environments.
    Haruninki prefer dry or tropical environments. They do not enjoy underground travel as it inhibits their natural sense of direction. Most Haruninki are mildly claustrophobic and prefer open spaces or the outdoors.
    Haruninkian society teaches interdependence within the Haruninkian society and the exclusion of those who are not members of the society. Thus Haruninki, once they have adopted a group of friends into their personal society, tend to be very loyal despite their temperament towards good or evil.
    Haruninki are distantly related to the Silothreni.

Heimrohar, the Half-Dead

The Heimrohar (Hym ro har), also known as the Half-Dead inherit the traits of strange parentage. The first heimrohar were born in Larenmorn, a land where spirits of the dead can intermingle and live lives as though they were still among the living, and were progeny of the living and the spirits who dwelt in those lands. Following generations have one or more Heimrohar parent in their ancestry or are directly descended from the continued mingling of spirits and the living in Larenmorn.
    Heimrohar are mostly found in the northern parts of Irendi, particularly in lands surrounding Larenmorn. They have spread across the world, mostly into human and somewhat into elfin lands, similar to places near their genesis. Heimrohar are relatively new to the world, their inception occuring in AC12891.


The Lupinal (Loo pin-all) are a carnivorous race of wolf-like creatures that are often confused with lycanthropes or other man-wolves. They are a strong and durable creature and are capable hunters and fighters. Lupinal are fairly rare and small in population. Because of their persecution at the hands of other races, due mostly to confusion between them and the lycanthropes, they are a closed society that intentionally lives in remote woodlands and far from human populace. They are stocky and burly framed humanoids with a thick matted fur covering their entire body. Their faces are fairly wolf- like, and their voices are deep and rumbling.
    Lupinal prefer temperate forests and are normally not found in the hotter tropics. They can survive extreme cold that other races quickly would succumb to and are natural survivalists. The Lupinal have a strong sense of good and evil and many have strong beliefs in a spiritual world which is at battle around them.


The Oruli (Or rule lee)are a race of tree inhabiting herbivores. They are curious, quick, and intelligent. Oruli are suspicious of outsiders to their culture but are easily befriended. They resemble a large monkey in size with more rounded features, a wiry frame, and a long prehensile tail which they can use to help manipulate simple tools or for climbing. They are flexible and sensitive creatures with strong senses of balance, sight, and smell. They are generally non-violent creatures.
    Oruli can be found primarily in the Ki'kiri jungles, located in the center of the Irendi continent, where they live in small tribes. There are also tales of Oruli found in remote mountain ranges, in the Plateau Lands, and scattered about the tropic of the continent. Oruli prefer warm climates but have been found in colder habitats as well.


The Silothreni (Sye loth wren eye) are a subterranean race of humanoids distantly related to the Haruninki. They are rarely seen upon the surface of the world due to a potent allergic reaction that they suffer when exposed to direct sunlight. Most other races are suspicious of the Silothreni due to legends surrounding their break from the Haruninki and also because those which do travel the surface usually are covered in clothing and hide their faces while outdoors.
    The Silothreni are much taller than other humanoids and most are stand between six and seven feet tall. They are a cunning and very intelligent race with a vast aptitude for magical or intellectual professions. Despite their thin and gaunt features, the Silothreni have hearty immune systems and rarely succumb to sickness or weak poisons. Silothreni have a delicate pale-black skin which tends to erupt with painful boils, burns and lacerations when exposed to prolonged direct sunlight. Silothreni are skillful politicians and insightful practitioners of intrigue.