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Colossal Magical Beast
Hit Dice:80d10+1840 (2280 hp)
Initiative:-4 (Dex)
Speed:30 ft.
AC:73 (-8 size, -4 Dex, +85 natural), touch -2, flat-footed 73
Base Attack/Grapple:  +80/+130
Attack:Slam +106 melee (10d6+34 plus disintegrate)
Full Attack:Slam +106 melee (10d6+34 plus disintegrate)
Space/Reach:200 ft./500 ft. (min) to 2500 ft. (max)
Special Attacks:Disintegrate
Special Qualities:Arcane anatomy, augmented reach, DR 20/epic and adamantine, energy immunity, fast healing 25, mindless, SR 63
Saves:Fort 65, Ref 38, Will 26
Abilities:Str 79, Dex 2, Con 56, Int 0, Wis 10, Cha 10
Environment:Cold Mountains
Challenge Rating:  50
Alignment:Always Neutral
Advancement:81 to 240 HD (Colossal)
Level Adjustment:-

Imagine... a great worm-like beast, miles long, with skin pale gray; each end hammered flat and one, two hundred feet across; and traveling end over end, like some great living slinky, through the frigid heights of the Evermounts, with a great thunderous boom each time one of its ends touch the ground. Can you imagine seeing them, striding over the mountains, tirelessly hammering the land so that one day the Evermounts, the greatest and tallest mountain range in the world, will be no more than rolling plains rather than daunting cliff sides.

The Wombering does not engage in combat. Those unfortunate enough to be caught beneath one of its ends when it descends to the ground are simply crushed in its path, smashed flat beyond recognition. Wombering are very difficult to harm in any significant sense.
    Disintegrate (Su): Creatures smashed beneath the mass of a wombering slam attack suffer the effects of a supernatural disintegrate power for 40d6 points of damage. A successful Reflex save (DC 46) reduces the damage by one half. A wombering deals slam damage to any creature that fits within its footstep, a 200 ft. diameter circle.
    Arcane Anatomy (Ex): Mindless and immune to mind-influencing effects (charms, compulsions, phantasms, patterns, and morale effects), poison, sleep effects , paralysis, stunning, and polymorphing. Not subject to critical hits or flanking. Blind and is immune to gaze attacks, visual effects, illusions, and other attack forms that rely on sight. Does not sleep, eat, or breathe.
    Augmented Reach (Ex): A wombering can only strike at creatures between 500 feet and 2500 feet away from its present position due to its unusual method of movement.
    Energy Immunity (Ex): A wombering is immune to all energy attacks.

The wombering serve an unknown purpose, living their lives in the high and formidable mountain range known as the Evermounts. If ever there was a creature native to this world that was even greater in size than the tsalana worm, it is the Wombering. Unlike the worm though, the Wombering is a seemingly peaceful creature which does not intentionally strike out at other beasts. Rather they trod, end over end, through the Evermounts, as yet another hazard for travelers of those mountains to be wary of.

An interesting side effect of these great creatures is that they seem to attract the weave of magic about them. All spell effects cast within 500 feet of a wombering are heightened by two spell levels and their effect is increased as though cast by a spell caster of two higher levels. No record exists of a wombering having been slain. Wombering do not eat, sleep, and display no means of drawing breath.

Legend says that when the Age of Chaos came to an end and the world was made whole, the Wombering was a free-willed creature of destruction and sought to eat through the world with its great maw that it possessed on either end. This caused great collapses of many cities, many canyons to appear overnight, and hollowed out many of the dark passages of the underground which are said to exist today. The dwarven god, Halforge, Lord of the Fire of Dwarven Spirit, worried that the great beast would ruin his mortal people who lived in the ground where these great beasts burrowed and swallowed dwarven cities. Determined to save his people, Halforge ripped the great worms from the earth, sewed up their mouths, and cast them back to the earth. The great beasts were furious and soon learned to walk end over end, using their great mass to wreck destruction against anything which fell beneath them. Halforge, dismayed that his work was not complete, cursed the malevolent beasts and hammered them with his great maul until all sense and intelligence had been driven from their great bodies. Unfortunately the beating of his mighty hammer against them also hardened the Womberings flesh to an impenetrable hide tougher than steel. Tired of dealing with the beasts, Halforge struck the ground with his hammer, like a great plow, and up sprung the gigantic and daunting Evermounts. There he placed the Wombering saying that when they had finished pounding the mountains flat as the sea he would again take the hammer of creation to them and shape them into beasts fit for the world.

Behind the Scenes
Wombering are more setting dressing than encounter material. Dungeon Masters running high level campaigns might envision one threatening to smash some city in its path and hire adventurers to somehow change its course or slay it. However, for the most part they are a prop for using when adventurers are traveling through the Evermounts and a part of history which interesting legends and myths can be spoken of.