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Prestige Classes

A priest devoted to the goddess Chishlean ventures into the oceans after many years of devoted worship and returns as a newly born being, a Cerulean, devoted to the service of its god. A paladin of Lathidus devotes his life to bringing the light of the world to the races that dwell underground. A monk travels to the golden city of Tel-Akbar to learn the secrets of Ha-Tae. A sorcerer travels into the secretive culture of the Silothreni and learns the secret of rune magic.
    Each of these characters seek specialized knowledge, to hone their skills to perfection in a particular area of study. For players who want their character to gain special knowledge, to focus on a particular trade, acquire powers that bend the rules of the game just a little bit, there are prestige classes. Herein are a collection of prestige classes available to characters in the World of Sulerin.

Deep Watcher

Deep Watchers are warrior-priests that travel beneath the surface of the world, seeking out the races of the underground with the hope of turning them to good. Deep Watchers take the light of Lathidus to the realms of darkness where no light of day is ever shed. They are evangelists and explorers. As a Deep Watcher progresses in skill he gains the ability to speak the languages of the underworld and to walk through stone. His skin becomes hardened and in time they can open gates between the darkest corners of the earth to the surface. Most Deep Watchers are paladins and fighter clerics.

Dream Seeker

Deeply in touch with the spiritual world, these individuals are keenly aware of the desires, dreams, and aspirations of others. Through this spiritual link they can alter the consciousness of others, making their dreams appear as reality. Once mature in power they can even manifest dreams into the waking world. Good Dream Seekers use their powers to bring wonder into the world and to restore vision and hope to those who have lost it. Evil ones use their abilities to evoke fear and take advantage of the desires of others to suit their own needs.


The Harvesters are a religious cult which worship Zhakrin. Harvesters believe that all creatures must eventually die and that it is their duty to hunt down those who have eluded death either by rising into undeath or by some other supernatural or magical means. Harvesters gather portions of the spirits from creatures which they have sent to the grave. They use this spiritual energy to fuel many of their powers, believing that this exacts a measure of atonement from the deceased spirit for out living its allotted lifespan.

Initiate of the Black Paladinhood

Initiates members of the Black Order, warriors who have sworn the Black Oath, who have proven themselves to have potential and who have been accepted by a Knight of the Black Order. They are devoted worshipers of Zhakrin, nothing less can be tolerated by those who lead the Black Paladinhood. Initiates have the same authority as a common city guard captain and they are recognized as leaders of the lowest rank, fit to lead a small squad of men on missions of some importance. An Initiate of the Black Paladinhood gains powers which fortify their bodies, encourage unit tactics, and affirm their position as lawfully endowed members of Zhakrin's fellowship.

Warrior of Light

Though not chosen to embody the power of their god, these fighters have sworn vows to protect those who cannot protect themselves and to observe the virtues of the Church of the Light. In return for their pledge they are granted powers to assist them with their vows these warriors receive divine powers to bolster their fight against evil.