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Demon, Argulia

Medium Outsider (Native)
Hit Dice:4d8+12 (30 hp)
Initiative:+7 (+3 Dex, +4 Improved Initiative)
Speed:30 ft., skate 60 ft., burrow (ice) 20 ft.
AC:20 (+3 Dex, +7 natural), touch 13, flat-footed 17
Base Attack/Grapple:  +4/+7
Attack:claw +7 melee (1d6+3) or ice spittle +8 ranged (1d6 cold)
Full Attack:2 claws +7 melee (1d6+3); or claw +7 melee (1d6+3) and ice spittle +8 ranged (1d6 cold); or ice net; or tremor; or sleep gaze
Space/Reach:5 ft./5 ft.
Special Attacks:Ice net, ice spittle, tremor, sleep gaze, cold aura
Special Qualities:Cold immunity, fire resistance 10, SR 15, ice burrow
Saves:Fort 7, Ref 8, Will 5
Abilities:Str 16, Dex 18, Con 16, Int 14, Wis 13, Cha 14
Skills:Balance +11, Climb +10, Hide +11, Jump +10, Listen +8, Move Silently +11, Search +9, Sense Motive +8, Spot +8, Survival +10
Feats:Alertness, Improved Initiative
Environment:Cold Plains
Organization:Pack (2 to 8)
Challenge Rating:  5
Treasure:Standard (lair only)
Alignment:Always Neutral Evil
Advancement:5-8 HD (Medium-size);
9-12 HD (Large)
Level Adjustment:-

Argulia are whitish gray skinned creatures, making them difficult to see against an arctic background. They appear as hunched quadrupeds, though they will occasionally rise upon two legs when attacking. Their white skin stretches tight over their powerful thick bodies. Each leg ends in a skate like claw which the creature can use for skating across the arctic ice fields with great speed. The claws can also be used for climbing sheer cliffs as well as slicing enemy flesh. An Argulia has no head, but rather has a set of six slitted, milk-silvery eyes which form a "v" across the front of the creatures body. The mouth of the creature is beneath it, between its four legs; a simple contraption of several sets of sharp teeth. However, Argulia will not bite with their mouths in combat.
    Argulia speak in their own language of high pitched chirping sounds. They are generally unwilling to communicate with creatures not of their own kind.

Argulia favor wolf pack tactics, harrying their prey and wearing them down before closing in for the kill.
    Ice Net (Sp): As a full round action, an Argulia may cast an icy net over one 10 by 10 ft. area. The creature rises upon it's back legs and the net appears between its upper legs. The net is similar to that of a web spell cast by a 4th level sorcerer (Reflex negates, DC 14).
    Ice Spittle (Ex): In place of a claw attack, the Argulia can spit (+8 ranged, 10 ft. range increment, 5 increments max) a freezing liquid at one target. Roll d4 to see which part of the body was struck. The target may make a reflex save (DC 16) to avoid the effects of the spittle.
Roll (d4) Location & Effect

1 Head struck. Target is blinded and begins to suffocate. (Blinded: pg. 300 DMG, Suffocation: pg. 304 DMG).
2Body struck. Target is pinned and may escape with a strength check (DC 16).
3Arm struck. Target suffers a -4 penalty when attacking with immobilized arm and the only ranged weapon he may use is a crossbow. The arm may be freed with a strength check (DC 16).
4Leg struck. Target suffers a -2 penalty to all melee attacks, AC bonus from dex is halved and movement rate is reduced to one-quarter normal. The leg may be freed with a strength check (DC 16).

At any time the character, or a companion, may free the target creature from the spittle by attacking the frozen spittle immobilized body part (hardness 0, 4 hit points). Any damage beyond that necessary to remove the spittle is done to the afflicted target. The spittle may also be removed by applying heat to it for at least four points of damage. Creatures which do not remove the spittle may suffer from frost bite after ten minutes. A failed fortitude save (DC 15 +1 per previous check) may be made to avoid 1d6 points of subdual damage and fatigue.
    Tremor (Ex): As a full round action an Argulia can cause the ground or ice to tremble and crack in a wedge shaped area that is 50 feet long and 50 ft wide at it's greatest extent. Creatures standing on the ground in the area of effect must make a Reflex save (DC 15) or fall prone. Argulia using this ability on ice cause fissures to spread over the affected area, effectively doing 8d10 points of damage to the ice (hardness 0, 2 hit points per inch thickness).
    Sleep Gaze (Su): As a full round action, the Argulia can train its eyes upon and attempt to mesmerize a single target creature them (Will negates, DC 16). Creatures affected fall into a deep sleep. Any damage or violent shaking will awaken the target creature.
    Cold Aura (Su): Argulia radiate a 10 foot aura of cold that causes liquids to freeze instantly. Argulia use this ability to cross water, but it is also dangerous to its opponents. Creatures carrying potions or other liquids within 10 feet of an Argulia. Water freezes without save. Potions may roll d20 +equivalent spell level of potion vs. DC 14 or be frozen and thereby destroyed. Creatures remaining within the Argulia's cold aura for an extended period of time will suffer from cold exposure (see pg. 86 DMG). This same aura provides the Argulia with fire resistance 21 by lowering the heat of the fire.
    Ice Burrow (Su): Argulia can travel through ice by merging through it. An Argulia can bring one creature of the same or smaller size as itself while burrowing. Note that while the Argulia can breath normally while burrowing, this ability is not conferred to those it brings with it. While burrowing through ice the Argulia has a base movement rate of 20 ft.
    Skate (Ex): While on an icy surface, Argulia can skate for an improved base movement rate of 60 ft.

Argulia are born and raised by mated pairs in lairs hidden deep in the ice. Only male adults hunt while the female and young are remain in the lair. Females are equally capable at fighting as males and remain behind to defend the lair. Argulia packs typically do not exceed 20 creatures, typically splitting in half if the pack gets too large. Hunting parties of males typically number two to eight creatures with a similar number of females guarding the lair. They rarely travel alone. Argulia are carnivores and prefer to eat their prey frozen.

The claws of an Argulia can be fashioned into ice skates, allowing a trained wearer to move at a rate of 45 ft. comfortably. They also make good climbing tools for ascending sheer surfaces. The spit of an Argulia is a suitable replacement component in ice related spells, such as Wall of Ice and Ice Storm. Argulia are for the most part untrainable and will not follow an opponent or travel outside of the Arctic Wastes unless forced. A typical Argulia hunting party will operate within a 50 mile radius of their lair.

During the Black Scourge, captured Argulia were brought from the arctic wastes and forced into servitude. The creatures cold aura allowed minions of the Dark God to easily cross rivers, swamps, and lakes.