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Vorlance Rus

Lawful Good Male Skarn
Level 4 Soulborn

Str 20   Dex 12   Con 16   Int 16   Wis 10   Cha 14   Hit Points: 44

Status: Dead

Vorlance Rus, son of Clan Lord Alekk Rus and Clan Lady Aci Rus.
    The Rus are one of the great clans of the Skarn. In their own place, they and others like them ruled over huge cities, but time and distance have reduced their power considerably. Travelling far from their homes, the many and separate families of the Skarn now travel the world in their clans, seeking a new home, and new places to spread the truth of their laws and their innate superiority.
    The Rus are but recently arrived in Hana, and yet they have spread quietly but quickly, learning much, and sharing that knowledge with their fellows. As a result, Vorlance possesses a considerable knowledge of local affairs such as might be had by a native born son. Alekk has gathered the clan into a small freehold, a rather simple hall where the clan offers their martial skills as training in the art of war for privileged sons and daughters of wealthy merchants. Alekk's children, including Vorlance, move among the citizenry, gathering knowledge and influence.
    Alekk Rus is elderly, and will soon pass his final test and die the death of steel and honor. Before that time comes, one of his children will draw the clan to them. And so they seek to make names for themselves as warriors and leaders, drawing the clan to themselves, until one alone is proven true, and leads the clan to greatness once more.
    The children of Alekk, by order of birth, are: Mydrinn, eldest son, a fighter of some skill; Chariss, eldest daughter and priestess of Lathidus; Vorlance, soulborn; Shyvrandill, youngest daughter and black sheep rogue; and Teruska, youngest son and master of magic. The Skarn of the Rus follow a code of honor much like Chivalry. The tenets are simple, and follow:

  • The Greatest Good for the Greatest Number
  • The Soul of the Warrior is his Weapon. Never Dishonor it.
  • The Strong Defend the Weak, and the Pure Instruct the Ignorant.
  • In All Ways, Remember the Face of your Father.

The Rus carry their own law with them, and in the chaos of Hana, they do what they can to see that justice is done as they see it. Rus justice is harsh but fair. They do not coddle wrongdoers, and swiftly kill those who's lives have become beyond redemption. They have a taste for balance in their punishments, and strive not to deal too harsh or too lenient a lesson to the evil doers.
    Vorlance, like most of his kin, is married. The Rus arrange marriages at a relatively early age, and it is a duty for each Rus to produce genetically superior children. They believe that each generation should improve the line of the Skarn, and the wisest of the clan spend much of their time choosing just the right matchings. A Rus of great prowess and skill may gain two or more mates, to insure that the finest bloodlines are spread. When possible, additional mates are chosen from different clans.
    Vorlance's wife is named Amaranthe. She is a strong and well featured woman, and well respected in the clan. Like most of their kin, Vorlance and Amaranth did not marry for love, but to improve the line, though they have no children as of yet, preferring to focus their attentions on the quest to gain the leadership of the clan. The pair share a strong bond of respect and friendship. A Rus would find the idea of love having anything to do with marriage to be a very odd notion indeed.
    Vorlance and his siblings share a bond of family, but that does not keep them from having a fair degree of sibling rivalry. Especially now, when the stakes are high, the amount of competition between them is very high. However, they are still Skarn, and bound by honor and the rules of the clan. They do not fight each other, or turn their hand to deception and trickery. For if they cannot prove their worth through deeds, they will never truly lead the clan.
    Vorlance is well-disposed towards his family and clan. Mydrinn he respects above all, his elder brother, a fine warrior. Vorlance expects him to one day rule the clan. Chariss he loves best, for her nature is kind and noble. For Shyvrandill he holds a weary tolerance, for he does not care for the path she has chosen. But he would still defend her with his life. His youngest brother Teruska he understands not at all. Unlike normal Rus, he is concerned not with honor and glory, but with wisdom and knowledge. His mother insists that he has great potential, but Vorlance does not see it.
    Vorlance holds the greatest respect and admiration for his parents. Alekk Rus is and always has been a sort of deity to his children, a powerful, inscrutable man who passed down rewards and punishments, but rarely affection. Aci Rus was the one to whom hugs and praise most often flowed. She is clan shaman, and speaker for the dead, a woman with powerful wisdom, and much beloved by all the Rus. She loves all her children, but it is clear her greatest affection is reserved for the youngest, Teruska. Alekk himself holds his feelings close, and offers no clue as to who he might prefer among his children. He remains an inscrutable figure.
    The clan is tight knit and insular, for they are strangers is a strange land. Vorlance is very loyal to his people, and would give his life for them. He himself is respected, both for his martial skills and his high position. He has few friends among them, but many respected allies.
    Vorlance is not a religious man, though he pays nodding respect to the deities. He is strongly aligned to his clan, family, and honor. He is influenced by his strong morals which drive him to do good deeds, and a disciplined ethics common for members of his Skarn race. His primary motivation is to increase his standing among the clan by performing deeds of great worth. He hopes to one day rule the clan, but secretly expects his older brother will take that task instead. He is most loyal to his wife, for the bonds of matrimony are very sacred among the Rus.
    Vorlance's greatest strengths are his courage, honor, and sense of justice. His flaws are a tendency to view other races as inferior to his own and an intolerance for compromise in matters of honor or justice. His favorite thing is the sword that he inherited from his beloved grandfather at his death. He enjoys crafting weapons to relax, and views each as a work of art. He is always trying to add new artistic touches to them, while not reducing their lethal value. Like most of his people, he is generally somewhat prejudiced against all other races, knowing as he does that his own is the pinnacle of humanoid life.