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Neutral Good Male Drakher Elf
Level 5 Fighter
Level 10 Wizard (Greater Path)
Level 4 Prestige - Plane Shifter

Str 11   Dex 18   Con 14   Int 21   Wis 20   Cha 8   Hit Points: 108

Status: Retired

Reflections on the Past
(written while in the great surface city of Tel-Akbar)

My soul is lost. I seek enlightenment and fulfillment. I hail from a race deep within the earth. My people, I fear, have lost the true way of our god, and so I have journeyed to the surface to find the truth of things. Life is not easy for my people and they have done well to survive the underhalls. We are the Drakhar and our god Brakah.
     My faith rests in the power of the Weave, and not in the belief of Brakah. The Weave has carried me through my travels and will continue to guide me. I have not spoken a word of my beliefs to my people, as I know the result would be death. I cannot die until I find the truth of things. Honesty is very precious to me, but my better sense kept me from sharing my thoughts with my people.
     Eight Long Hunger Cycles past, which I believe roughly translate into the upper-dweller concept of weeks, I left my homeland to begin my journey. I waited until the timing was right for me to leave and still be able to return.
     My reconnaissance group was sent out to scout a dwarven colony near the surface and report back any information we found. I hoped to slip away from the group once we neared the surface. Sadly things did not go as I had planned as most of the group was killed on the journey through the perils of the underhalls. My skills in survival and healing saw me through to the surface.
     As I climbed higher through the tunnels I felt a great excitement to see the surface and learn about their philosophies and customs. As I traveled my mind reflected on my past and I thought about the possibilities of the surface and a hope began to grow inside my very spirit. Hope that one day my people would understand the true nature of the universe and find enlightenment.

Childhood and Training

I knew my birth family for only a short while. As customary all children are tested to see what benefits they will offer the city. I am blessed with great wisdom and intellect and the path of a mage was quickly decided upon. I was apprenticed under an old crone named Vislana. I was basically her slave, but she taught me many things.
     Vislana had two other pupils older than me when I joined her house. It was here that I learned about the Weave. Life was not easy, being the youngest and smartest in the household. The other two, a brother and sister pair named Halin and Rai, respectively, were not happy at my aptitude. Being the smallest I had to put up with their abuses. Competition between the three of us was fierce. Even Halin and Rai tried to spoil each other's successes.
     Vislana's shrewd teachings honed my discipline and opened my mind to seek what truth really is. Truth sometimes lies beneath the surface of deception. Apprenticing under her was not easy. Penalty for failure was severe and swift. Sometimes it led to death… I still believe to this day that Rai killed her own brother because of simple jealousy. I will not speak more on this subject.
     After several Long Hunger Cycles I attained my journeyman status and left the house of Vislana. Rai was still in training when I left. When my people become journeymen at a craft we are placed into the military for the rest of our lives, for our survival depends on it. It was this cycle of my life that I learned the usefulness of the martial arts. Coordinating these skills with the Weave has proven to be most effective.
     After weapons, combat and survival training I was commissioned by one of the Drakhar Circles. Our military professions are divided into circles that are comprised of different professions. A typical Band of soldiers consists of a balance from each Circle. I was placed into the Weaver Legion as my mage skills far out-shine my martial ones. This gave me access to more knowledge of the Weave, but it did not fill my curiosity. My Band was specialized in reconnaissance, and was called the Creeping Silence. Our duties involved patrolling the outskirts of our realm and obtaining information on any intruders. We were very good at it. Being a recon group we needed to keep our numbers small. Our members were very much specialists in their Circles. I served as healer and mage in place of a priest, and this practice was common enough. I received training with healing to compensate for when my spell energy ran dry.

Restless Life

Life was like this for many Long Cycles…
     None of this fulfilled my thirst for knowledge. I began to see that my view on life was different that the normal Drakhar and I yearned to know more and challenge my mind. I had enough of just fighting. And so I planned to leave my people.
     This would not be an easy thing to do. It took several Long Cycles to plan it out. When the opportunity came I was ready for it. The Creeping Silence was given an important mission that would take us close to the surface.