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Continent of Irendi

map: Continent of Irendi

The Continent of Irendi is the largest of the four continents that exist on the World of Sulerin. Its inhabitants are varied and are dominant over the land and the wild in many places. Still, there are vast expanses of untamed wilderness to explore. Whether you are an adventurer who prefers the great outdoors or the intrigue of politics, there is plenty to be had.

Political Boundaries of Irendi

When several cities or cultures join together for mutual defense and a common cause, a political force is created. In the present times, there are more than twenty kingdoms spread across the face of the Continent of Irendi. Humans, being a Political map of the Continent of Irendi social race for the most part, have gathered into the greatest number of kingdoms. Roughly one third of the political powers on the continent are human. The other humanoid races have founded a multitude of their own kingdoms, somewhat less disperse over the face of the continent; perhaps their being better able at getting along with their own kind is the reason for their racial unity.
    This tour of the political forces in the world begins in the southeast, at the cornerstone of humanity, the magnificent and ancient Eastern Empire, and then travels clockwise around the map for the most part. For more in depth information about each political setting we recommend using the main atlas navigation to zoom into the area in question.

Eastern Empire Eastern Empire Clans of Hallanstaen Clans of Hallanstaen Protectorate of Biengyar Confederacy of Zhakar Alfheim United Kingdoms Deep Home Dwarvenrish Sheynar, the Four-Fold Land Dyaerinyae Yultherie, the Mother Grove Domain of Zydol Westering Kingdoms Urharulan, the Homeland Kingdom of Thean Elestinlore Midden Kingdoms Petyetot Nomatic Tribes of the Three Winds Republic of Bethdezra Lands of Dagash Ancient Dazazin States Silverhome Kindertel Lands of the Shesaldi Durmonnogue Calanae Kingdom of Arend Larenmorn, Land of the Dead Nation of Greentree Jsucluemae