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House Rules

This section contains rule changes, errata, and meta-roleplaying guidelines. The purpose of this section is to create consistency, so that both new and old players in Sulerin know what to expect when they sit down around the table. Visitors to the World of Sulerin might also find the recommendations and rulings useful for their own campaigns. I run a fairly "core" rules oriented campaign, so there are correspondingly fewer rule changes enacted here.

Allegiances and Character Alignments

Rather than a strict alignment system of law and chaos, good and evil axioms, we prefer a system of allegiances, much alike that which premiered in the d20 Modern setting. Here's all the information you need to know to use allegiances in your own campaign, and reason for why we like it so much more than the traditional alignment system.

Buying and Selling of Magic Items

Most DM's don't really want to run campaign where each character has a set of boots of striding and springing, a ring of sustenance, a magical means of flight, bags of holding, goggles of the night and so forth. After allowing easy access to magic item purchasing I could easily see that this was the direction that magic items were taking in my own campaigns. In response to that trend the following guidelines were established for finding and purchasing items on the market.

Construction Materials

There are a variety of metals and materials which can be used in the manufacture of weapons, armor, and so forth. For reference, this is a compendium of these substances. Some are an invention of Sulerin, others come from other sources.

Critical Misses

A simple system which mirrors critical hits and adds a little more risk to combat. This rule will make combat more dangerous for player characters since they will have to face more battles over the course of a campaign than any weapon wielding creature that opposes them will.