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Brother Yeule

Neutral Good Male Half-elf
Level 15 Psion   Hit Points: 50

Status: Dead

Yeule was born an orphan in Maragor, short, skinny, and weak. As a child, he was forced into servitude as a ratcatcher, he was severly injured at the age of 7 by a giant warf rat. Passing monks took pity on him (and recognized his psionic talent). They cared for him and took him to their monastery in the hills near Tankilli. There, they nursed him back to health and taught him the fine arts of reading, writing, and drinking.
    Under their tutelage, he developed his mind to the point where psionic powers began to emerge. They also imbued him with their philosophy of respect for one's fellow man (or woman or child).
    One of his duties on the farm was ratcatcher, as he was quite good at it, and the local rats were nowhere near as dangerous and mean as the wharf rats of Maragor. His peers nicknamed him Moigesbach, or Ratsbane. Another duty that all the monks take on is that of spreading knowledge. The monks have developed extensive agricultural skills, as well as blacksmithing techniques, and brewing secrets. Of these, they share all but the brewing secrets with people far and wide.
    It is the duty of the monks to occasionally take a sojourn to far lands and share knowledge. Yeule took such trips whenever possible (for truth to tell, the life of a cloistered monk is quite boring). On these trips, Yeule always seems to find himself embroiled in adventures, revolutions, and many good causes.