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Sarcos Delosson

True Neutral Male Half-elf
Level 1 Fighter
Level 1 Wizard
Level 1 Rogue

Str 10   Dex 18   Con 15   Int 15   Wis 15   Cha 7   Hit Points: 6

Status: Dead

Sarcos was born 22 years ago in the ruins of the elven nation, Elestinlore. His mother was a human woman known to him only by her first name of Amanda. His father is an elf of the upper classes named Delos. Delos was the only half-elf in his village and so had few friends as a child. When he was twelve his father paid to have him apprenticed to an elven wizard to learn magic, something for which he had some talent. After seven years of schooling in the magical arts Sarcos finally grew tired of living amongst elves that looked down on him and a demanding taskmaster of a wizard. Sarcos left the elven lands on foot on a moonless night.
     While he thought he had made a clean getaway, his teacher surprised him by appearing from nowhere in front of him. The aged wizard silently set down a bundle wrapped in cloth, then spoke a few words to himself and disappeared suddenly. Sarcos found the bundle to contain some gold coins and a small book of spells as well as a pouch of components.
     Sarcos journeyed to the north, eventually reaching the area around Bethdezra. With his money running out and nowhere else to go he went to a church of Zhakrin one day that happened to be recruiting soldiers from among the congregation for an army which would defend the holdings of Zhakrin against the church of Daer-Koch. Sarcos volunteered to serve on the side of Zhakrin.
     Sarcos learned the ways of Zhakrin from the priests at the fort where he received his training. With an aptitude for stealth as well as the bow, Sarcos was trained to be a scout. He hid his magical training from his fellow soldiers because he did not wish to stand out. Sarcos felt comfortable in the army because he was treated in the same way as the other recruits. Like many of the recruits, Sarcos had a pattern of black flames tattooed across his neck and shoulders, to signify the all consuming powers of death which would defeat their enemies.
     Sarcos was eventually assigned to a squad of scouts commanded by an aged sergeant by the name of Anson. On the day of the battle with Daer-Koch, Sarcos put some of his magical talent to use by protecting himself with a spell of armor. Sarcos's squad got lost in the swampland surrounding the battlefield itself. By the time they were able to find their way to the front, minus two men who had been killed in the swamps, they found that the battle had already been all but lost. Anson ordered the squad to retreat back into the swamps, but they were cut off by a company of archers. The first volley of arrows slew Anson and half of the squad, one of them was halted by Sarcos's protective magics. The survivors took cover in a shallow depression in the ground and were pecked at by arrows until a group of footmen approached the depression and slaughtered them. Sarcos lay near the bottom of the depression, having been shot through the arm with an arrow. A soldier speared him in the back, but the protective spell prevented it from killing him. Sarcos played dead, hiding under the bodies of his comrades for the rest of the day and into that night when he stole away from the battlefield.
     From there, Sarcos wandered away from the territory of Zhakrin, his faith somewhat shakened by the suddenness of their loss and by the realization that death was not the peaceful and fulfilling experience that the priests had told him it would be. Sarcos continued basically north, but along the coast to stay clear of the terrifying swamps of his brief army career. His wanderings have brought him into the city of Amn after just under two years of stealing and working occasionally as a bodyguard.