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Large Outsider (Shapechanger, Native)
Hit Dice:48d8+390 (936 hp)
Initiative:+16 (Dex, Improved Initiative)
Speed:60 ft.
AC:69 (+14 Dex, +28 natural +17 deflection), touch 41, flat-footed 55
Base Attack/Grapple:  +48/+68
Attack:Slam +63 melee (2d6+16/19-20)
Full Attack:5 slams +63 melee (2d6+16/19-20)
Space/Reach:10 ft./10 ft.
Special Attacks:Spells
Special Qualities:Shapechanging qualities, truesight, DR 20/epic and adamantine, regeneration 20, fast healing 5, energy resistance 20, SR 51, immortal qualities.
Saves:Fort 41, Ref 40, Will 36
Abilities:Str 42, Dex 39, Con 40, Int 34, Wis 30, Cha 45
Skills:See below
Feats:Combat Reflexes, Deflect Arrows, Dodge, Expertise, Mobility, Power Attack, Spring Attack, Whirlwind Attack
Epic Feats:Automatic Quicken Spell (1st-9th), Exceptional Deflection, Infinite Deflection, Keen Strike, Multispell, Reflect Arrows, Spectral Strike
Challenge Rating:  40
Alignment:Usually Neutral
Advancement:By character class
Level Adjustment:-

The Eloam are a immortal race of beings, thought to be left over residual power originating from the creation of existance, given sentience. Eloam cannot die. They do not age, they do not despair, they do not hope. They are dispassionate entities which avoid contact with mortal kind. Finding all mortal beings utterly detestable, totally without guile, and absolutely beneath the notice of the Eloam. On the other hand, the Eloam believe themselves to be such perfectly made beings that no mortal is fit to lay eyes upon them. Eloam are neigh beyond description. They are one with the mysterious powers which fuel the Material Plane. They can assume the shape of anything creature that can be found on the Material Plane and any object the size of a mountain or smaller. Eloam are bound the Material Plane, unable to leave it by any means. Spells which attempt to transport an Eloam away from the Material Plane fail. Eloam tend to be haughty, and seeing mortals as dust find it nothing to extinguish the life of one who has discovered their secret. Eloam do not believe in gods, nor do they believe in time or consequence - at least as far as either relate to themselves.

Combating an Eloam is sheer madness. Find a different way to commit suicide that doesn't involve irritating an immortal being.
    Primal Banishment (Su): A mortal creature slain by an Eloam is forever banished from the Material Plane. Their spirits may be resurrected outside of the Material Plane but, short of divine intervention, they may never again enter within the Material Plane.
    Shapechanging Qualities (Ex): Eloam may change their form as though under the continual effects of the shapechange spell. An Eloam gains all extraordinary and supernatural abilities of the form it assumes. Eloam, unless they desire otherwise, always assume the most robust, perfect, and most powerful embodiment of whatever form they choose. An Eloam does not have a true form and cannot be forced to depart from their chosen form against their will. Eloam are immune to polymorph spells and effects.
    Truesight (Ex): Eloam see what is, regardless of magic or darkness.
    Resistances (Ex): Eloam are resistant to all forms of energy damage. Eloam have energy resistance 20.
    Spells: Eloam do not cast spells, rather thay can manifest the effects of any spell as a standard action. Their spells are manifested as though cast by a 30th level sorcerer. Eloam cannot manifest epic spell effects unless they take the requisite feats and fulfill the requisite requirements. An epic Eloam spellcaster functions as a 30th level sorcerer. Eloam can cast any spell with the application of any one metamagic feat as a full round action. An Eloam does not require material or focus components to use its magic.
    Skills: Eloam make all skill checks at 45 plus their relavant ability modifier. An Eloam is always considered to have rolled a 20 when making a skill check, even when under duress.
    Immortal: An Eloam cannot be truly slain, however, reducing an Eloam to -20 hp will disperse its immortal essence into the firmament of the Material Plane, from which it will not reappear for 100 years. This status is much like sleep for an Eloam. They are unaware of the passing of time or events that transpire during their absence. An Eloam can voluntarily disperse their form for any length of time, be it weeks or millenia. Tales are told of Eloam who have tired with existance to such an extreme that they simply dispersed and never reformed, achieving a state of quasi-death.
    Eloam do not age, breed, breathe, sleep, or eat to sustain themselves. Eloam are immune to death effects, poison and disease of any nature, energy draining, ability drain, sleep effects, paralysis, stunning, magical aging, and ability damage. They are not subject to critical hits, flanking, fatigue, or exhaustion.

Eloam are reclusive, finding the majority of mortal-kind to be repulsively shallow minded, uninformed, and petty. For the most part Eloam shun and abhor contact with the outside world, preferring to remain within their secret lairs, killing those who would disturb or discover them. Eloam consort with fellow Eloam, some more frequently than others and some rarely at all.
    Why don't Eloam destroy the world or possess it for themselves? Ancient lore says that at one time they did. However a mortal must realize, that after several million years of watching the world one could best describe an Eloam's interest in it as next to nothing.

There is legend that the Eloam have withdrawn even further from the real world due to the corruption and evil which has shaken its foundations. If this is true than there may no longer be any Eloam upon this world.
    Some sages attribute the Eloam with the rise of mortal-kind and the gift of sentience, rather than the gods. This is based upon the belief that before the Age of Chaos there were no gods to speak of. Indeed, for a time after the Age of Chaos there were no known gods active upon the World of Sulerin. How they gained entrance and why they came into this world is still a mystery.