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Zaknafein Illistyan

Chaotic Good Male Silothreni
Level 3 Wizard

Str 12   Dex 16   Con 12   Int 18   Wis 15   Cha 7   Hit Points: 9

Status: Dead

Once I had left the disdains of the underworld and sought to travel in to the land of men, I was stricken with such compassion for the races of the world that it was all I saw in front of me. All I saw was the sun, an object of fables, lore, and children’s stories. All I wanted to see was the sun. Just to feel the warmth of the sun on my skin, embrace the light of the bright sun which would kill me, to live in the world-above with my brothers. It was beyond them to except me for what I was and let me live a life of happiness or sorrow; a life to which I could call my own, to wander the lands in the sun, to have my curse to be lifted and....
     But that was just a dream to keep me going. My time was short, when traveling from the underworld to reach the world-above to live....
     My travels are and will be in my thoughts and they keep me going.
     Back to my tale running from the blood magus and their war dogs. I have been gone for fourteen days and thirteen nights when I had become trapped. With my last ounce of strength I tried to summon my unseen servant. He has all ways done my bidding.
     He comes to me with a wispy wind and I tell him to go and find a way though the rock wall. He comes back in a moment or two and tells me that there is a hole in the rock that he found through. So, with my last bit of joy fading, I use my staff on the rock face with my fast-fading strength to move the rocks from the wall. I squirm through the hole that I make and run into the night with my freedom. I run into a large town and settle in a bar and inn. The barkeep says nothing, he just wants my money. That is what I have... so be it.
     That is my tale for now....