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True Neutral Female Selere Elf
Level 9 Fighter
Level 16 Wizard

Str 19   Dex 17   Con 15   Int 17   Wis 10   Cha 11   Hit Points: 92

Status: Dead

Mother dies at birth. Father carries grudge against daughter being born. Father is harsh, unforgiving man, anyway-- a hard warrior. Father always wanted a son to carry on his family name. Daughter is un-naturally strong -- also quick and hardy. She also looks quite strong. Thick heavy muscles that almost hide the fact that she is female. Father trains daughter as his idea of a perfect warrior. Her education is rather lacking in certain areas. She is looked down upon in her village because of her physical attributes -- her strength, primarily. Also because of the inauspicious nature of her birth.
     One day a falling wall of iron falls from the ocean surface (inexplicably) and crushes her home. She is away, but her father is killed. This is one more thing is pointing at her as being cursed. The village council decided that she is too dangerous to have around, so she is banished from the village. She leaves, and wander for several months under the ocean, not finding any new place to call home -- nor any friends.
     Finally she finds her way to the surface, a place talked about (in near-mythical fashion), but almost never visited. She has traveled south under the waves, arriving on the northern shore of the Eastern Empire (in the hinterlands). She comes across a remote farmer, who treats her as some sort of monstrous creature (like an ogre of orc). However, he has need for a strong worker, and so takes her in (she has to sleep in the stables, however). She does hard labor tasks -- pushing a plow, and hauling trees.
     Bandits come one night, and she fights them off. The farmer comes to fear her fighting ability, and so drives here off.
     By now she has learned Darini fairly well, though. She comes across a group of adventurers fighting off a group of hill giants. She helps them beat them off. Two members of the new group are severely wounded. Needing additional fighters, and respecting her fighting abilities, they invite her to join them. She adventures with this group for several years. She never becomes close with any of them, and is never accepted at any of the towns they come across. Her formidable appearance, strength, and fighting skills mean she is treated solely as a killing machine.
     She begins to really resent her shape and strength. A longing begins within her to not have to fight anymore. She wishes to become more pleasing to the eye, and be treated as she has seen other women treated during her travels. She begins to become obsessed with beautiful things - objects of art in particular. She seeks to become like them. In particular, she likes how she has seen the mages treated. Even the males are typically protected. She vows that she will become a mage someday.
     She leaves the group that she has been traveling with, striking our on her own. She is reasonably well equipped by this point, and a strong warrior. She begins her quest for two things: First, to change her appearance. Second, to become a mage. Tracking down rumors, she travels to the Midden Kingdoms. On the outskirts she takes some time to learn the language. (having to pay heftily to overcome the natural aversion people have to being in her presence) Finally she tracks down a dungeon where-in it is rumored lies a well of wishes. By sacrificing a potent magical item (and only once in a lifetime), a person can have any wish granted.
     Many traps and guardians block entrance to the well - it was created by an ancient deity and was not to be used lightly. After many weeks of trying, she gains entrance to the well. There she sacrifices her most powerful item -- her powerfully enchanted long sword -- and wish to become beautiful for all time.
     The magic of the well totally and permanently alters her true appearance, making her into a breath-taking beauty and hiding her enormous strength. Thus transfigured, she spends a year adjusting herself to her new body, and the way the people react to it. She still has no other skills than being a fighter, though, and so begins the second phase of her plan.
     Again after tracking down many rumors (more easily acquired this time), she finds hint of a mage who is willing to take on an apprentice. She visits this mage, and he is willing, but asks for a price. She must pay the standard fee (not a problem in her case), and perform a service for this wizard. The service will be rendered for him at a future date.
     She spends the next five years learning the craft of a mage. She accompanies her teacher on his adventures. She does her best to hide the fact that she is an accomplished warrior, and focuses on becoming a mage. Finally, her master turns her out. He tells her that he has taught her all that can be taught to her at this stage. Now she must go and find her own path.
     She travels on her own for a while, finally coming to Tel-Akbar. There she joins the Mercenaries Guild, and joins with various adventuring parties. She becomes more accomplished at hiding her true fighter's nature from her companions. She enjoys having fighter guard her - particularly handsome ones. She has temporary relations with some of them, but cannot find someone permanent. She is particularly afraid of someone finding out the truth about her, and so always keeps her relationships short.
     Eventually she tires of the south, and longs to return to the ocean of her birth. She travels to the north again (much more easily now due to her magic). There she begins constructing a tower, using her magic. In particular she harnesses an earth elemental to fetch and crudely shape and place blocks. She then uses the Fabricate spell to join them together, so that her tower is formed of seamless rock. She builds her tower overlooking the ocean, so that she can swim whenever she likes.
     The construction takes four years. During this time she faces several hazards, since she is building in a remote location. Finally her tower is finished, and it is strong. However it is not magically protected from magical attacks. This is something that she still needs to do. She hires servants (two of them) to attend to her needs and keep her tower kept up while she is gone. A merchant brings goods by ship twice a month. All of the furnishings were created by her, using the Fabricate spell, but they (since she is not craftman) are of standard quality. She has some high quality pieces of art, but seeks more.
     She is also beginning to feel lonely in her isolated tower, and wants someone to share it with her, but is still secretly afraid of someone finding out about her past. If they find out her strength, then she fears that people will look down upon her, call her names, and treat her as a beast again.