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Sanjian Mokodo

Lawful Neutral Male Haruninki
Level 11 Fighter
Level 9 Rogue

Str 15   Dex 16   Con 14   Int 13   Wis 10   Cha 10   Hit Points: 84

Status: Dead

Sanjian Mokodo was born 8/19 to Shuzeku Mokodo and one of her husbands. His family's attitude was very domineering and his life was often harsh but Sanjian managed to keep his sense of individualism alive. He worked hard and followed the rules set before him, although he seldom understood why he was doing so. He remained with his family until he was old enough to start his own household and find a mate.
     Setting off on a life of his own, He boarded a ship in a local city headed to Tel Akbar. He had once overheard a group of older males talking about an excellent unarmed fighter who had once been a part of the Haruninkian society. Sanjian decided that this is what he wants and is currently seeking to train with this master.
     Sanjian is an individualist, he enjoys being different. However, he is fairly quiet unless in the company of friends. He is painfully polite, trying hard not to offend anyone. He is honest and loyal, but he can be a fierce adversary. While he does not believe that the world is out to get him as many of his brethren do, he is nonetheless skeptical of strangers and of things he does not understand. His goals include making a name for himself, finding a place he belongs (truly), and finding a love mate.
     Sanjian has continued to grow in both skill and understanding during his travels with the party. At this writing, he had taken the martial arts he sought from the Master in Tel-Akbar and continues to aspire to become a true master of the form. Beyond that, he has continued to progress in all forms of knowledge suitable to his chosen profession, including weapon smithing and weapons trivia. But as he has grown in skill, he has grown more reclusive and withdrawn. While still actively pursuing his goals, he has grown more pessimistic about some magics and the users that use them. He has seen death, fire, and abominations he thought not possible in the world outside of legends.
     His attentions now are turning more to his goals and they are becoming more worldly in scope. He sought and found a magical Katana and is now concerned with determining its properties. Also, having studied Haruchi legend, he also seeks the scabbard which he believes may be part of the key to the sword's powers. He has also heard of a female Haruchi named Makheli who is rumored to live in the Ki'Kiri jungles. Having learned that these jungles are on the way to The Waste, it is his intention to see what ever became of her. The possibility of an amorous encounter with one of his own race is too much for him to bypass without notice. As his views have continued to expand, his overall sense of what is right and honorable are becoming more noticeable. He has still avoiding the Thieves Guild of Tel-Akbar. He has taken a strong disliking for Brin Shander, one of Shohan's old students and leader of the infamous Dagashi. Hoping to start a new clan of honorable fighters much like himself, Sanjian has talked to the other party members to try and make this possibility a reality.
     As per noted, Sanjian has become more jaded and stand offish with time. While once open and fairly talkative, often talking for the party, he does so no longer. Since Chance's induction to the party, Sanjian prefers to take the "muscle behind the mouth" position. Taking a more regal, honorable, and famed attitude, he is humble but demands respect that reflects his deeds in the area he is in. Though not a noble, his demeanor is one of a person of honor and purpose.