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Chance Paedragn

Chaotic Good Male Halfling
Level 12 Rogue

Str 11   Dex 18   Con 11   Int 16   Wis 11   Cha 15   Hit Points: 63

Status: Retired

Chance Paedragn was born and raised just outside of Wereskalot. His family owns the Traveler's Rest; a fine inn with famous beers and ales.
     Paddy Paedragn, Chance's father, is the innkeep at the Traveler's Rest while his wife, Besda, is the hard cook. Their positions are equal but each will say that theirs is higher. These two busy halflings have brought twelve children into the world; Chance is the third.
     As a boy, Chance would sit and listen to the bards and other travelers spin tales of the wondrous adventures they had experienced in the world. He became so keen a listener that he would remember most stories on the first hearing. Some of the longer, more involving tales would take as many as three times; but regardless of the content, Chance would soak in the tales of his patrons.
     So much of a fixture became Chance that, on occasion, customers would ask the young lad to recite a story. His tongue was skilled such that often, when he had finished, the common room would erupt with appreciation. It was then that Chance knew what he wanted to do in life... to travel and tell stories.
     A few more years passed and two of the regular adventurers who patroned the Traveler's Rest brought Chance his most prized possessions, books. One of them was a compilation of several stories that were written in Thennish. The other was an epic tale of the wars which had taken place in the Eastern Empire, written in Darini. Only one problem arose for Chance from these books; he couldn't read.
     It was this desire to read not one, but two languages, that drove Chance to his light fingers. He to Wereskalot one day to get supplies and found someone at a church that would teach him both languages, but he would have to pay. He began by earning money from his stories, but his progress was too slow for that. He began to develop florishes in his stories and would wear a bright yellow cape to make him seem all the better. Beneath the flourishes of his dress, he would lift purses from some of his unwitting patrons.
     Eventually, he "earned" enough money to begin his studies in Thennish. He learned quickly as he was compelled to by the books he had been given. On one of his trips to town he noticed a house burning and saw through a window that a small bookcase was in flames. Chance realized that he needed to protect his books from something like that. So, in order to raise money quickly he began to get that same "tingly" sensation in his fingers.
     After he had purchased two steel book-boxes he began again in earnest to learn his letters. Four months later, he was reading faster and remembering more than his teacher. He was elated beyond belief. Then, the Black Scourge began to sweep into the territory. His trips to town were halted and refugees began to pour into the inn. Chance damned the Black One for the disrupting of his studies.
     For two months the young halfling brooded and sulked. One day he found that one of the refugees at the inn spoke and read Darini. "...Bless the Dark One for sending this man to me... or forcing him to me...," Chance thought. He made a deal with the man and began to learn Darini. Over the next eight months, Chance became a master of that language too. Just as he finished his learning, the wars of the Black Scourge had scattered and passed.
     Chance is a thin halfling of more than average height, with short, sandy blond hair and jade green eyes. The young man is an astute pupil and a great storyteller. Having heard so many great adventures told, now he wishes to travel and learn more; to experience stories of his own. So he begins his adventuring career with the unknowing funding from hundreds of past patrons of his parents inn.
     In the last several years of traveling with Taren, Bolas, Sanjian, Marcus, and Theo, Chance has become an integral part of the party. With his ability to find the best information in the shortest amount of time, the young halfling has kept the party out of harm's way on more than one occasion. Also, the party discovered that the smaller the person, the better the scout. Until Chance's arrival, Sanjian had been the groups point, but the diminutive "bard with talent" proved to be invaluable at moving around undetected. Of all the members of his party, Chance is the closest to Sanjian and Theo for their intelligence or similarity of style, but he would gladly give life and limb to save any of his friends.
     Now, Chance has really come into his own. Young Paedragn is very wary about the Thieves' Guilds of Tel-Akbar and has made every effort to stay out of their view. His only misstep has been to announce his full name when he brought in the first two demon heads for bounty after the sacking of Tel-Akbar by a horde of demons. Money has flowed freely, if quietly, from his hands to those he saw as worthy of it - mostly the impoverished, homeless, or sick. Most of the coin that he makes from telling stories in taverns around the city he gives to those that linger in the alleys behind the establishment he's in.
     Since beginning his adventuring career, Chance has become a devoutly religious follower of Lathidus. He has spent many hours in prayer at the great Temple of Light in Tel-Akbar and holds Bishop Isan as a close friend. On the few occassions that he lets loose a battle cry, he always asks for the Lord of Light's blessing to be given to him and his friends. Chance annually tithes 10% of his income to the church (and another 10% to the Travelers Rest).
     In the years since his fellow adventurers left on their seemingly pointless quest to explore the eastern continent Chance has watched a modest town grow around the keep that his Party started. Sungard Keep - so named for the virtues that he and his companions held dear - now serves as place where town meetings and trials are held; and also where he meets with new tradesmen who wish to use Sungard's port as a means of landing their goods. Chance has been in correspondence with Tadgh von Artibrauer, who sits on the city council of Mendenton, in regards to forming a regional alliance in order to stabilize trade and martial security in response to the recent orcish upheaval. This situation is something that both excites Chance and weighs heavily upon him as he feels the lives of his people on his shoulders.
     The sandy, blond-haired, green eyed boy that left the Travelers' Rest still lays at the heart of Chance's being, but his outward look would be a much more careful creature of habit. No longer does Chance ever ask a naive question about monsters or make a comment that would reveal too much too soon. Those he associates with in Tel-Akbar know his as a capable and intelligent man of complexity and action. Glib of tongue when time permits, subtle when tact is demanded, Chance never beats around the bush when there's an obstacle before him...he simply sets it ablaze.
     Chance Paedragn is affiliated with the following groups/organizations:
     The Bards College of Tel-Akbar - Associate Master of Tales
     The Thieves Guild of Tel-Akbar - Non-practicing Member
     The Laughing Frog Tavern - Investor
     Sungard Keep - Lord Steward/Chamberlain and co-owner
     Town of Sungard - Lord Steward (Sungard's title for governor)
     Regional Protectorate (Eastern Gulf of Biengyar) - Small Council member and co-founder