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Gurney Hallek

True Neutral Male Human
Level 3 Bard

Str 10   Dex 17   Con 9   Int 13   Wis 11   Cha 16   Hit Points: 13

Status: Retired

Born in a small village northeast of Wereskelot, Gurney Hallek was spared the worst of the Dark War, being in a small and unimportant backwater. An easygoing young man, he had few aspirations but got along well with everyone around him. He became one of the village guard (with no aspirations to become a great warrior), and settled into a peaceful life, marrying his childhood sweetheart. One night, about a year ago, his village was attacked by the increasingly active orcs. The village was decimated, Gurney's wife killed, and Gurney himself was nearly killed. He still bears the hideous scar on his face, wearing it as a badge -- a reminder to never forget his wife and home. After the near-destruction of his village, Gurney and the few remaining survivors decided to abandon the villlage. Taking his part of the remaining wealth left behind by the marauding orcs, Gurney made his way to Tel-Akbar, seeking security in a big city.
     His natural affinity for people, combined with his distinctive appearance, brought the attention of the Bard's College. Having the money to pay the entrance fee and schooling, Gurney apprenticed himself to a senior bard within the College.
     Now he sets off, his money finally dwindling, to seek his fortune.
     Gurney is a charismatic, but very ugly little man. He is balding, with thin yellow-brown hair. His most distinctive feature is the large gaping scar that trails across his face. It begins near his hairline, cutting across his nose, finally ending near his jawbone. The wound was never stitched shut, and so remains open, disfiguring his face quite a bit.