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Lawful Neutral Male Haruninki
Level 15 Fighter

Str 14   Dex 19   Con 17   Int 10   Wis 12   Cha 8   Hit Points: 107

Status: Dead

Defeat your opponent with one forceful hit. Show dedication, honor, courage, endurance and skill in combat.
     These are the principles that Xian has lived since before leaving the homelands of the Haruchi. Not long after obtaining the skill of walking he was recognized to have excellent agility and endurance. Training in the martial art of Shu No came naturally to him and is the center of his existence.
     Until he reached adulthood Xian trained to perfect his art and constantly competed in feats of endurance and skill. He won his share of competitions, but always ached for more training to defeat those he had lost to. He had a highly skilled mentor during his life in the homelands. Her name is Choey, so I'm told. Choey is not an attractive female for Haruchi standards, but her skill in martial arts does not require good looks to succeed. With the fierce guiding hands that Choey offered, Xian's skills and confidence increased. They sparred many times, but Xian has never defeated Choey. He considers Choey to be his ultimate test but feels he must gain more skill and experience before he is ready to fight her again.
     After adulthood Xian set out to hone his skills outside the homelands. He plans to return to his homelands when he has the ability to defeat Choey. This is his life's goal. Until such time he is quite content with testing himself against stronger opponents and impossible situations. This does not mean that he is suicidal-far from that. He feels most alive when his body is put to its limits and here you will find me alongside him. We have traveled together for many years and done many things. It would be an honor to die fighting along each other.
     Xian takes dueling with great seriousness. When two opponents square off to battle, observers should not interfere. Xian will take action to make sure nothing interferes with a duel. He finds any such intrusion offensive. This does not mean that he will let a companion die. If the companion is not strong enough to handle their opponent he will see it as a waste and do his best to help.
     True fighting is done up close. Ranged weapons are useful for things like hunting, but they can be an unfair advantage against an opponent. Magic is also not the true form of fighting. Through his long adventuring career, Xian respects the power that magic provides and understands when it can be useful. Magic does have its place and can be useful to combat magical opponents, but it must be saved for when it is truly needed.
     Melee combat is where Xian will find his pah (honor). I firmly believe this and hope to find my pah alongside my friend.