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Jor Scarblood

Chaotic Good Male Human
Level 1 Warlock

Str 12   Dex 16   Con 14   Int 14   Wis 9   Cha 18   Hit Points: 8

Status: Dead

Early Life
Jor was Born in Hana. His parents were Miska and Rana, both smugglers, drug dealers, and occasionally pirates. Jor was their only surviving child, the others dying early, or 'vanishing' when money was tight. Jor grew up tough and capable, running with street urchins, and helping form a network of bad natured and thieving street rats, who stole, sold information, and guided, or misguided, the clueless for fun and profit. They were called the Shadow rats, and represented a considerable threat to life, limb, and coin purse to those who walked the whatever streets they happened to call home at the time.

The Curse Unveiled
Unknown to Jor, his family line bears a curse far back in its lineage. Once, a member of the family formed a pact with a diabolic being, his greed for power and unholy learning poisoning his line forever. And so it was that in each generation, one of his descendants would bear the mark of his line, a mark of power that infused the blood and warred endlessly to corrupt the unfortunate person into an avatar of evil. These marks revealed themselves physically in a series of tattoos and signs that manifested upon the fated one. They would be able to draw upon their heritage for power, but would fight an endless battle to retain possession of their very soul.
    Many of Jor's ancestors have born the marks and fallen, either slain by the ignorant or vengeful, or fallen prey to their own greed and foolish lusts, but a very few have born up under the pressure, and used their power for good. Each who overcome their blood and stand tall pass on strength to their lineage, weakening the demon's hold on the blood. But it would take only one, one truly evil one, to utterly damn the line, and unleash the terrible evil upon the world.
    Jor's status was revealed on his 13th birthday when he awoke to find blood red lines flowing across his body, forming runes of power. Each year since, the tattoos have grown in complexity, hinting at unholy knowledge, and his dreams whisper of the power that could be his, if only he would serve the dark whims of his heart. But along with those foul urgings can the strong voices that spoke of the good he could do, of the hero he could be.

The Iron Hand
Growing as he did under the lash of the two opposing forces in his soul, Jor grew apart from his friends, and left the life of the street for the docks, and the company of likeminded renegades. He joined a group of outcasts like himself, those who could not find acceptance in the human world. They were known as the Iron Hand, so named for the iron hand medallions they wear about their necks. The Iron Hand is composed entirely of rejects, and includes among its numbers goblins, tieflings, the occasional drakhar, and even humans and elves whose views or lifestyles places them outside normal society.
    Members of the Iron Hand tend to be accepting of others, if somewhat suspicious of the motives of strangers. None of its members are outright evil, though many have a unique view of morality. They are sworn to aid each other, and often share money, living space, and information with each other. Though each member is an individual, they sometimes act as one to aid each other. Many of the group members are actively altruistic as well, and turn what resources they possess to the betterment of the downtrodden. Most have a prejudice against the wealthy and politically powerful, and will rarely act to aid them. They are known to aid churches willing to help the poor and homeless.

Jor himself is a man driven by two minds. In his heart, a battle wages for control of his soul, but none who do not know him well would ever see it, for he hides behind a veil of confidence and cockiness. His skills are unique, and he often sells them in mercenary causes, acting as bodyguard, soldier, or instrument of intimidation for those with the funds to pay. He avoids taking jobs that would involve murder or harming the innocent, and has been known to abandon a contract that turns out to be too evil a venture. He has a temper that flares strongly, but cools quickly, and he is loyal to friends and allies. Evil deeds tempt him constantly, but he has developed strength that urges him to accept the higher path. Often he will dither and demand compensation for some noble deed, but will soon give in and do what is right.
    Jor is a smoker, a drinker, and an indulger in good food. He loves a good tavern, with song and wenches and good company. He currently wishes little more of life than a good time, a little coin in his pocket, and the sun on his face. Time may soon draw him from such a carefree course, but until then, he will live his life to the fullest, and enjoy what comes his way.