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True Neutral Female Human
Level 2 Fighter

Status: Dead

Jaquen was born in a northern village during a winter of deep snows. Her family was one of the few that survived an avalanch that destroyed most of the village. Traveling south, the families were captured and made slaves to a band of nomadic warriors.
     Each evening the men would in coarse dug-out pits. The winner would gain the prize of female company for the night. Jaquen learned about the nomads and their culture and when she came of age, she also became a prize for the warriors.. After several years she began fighting her captors. At first it was little things, but then, as she became more and more disobedient she was forced into the fighting pits as punishment. Then, when beaten in battle, she still became a prize. After many battles Jaquen began to learn how to fight and hold her own.
     The leader of the nomads, fearing that his favorite prize would soon escape with the skills that the pit-fighting had taught her, called her into his tent to end her life. When he stabbed at Jaquen's heart, she twisted out of the way only to be cut horribly across her left cheek. Using her slave-chains as a weapon, Jaquen turned upon the leader, slew him, and then the guards outside his tent before fleeing to her escape.