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Azraphel Nadar

Lawful Good Male Human
Level 16 Paladin of Lathidus

Str 18   Dex 15   Con 18   Int 14   Wis 17   Cha 12   Hit Points: 112

Status: Dead

Azraphael Nadar is tall for a human, standing just over six feel in height. His hair is dark black, peppered with white and with a widows peak. It is shoulder-blade length and pulled into a pony-tail. His face is handsome, but worn. Crows feet stretch from the corners of his determined blue eyes, and worry lines crease his forehead. His complexion is a well-tanned bronze and his hands look caloused as those well-practiced with a sword. He looks to be well built, incredibly so for a man of his apparent age, and walks with a smooth, even stride. He wears a black padded coat that is unbuttoned, which shows he is probably used to colder climates. A patch, 3 inches across, is on the shoulder of this coat, displaying an arm with a sword slashing off the other arm which seems to be slightly blackened. A simple but wellcut white shirt lies underneath, embroidered with gold along the collar and cuffs. Upon close inspection the embroidering can be read in Hanoi to say, "Forever Joined, Forever Destined in Service." He has well-broker leather breaches with hardened leather pockets and a dagger strapped to his thigh, and black leather boots laced up past his ankles about five inches. Appearing over his broad right shoulder is the hilt of what must be an incredible bastard sword. The pommel is crafted immaculately from a translucent crystal that burns with a soft golden light. On his right ring finger he wears a golden band with tiny script written along its outside.


It has been seven long years in the develish pits of Hana. Seven years in a place scorned by any pure-willed deity. Seven years where I have finally found the first true friend that I will ever know... and now this hell has taken him from me. As the golden life-blood of this Angelic being, direct servant of my Lord on high Lathidus, pours through my fingers and pools between my kneeling form, the first tear in twelve years escapes my eye, and mixes with that of the precious liquid. My friend Tanidus, that is the only name he said I could hear without breaking down into insane fervor, smiles his last smile and whispers:

"You have not only proven devout as a paladin in His name, but also as a true friend to me. It is a pity that we did not succeed in bringing light to this sad place, but more was accomplished here to prepare your character than you will ever know. An evil with the potential to become as horrid as this Hana has been growing far to the north of this place. You have been tested here in this land of ultimate revile, and still your light shines brightly. Lathidus looks well upon you, and you have been chosen to put into check this rising darkness. Take my blade. It is a relic of great might in the name of Lathidus, and you have proven yourself worthy of his cause as a true paladin. Also, in gesture from a friend to a friend, please take this blood that spills forth from my form. It is also mighty in the purity that is out Lord, mix it with thine own form, bleed it into your skin in an image beneficial to the eyes of our Lord, and I will help you in your endeavor, regardless of the distance between us. I will watch you and hail your determination as I always have, and pray softly to our lord for your continued favor, for you are truely what this bleeding world needs now..."

With the last breath of Tanidus, a happiness harbored deep within me dies, but was replaced with a rage and determination to rival most. After containing a good portion of the blood, all that remained of my great friends being, I spent one last night in Hana. One last challenge was brought to these horrid streets in the form of a man with nothing to lose, and the streets ran deep with the decaying flesh of undead and the blood of the foul. With that final cleansing done, I Azraphel, moved out of this terrible home to dulfill that which my God sought me to do.
    The Blessing that Tanidus had bestowed to me remained pure until I was prepared to add it to my being. The blood burned from me any doubt I had ever had from the instant I was born from my dear mother. I know my purpose and nothing could shake that from my mind, so ingrained into my soul had the desires of my Lord become. The golden swirling images that flourished across my entire upper torso stood to remind me of my friend Tanidus, and that strengthened my resolve even further. At this point after the procedure of tattooing was complete, the great sword who had yet to reveal his name to me accepted me as its wielder. My dark thanned skin now had different properties as well when mixed with the golden, swirling essence, not just in the beauty of its pure motions, but it seemed to resist minor cuts, and heat bothered me less as well. I at first thought that I would wait upon the word of my church elders before I undertook my journey north through the Ki'Kiri Jungles, but I would never be more prepared, so I left immediately with a quick mention to an acolyte.
    The Jungles were as awesome an obsticle as I had remembered being told, but nothing could stay my path, and I had reached the Midden Kingdoms in a single season. The land was barren of the healing light of any good god, and I knew this was the place the evil would choose as its haven. Now the only thing that remained would be to find allies who would no doubt be drawn here to this evil, and to show this dark power how convinving the True Light of Lathidus can be.

Height: 6'1", Weight: 218 lbs, Eyes: Blue, Hair: Black, Age: 41
Skills: Alertness, Direction Sense, Ettiquette, Riding Land, Slow Respiration, Ancient History (Midden), Investigation, Sage Knowledge Undead, Jumping, Law, Mountaineering, Spelunking
Languages: Hanoi, Midden, Nit'si
Special Items: Holy Avenger Bastard Sword +5, "Truth", Potion of Flying, Horn of Plenty
Prayers: 1st Level: Bless, Cure light Wounds, Combine, Light, Protection from Chaos, Blessed Watchfulness, Endure Heat/Cold, Sunscorch, Deflection; 2nd Level: Nap, Fire Trap, Resist Cold, Silence 15 ft. rad., Hold Person, Moon Shield, Good Berry, Resist Acid/Corrosion, Heat Metal; 3rd Level: Hold Person, Repair Injury, Etherealness, Wind Servant, Embattlement, Resist Injury