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Marcus Bendaine

Neutral Good Male Human
Level 12 Fighter

Str 17   Dex 13   Con 14   Int 8   Wis 14   Cha 9

Status: Retired

Marcus was born in a small village north of Ravensclaw. He was the only son of a local hunter, Thomas Bendaine. Marcus grew up helping his father hunt. When Marcus was ten, his father was accidentally shot with a stray arrow while hunting and died. A few weeks later Marcus's mother, Ellenor, remarried a local merchant by the name of Garret Jensen. Garret was himself a widower, with two sons and a daughter.
     Marcus greatly resented the new state of affairs and began to spend more and more time with the local hunters. He was already a capable tracker and a decent shot with a bow. Since most of the other hunters had their own sons to teach and since he could no longer stand staying around the house Marcus grew to like spending time alone. When he was old enough he moved out and began to wander.
     Marcus met an old, nearly retired ranger named Ralph. Ralph was nicknamed "Crazy Lefty" by rangers and other woodsfolk as he had no left hand. It had been bitten off by a wolverine that Ralph had been trying to feed. The first words Ralph ever said to Marcus were: "Never try to feed your leftover dinner to a wolverine... They seem to be offended if you don't just let them have the whole thing... ". Despite Lefty's reputation as being slightly crazy, Marcus hung out with him and learned the ways of the woods and learned what lefty had to say about Baeast. One day, Crazy Lefty was attacked by a vicious werewolf. The werewolf was rather far out of its domain and Lefty was very worried about where the monster had come from, but was too injured to track it down himself. He sent Marcus to follow it. Marcus wandered into the werewolf infested lands near Kartekast's domain and was abducted into Radaga's domain.