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Walks the Walls

Neutral Good Male Human
Level 17 Urban Druid

Str 10   Dex 12   Con 14   Int 10   Wis 16   Cha 28   Hit Points: 127

Status: Retired

"The spirits see the shadow that cast your shadow here from before."

The dark skinned shamanistic tribe, Makonde, strongly believes in the need for harmony above all else. When rumors of great disturbances in the city far to the south, known as Hana, began to spread into the swamp tribes, a small band of the most devoted warrior shamans were sent to assess the situation. They were to enter the city and learn from its inhabitants if the disharmony of the city posed any danger to the lands of the north. The way was fraught with peril though, and several of the band fell during clashes with members of a strange cult that were likewise making their way to the city. Even the lizardmen, whom the tribes were at uneasy truce with, were sometimes hostile and dangerous. Dark omens haunted them. Finally, upon entering the city, the shamans learned that the best of the city lacked conviction, while the worst were filled with passionate intensity. Violence threatened to spill over into the streets. Whispers told of monsters unheard of before, now roaming the streets above ground, feeding on the weak in dark places.

It was about a year ago on a foggy night, when the band was attempting to make camp on the fringes of a more dangerous part of town, in an abandoned keep, when they were ambushed. The things seemed to materialize out of the fog and attacked efficiently, lead by a larger-than-life “man” sporting rigid tentacles from his back. All but two of the warrior shamans were slain in the initial attack. The fallen’s bodies were taken away by the things for unknown reasons. Hope seemed lost. It was then that one of the young shamans shouted out to the spirits of the wild, wind and fire to save him and his friend. At first only silence replied, but then a strange and unexpected spirit answered his call. The stones of the castle, once dormant and scattered across the ground, flew into the air and exploded. The castle floor beneath the feet of the attackers turned to mud, entrapping them. The building itself seemed to take on a primitive life of its own and spurned the strange beasts, driving them away and saving the astonished shamans from death. The spirit of Hana herself had allied with the young man. With great gratitude for the strange and powerful spirit that had made itself known to him, the young man swore that while the rest of his kind serve the balance of nature, he would serve the harmony of the city streets. While they spoke for the animals of the wild, he would speak for the lifeblood of the Cities themselves. The man was given a name, Walks-the-Walls, and from then on sought a new path to harmony. He and his surviving tribesman embraced each other as friends for one last time, each knowing that the other would leave on a different road than the one they came in on. Walks-the-Walls had work to do.