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Tellzan Amberson

Lawful Evil Male Human
Level 8 Cleric of Daer-Koch
Level 11 Fighter
Level 5 Prestige - Knight of the Middle Circle
Level 6 One Channeler

Str 30   Dex 12   Con 29   Int 15   Wis 22   Cha 20   Hit Points: 449

Status: Retired

"In the name of those you have wronged and for the greater Glory of Daer-Koch, you shall burn!"

Tellzan stands a good 6'2" in height and weighs some 220lbs. Short black hair covers a rugged hawk-like face with deep set hazel eyes. His skin is a golden bronze. Always bluff and good natured Tellzan gets along well with most everyone that he meets...though he reserves judgement upon their character until he knows them well.

Tellzan is more fighter than cleric and tends to either lead the way into battle or follow closely those who are faster than him. He most often uses his spells to strike at those he can't reach any other way or to support himself or companions.

Tellzan currently seeks out the where-abouts of his daughter, who was lost to him after bad run in with an evil necromancer. He also seeks out the necromancer for revenge. He would very much like to see the nations surrounding Greentree in alliance to halt further elven expansion.