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Neutral Good Male Daernarthor Dwarf
Level 22 Barbarian
Level 2 Fighter
Level 6 Prestige - Legendary Dreadnought

Str 21   Dex 14   Con 32   Int 12   Wis 12   Cha 9   Hit Points: 635

Status: Retired

    Charming features, a silver tongue, and an endearing personality...none of these things describe Al-Rathis of Clan Hezgorard, third son of Tor-Kavok, son of Madregin the Just, Brewbringer, Speaker of Spirits, High Defender of the Stonefallow, and Grand Victor of the Third Hezgorard Drinkbottom Games.
    Scars of battle add to the already unfortunate features of this lone tribesmen from the southlands. Knowing that his rough appearance causes much distrust in those who see him, he attempts to draw attention away from his physical appearance through kind words and courtesy, which he accomplishes with only marginal success. He is ruled by a strong sense of honor, and a desire to help those whom he believes to be of good heart. All grace departs him, however, when the sounds of battle wither away at his willpower and eventually causes him to fly into a beserk rage. Al-Rathis believes that this is when an ancestral spirit, Sih-Tarla, enters his body and gives him uncanny warrior instincts and fell potency in battle. Woe then to the enemies of Al-Rathis!
     Al-Rathis, or simply called "Al" by his closest companions, was sent hither from home by request of his father nigh three years passed. His noble father, whom had gathered a large following among the clan elders, received a vision from his ancestors declaring that it was time to venture out into the lands of the foreigners ("foreigners" meaning every single other free race, according to these rather isolated Dwarves) and learn if their hearts had found honor and strength in the years since the Severing. He believes it is time for Dwarves, Men, Elves, and all the free races, to reopen borders for trade and alliance, for a terrible evil lurks on the horizon. Tor-Kavok believes this because he was shown a terrible image of his youngest son, Al-Rathis, going out into a black vortex of malignant evil, alone and unarmed. Then the vision shifted and suddenly his son was joined by three simple creatures: a monarch butterfly, meadow lark, and a lion. As the three came to stand beside Al-Rathis, the vortex of evil parted and a magnificent and peaceful light shown through. Al-Rathis was told of this vision, and that his goal would be to find these couragous allies, in hopes they would be willing to join him in the good fight against the those who would wield suffering, fear, and deceipt as their weapons.
    And so it was that in the troubled town of Garrotten, a place beset by evil, that Al-Rathis found the first of his long-time companions: Sasha, the priestess. At first, Al-Rathis was filled with doubt. Sasha was indeed powerful, and held a strange hatred against a common enemy, but her methods were foul and cruel, and her hatred often went too dark and too deep. The god she named in her prayers sent a shiver down his spine at each mentioning. Truly this could not be one of the noble three that Al had been sent to befriend! But then, when tensions were at their worst and all hope for an accord was nigh spent, a miracle happened. The terrible Sasha returned from the woods a new person. Instead of dark arts, she now harnessed nature as her patron, and the vile minions she once summoned became her greatest enemy of all. She became Sasha, the redeemed druid, and Al-Rathis had found the butterfly.
     The next of the three came later, on the journey north from Garrotten. It was then that a mysterious and illusive elf named Ayoi appeared to him. Of alien beauty, and supernatural stealth, she seemed to wield naught but bow and arrow. Again, Al despaired, for though the spirits whispered of her, naming her his songbird, she kept her songs to herself, and seemed to care little for the plight of others. Was this serpent-tongued elf to become the valiant hero of his father's vision? Then came the day when battle was upon Al and Sasha. The sky was red and hope nearly spent, for they were greatly outnumbered and their wounds deep. It was at this darkest our when the elven bard showed her quality. Her song was pure and good, and for a moment, the shadows seemed to part around Al-Rathis, and he was filled with the hope of victory. Even in this darkest hour, her song brought his axe true and his spirit afire, and with the clarion song of Ayoi, the day was won. Al-Rathis had found the meadow lark.
     It was true that many seasons had come and gone, and many companions met and parted, before Al-Rathis met the Third. Many great deeds had been done, and in the midst of each struggle Al searched for the lion. For he had come to expect the Three to reveal themselves only at a time of great need. It came to be, however, that it was in the most unlikely of places that Al-Rathis met Tellzan. During a brief period of rest at his favorite tavern in Bluewater, after many a stout drink, Al saw a glimpse of providence. One patron at the bar, a tall and battle scarred man of proud stature, yet who's eyes betrayed a deep sadness wore the symbol of the lion. Or at least, it appeared so to Al-Rathis, in his 'relaxed' state. About his neck was a curious gold amulet, that flashed for the briefest instance in the evenings light. The gold band reflected a halo of lion's mane about the man, and as he looked up, Al saw the roar of his own spirit reflected in the stranger's. After nearly a year of searching, the spirits whispered their secrets again. This time they spoke the name of the man. Tellzan was a champion of a foreign god of war, and though his holy symbol was in truth a rising sun over a horizonal blade, Al would always know it as the lion's mane. As if he too had seen the vision, the priest came to Al-Rathis and asked if his services would be welcome. Indeed they were, for Al-Rathis had met the Lion.
     Together, the four would shape the future of the world, and wherever they stood together against evil, the light would continue to shine as a beacon of hope for all the free lands.
     The story continues...