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Chaotic Good Male Lerether Elf
Level 12 Wizard (Greater Path)

Status: Retired

Archaios: intelligent, obviously, and strong-willed, with pretty good judgment; not especially easy to get along with; abrasive, due to strong, easily shared opinions; a good person, although he follows no laws but his own; generally doesn't see fit to expend the energy necessary to be tactful and charming--that's what spells (charm, for example) are for; is not interested in bargaining with the enemy unless there's no better option; very loyal to friends; scholarly; interested in more than just magic, but magic is definitely his favorite subject; likes to hang out with friends, but doesn't like to make friends; has his own way of doing things, and unless it's not important to him, goes about things his own way (if it's not important to him, he doesn't really care how something is done); strongly dedicated to his friends and loyalties; dominant in most group settings with peers unless he's uninterested in what's going on or busy doing something else; tends to make somewhat negative first impressions, due to lack of concern for social mores; likes other races a lot; also likes elves, but finds them to be a bit stuffy/snobby, and doesn't identify with them as much as he could, because he doesn't feel that way about social values and other races; is concerned with doing the right thing, but only if it really needs doing, and he's the only one who's going to do it--otherwise, he's got his own things to take care of; doesn't understand why so many people are so stupid; is frustrated a lot of the time when it comes to magic, because he always want to know more; is fascinated by magic and wants to know as much as possible about it; thinks he's cursed to never own any cool magic items, possibly as payment for his ability to wield magic of his own (but he doesn't really believe this; he's just superstitious).
     Physically, well, there's not a whole lot to say: he's a skinny, but fit (wiry), elf; has black, wavy, shoulder -length hair; blue eyes; not particularly strong, but not particularly weak; handsome (lucky 18 on the comeliness roll); tall for an elf, a little below average height for a human; dresses simply, usually a robe worn over plain clothes; carries himself with confidence, but doesn't over-do it; not physically imposing; moves with the grace typical of elves (as seen from the human or dwarven standpoint), but very average in the grace department among elves.