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Monsterous Master Index References

Herein is a list of all the resources from which were compiled the names and relevant information for the creatures included in the Monstrous Master Index. Use of these names implies no relationship to the publishers or claim of ownership to trademarked titles. All trademarks remain the property of their respective owners. References are listed alphabetically first by publisher and second by title. As in some cases different products may have the same name and publisher, we have included the product number to make accurate distinctions. Most product numbers link to their respective collection of monsters.

Publisher Title Product No.

Alderac Entertainment GroupCreatures of RokuganAEG3104
Alderac Entertainment GroupFortunes and WindsAEG3109
Alderac Entertainment GroupHidden Emperor, TheAEG3047
Alderac Entertainment GroupRelicsAEG8516
Alderac Entertainment GroupRokugan Campaign SettingAEG3103
Atlas GamesEn RouteAG3207
Atlas GamesEn Route II: By Land or By SeaAG3222
Bastion PresseMinions, Cunning CreaturesBAS1002
Bastion PressOathbound: ArenaBAS1014
Bastion PressOathbound: Domains of the ForgeBAS1005
Bastion PressOathbound: Plains of PenanceBAS1008
Bastion PressOathbound: Wrack & RuinBAS1011
Bastion PressMinions: Fearsome FoesBAS1000
Bastion PressMinions RebirthBAS0000
ChaosiumCall of Cthulhu Gamemaster's PackCHA8801
ChaosiumDunwich: Return to the Forgotten VillageCHA8802
ChaosiumArkham: Unveiling the Legend-Haunted CityCHA8803
Crown of ThornsWyrmsworn: Wings of Talons and FireCTS600-82
DragonsfootMonstrous Tome 1DF7
DragonsfootMonstrous Tome 2DF15
Expeditious Retreat PressMonster Geographica, UndergroundXRP3002
Fantasy Flight GamesMidnight Campaign SettingMN01
Fantasy Flight GamesMinions of the ShadowMN04
Fantasy Flight GamesNocturnumCC05
Fantasy Flight GamesLegends & Lairs: Black Stairs, TheDD12
Fantasy Flight GamesLegends & Lairs: Darkness & DreadDD47
Fantasy Flight GamesLegends & Lairs: Darwell's TowerDD21
Fantasy Flight GamesLegends & Lairs: Dungeon CraftDD37
Fantasy Flight GamesLegends & Lairs: Elemental LoreDD45
Fantasy Flight GamesLegends & Lairs: Froderick's TombDD23
Fantasy Flight GamesLegends & Lairs: Giant LoreDD43
Fantasy Flight GamesLegends & Lairs: Lost HuntDD10
Fantasy Flight GamesLegends & Lairs: Monster's HandbookDD32
Fantasy Flight GamesLegends & Lairs: Path of FaithDD36
Fantasy Flight GamesLegends & Lairs: Path of the SwordDD30
Fantasy Flight GamesLegends & Lairs: Portals and PlanesDD44
Fantasy Flight GamesLegends & Lairs: Punishing Passage, TheDD26
Fantasy Flight GamesLegends & Lairs: Seafarer's HandbookDD27
Fantasy Flight GamesLegends & Lairs: Sewer Fiend, TheDD20
Fantasy Flight GamesLegends & Lairs: Sign of the SkullDD15
Fantasy Flight GamesLegends & Lairs: Spawn of ShurpanakhaDD24
Fantasy Flight GamesLegends & Lairs: Spells and SpellcraftDD28
Fantasy Flight GamesLegends & Lairs: Steam Dragon's RevengeDD19
Fantasy Flight GamesLegends & Lairs: Tuggarth Gauntlet, TheDD09
Fantasy Flight GamesLegends & Lairs: Twisted LoreDD39
Fantasy Flight GamesLegends & Lairs: Voyage to the Storm IsleDD13
Fantasy Flight GamesLegends & Lairs: Weeping Tree, TheDD25
Fantasy Flight GamesLegends & Lairs: Wreyland SerpentDD16
Fast Forward EntertainmentDemons & Devils, Volume OneFAF2016
Fast Forward EntertainmentDemons & Devils, Volume TwoFAF2004
Fast Forward EntertainmentEncyclopedia of AngelsFAF2025
Green Ronin PublishingAdvanced BestiaryGRR1601
Green Ronin PublishingArmies of the AbyssGRR1012
Green Ronin PublishingBlack Company, TheGRR1409
Green Ronin PublishingFang & Fury: Guidebook to VampiresGRR1105
Green Ronin PublishingJade Dragons & Hungry GhostsGRR1009
Green Ronin PublishingLegions of HellGRR1005
Green Ronin PublishingMonsters of the MindGRR1401
Green Ronin PublishingPlot & Poison: Guidebook to DrowGRR1103
Green Ronin PublishingSkull & BonesGRR1018
James LowderRealms of Valor: "The Family Business" 
Kenzer and CompanyDangerous Denizens: Monsters of TelleneK&C1014
Mystic Eye GamesOf Places Most FoulMYG0005
Malhavoc PressArcana EvolvedWW16146
Malhavoc PressBeyond Countless DoorwaysWW16108
Malhavoc PressBook of Eldritch Might IWW16100
Malhavoc PressBook of Eldritch Might IIWW16101
Malhavoc PressBook of Eldritch Might IIIWW16102
Malhavoc PressLegacy of the DragonsWW16143
Mayfair GamesDemons0892752MFG2000
Mayfair GamesDenizens of Diannor1293767MFG1100
Mayfair GamesDenizens of Og0793763MFG1100
Mayfair GamesDenizens of Vecheron1292755MFG1100
Mayfair GamesDenizens of Verekna0393758MFG1400
Mayfair GamesSwordthrustRA715
Mongoose PublishingConan the Roleplaying GameMGP7701
Mongoose PublishingUltimate Monsters, Volume 1MGP9009
Necromancer GamesAncient Kingdoms of MesopotamiaWW8365
Necromancer GamesRappan Athuk 1 - The Dungeon of GravesWW8360
Necromancer GamesRappan Athuk 3 - The Lower LevelsWW8362
Necromancer GamesSiege of Durgham's FollyWW8370
Necromancer GamesTomb of AbysthorWW8351
Necromancer GamesTome of Horrors 1WW8387
Necromancer GamesTome of Horrors 2WW8388
Necromancer GamesTome of Horrors 3WW8389
Necromancer GamesTrouble at DurbenfordWW8385
Necromancer GamesWhat Evil Lurks (G3)WW8371
Paizo PublishingDragon Compendium, Volume OnePZO1100
Paizo PublishingDragon Magazine#1 to Present
Paizo PublishingDungeon Magazine#1 to Present
Paizo PublishingPathfinder: Burnt OfferingsPZO9001
Paizo PublishingPathfinder: Hook Mountain MassacrePZO9003
Paizo PublishingPathfinder: Skinsaw MurdersPZO9002
Paizo PublishingPolyhedron#1 to Present
Privateer PressMonsternomicon, Volume OnePIP201
Privateer PressMonsternomicon, Volume TwoPIP203
SkeletonKey GamesBlackdyrge's Bestiary: Terrors of the Under RealmsSKG----
Sovereign PressAge of MortalsSVP4001
Sovereign PressBestiary of KrynnSVP4801
Sovereign PressKey of DestinySVP4802
Sovereign PressSovereign Stone Campaign SourcebookSVP3001
Sovereign PressTowers of High SorcerySVP4401
Troll Lord GamesAssault on Black Tooth RidgeTLG8020
Troll Lord GamesCastles and Crusades Boxed SetTLG8000
Troll Lord GamesDark ChateauTLGCZA1
Troll Lord GamesDwarven Glory Looking StonesTLG D1.1
Troll Lord GamesFingers of the Forsaken HandTLG8203
Troll Lord GamesHaunted HighlandsTLG8220
Troll Lord GamesMalady of KingsTLG1601
Troll Lord GamesMonsters of Aihrde 1TLG8161
Troll Lord GamesMortality of GreenTLG8210
Troll Lord GamesReturn to Blacktooth RangeTLG80201
Troll Lord GamesShadows of Halfling HallTLG8201
Troll Lord GamesVerdant RageTLG8202
TSR HobbiesAbominations of CeriliaTSR3101
TSR HobbiesAgainst the Giants (G1-3)TSR9058
TSR HobbiesAll That Glitters (UK6)TSR9126
TSR HobbiesAssault on the Aerie of the Slave Lords (A3)TSR9041
TSR HobbiesAsticlian Gambit (DSQ3)TSR2412
TSR HobbiesAstromundi ClusterTSR1087
TSR HobbiesBane of Llywelyn (C5)TSR9109
TSR HobbiesBeyond the Crystal Cave (UK1)TSR9066
TSR HobbiesBirthright Campaign SettingTSR3100
TSR HobbiesBlack Courser (FRA2)TSR9290
TSR HobbiesBlack Flames (DSM1)TSR2417
TSR HobbiesBlack SpineTSR2428
TSR HobbiesBlade of Vengeance (O2)TSR9108
TSR HobbiesBleak HouseTSR1141
TSR HobbiesBlizzard Pass (M1)TSR9067
TSR HobbiesBlood Spawn, Creatures of Light and ShadowTSR3140
TSR HobbiesBook of MagecraftTSR3117
TSR HobbiesCastle Amber (X2)TSR9051
TSR HobbiesCastles ForlornTSR1088
TSR HobbiesChainmailTSR6002
TSR HobbiesChampions of MystaraTSR1094
TSR HobbiesCity by the Silt SeaTSR2432
TSR HobbiesCity of DelightsTSR1091
TSR HobbiesCity of the Gods (DA3)TSR9191
TSR HobbiesCity of SplendorsTSR1109
TSR HobbiesClassic D&D GameTSR1106
TSR HobbiesComplete Psionics HandbookTSR2117
TSR HobbiesComplete Book of ElvesTSR2131
TSR HobbiesConan: Unchained! (CB1)TSR9123
TSR HobbiesConan: Against Darkness! (CB2)TSR9124
TSR HobbiesCreature Catalogue (AC9)TSR9173
TSR HobbiesCrossover Alternity Player's HandbookTSR2800
TSR HobbiesCurse of Xanathon (X3)TSR9056
TSR HobbiesD&D 2nd Edition RulebookTSR2001
TSR HobbiesD&D 2nd Edition Basic SetTSR1001
TSR HobbiesD&D 3rd Edition Basic SetTSR2014
TSR HobbiesD&D 3rd Edition Expert SetTSR2015
TSR HobbiesD&D 4th Edition Basic RulesTSR1011
TSR HobbiesD&D 4th Edition Expert RulesTSR1012
TSR HobbiesD&D 4th Edition Companion RulesTSR1013
TSR HobbiesD&D 4th Edition Master RulesTSR1021
TSR HobbiesD&D 4th Edition Immortals RulesTSR1017
TSR HobbiesD&D 5th Edition Rules CyclopediaTSR1071
TSR HobbiesDark Clouds Gathering (UK7)TSR9151
TSR HobbiesDark Sun World Campaign SettingTSR2400
TSR HobbiesDark Sun Expanded and Revised Campaign SettingTSR2438
TSR HobbiesDawn of the Emperors, Thyatis and AlphatiaTSR1037
TSR HobbiesDead GodsTSR2631
TSR HobbiesDeath AscendentTSR9326
TSR HobbiesDeath's Ride (CM2)TSR9118
TSR HobbiesDescent into the Depths of the Earth (D1-2)TSR9019
TSR HobbiesDoors to the UnknownTSR2626
TSR HobbiesDraconomiconTSR9297
TSR HobbiesDragon KingsTSR2408
TSR HobbiesDragon MountainTSR1089
TSR HobbiesDragons of Deceit (DL9)TSR9137
TSR HobbiesDragons of Despair (DL1)TSR9130
TSR HobbiesDragons of Desolation (DL4)TSR9139
TSR HobbiesDragons of Dreams (DL10)TSR9142
TSR HobbiesDragons of Faith (DL12)TSR9133
TSR HobbiesDragons of Flame (DL2)TSR9132
TSR HobbiesDragons of Hope (DL3)TSR9131
TSR HobbiesDragons of Ice (DL6)TSR9140
TSR HobbiesDragons of Light (DL7)TSR9136
TSR HobbiesDragons of Triumph (DL14)TSR9180
TSR HobbiesDragons of Truth (DL13)TSR9176
TSR HobbiesDragons of War (DL8)TSR9141
TSR HobbiesDragonlance AdventuresTSR2021
TSR HobbiesDrow of the UnderdarkTSR9326
TSR HobbiesDrums on Fire Mountain (X8)TSR9127
TSR HobbiesDungeonland (EX1)TSR9072
TSR HobbiesDungeons and Dragons GameTSR1070
TSR HobbiesDune TraderTSR2407
TSR HobbiesDwellers of the Forbidden City (I1)TSR9046
TSR HobbiesEldritch Wizardry (SU3) [1976]TSR2005
TSR HobbiesElves of EvermeetTSR9430
TSR HobbiesEndless Stair, The (CM8)TSR9192
TSR HobbiesExpedition to the Barrier Peaks (S3) [1980]TSR9033
TSR HobbiesEye of the Serpent (UK5)TSR9125
TSR HobbiesFiend FolioTSR2012
TSR HobbiesForgotten Realms Campaign Setting (revised)TSR1085
TSR HobbiesForgotten Temple of Tharizdun (WG4)TSR9065
TSR HobbiesGates of Firestorm PeakTSR9533
TSR HobbiesGhost Tower of Inverness (C2)TSR9038
TSR HobbiesGrand Duchy of Karameikos (GAZ1)TSR9038
TSR HobbiesGreyhawk: From the AshesTSR1064
TSR HobbiesHall of the Fire Giant King (G3)TSR9018
TSR HobbiesHellbound: The BloodwarTSR2621
TSR HobbiesHidden Shrine of Tamoachan (C1)TSR9032
TSR HobbiesHighlands of RjurikTSR3121
TSR HobbiesHollow World Campaign SettingTSR1054
TSR HobbiesHorror on the Hill (B5)TSR9078
TSR HobbiesImmortals Boxed SetTSR1017
TSR HobbiesImmortal Storm (IM1)TSR9171
TSR HobbiesIn the Dungeons of the Slave Lords (A4)TSR9042
TSR HobbiesIn Search of Adventure (B1-9)TSR9190
TSR HobbiesInto the Maelstrom (M1)TSR9159
TSR HobbiesIntroduction to AD&D Boxed SetTSR1134
TSR HobbiesIsle of Dread (X1)TSR9043
TSR HobbiesIsle of the Ape (WG6)TSR9153
TSR HobbiesIvory Triangle, TheTSR2418
TSR HobbiesJourney to the Rock (B8)TSR9106
TSR HobbiesKara-Tur, The Eastern RealmsTSR1032
TSR HobbiesLand Beyond the Magic Mirror (EX2)TSR9073
TSR HobbiesLankhmar: City of AdventureTSR9162
TSR HobbiesLankhmar: Swords of Deceit (CA2)TSR9170
TSR HobbiesLegends and LoreTSR2108
TSR HobbiesLost Caverns of Tsojcanth (S4)TSR9061
TSR HobbiesLost City (B4)TSR9049
TSR HobbiesLost Island of Castanamir (C3)TSR9110
TSR HobbiesLost Tomb of Martek (I5)TSR9054
TSR HobbiesMad Monkey vs the Dragon Claw (OA5)TSR9242
TSR HobbiesManual of the PlanesTSR2022
TSR HobbiesMaster of the Desert Nomads (X4)TSR9068
TSR HobbiesMaze of the Riddling Minotaur (MSOL02)TSR9060
TSR HobbiesMaztica Campaign SettingTSR1066
TSR HobbiesMenzoberranzen Campaign ExpansionTSR1083
TSR HobbiesMind Lords of the Last SeaTSR2444
TSR HobbiesMines of Bloodstone (H2)TSR9168
TSR HobbiesMonster Manual 1TSR2009
TSR HobbiesMonster Manual 2TSR2016
TSR HobbiesMonstrous Compendium, Volume 1 (MC1)TSR2102
TSR HobbiesMonstrous Compendium, Volume 2 (MC2)TSR2103
TSR HobbiesMonstrous Compendium, Volume 3: Forgotten Realms (MC3)TSR2104
TSR HobbiesMonstrous Compendium, Volume 4: Dragonlance (MC4)TSR2105
TSR HobbiesMonstrous Compendium, Volume 5: Greyhawk (MC5)TSR2107
TSR HobbiesMonstrous Compendium, Volume 6: Kara-Tur (MC6)TSR2116
TSR HobbiesMonstrous Compendium, Volume 7: Spelljammer (MC7)TSR2109
TSR HobbiesMonstrous Compendium, Volume 8: Outer Planes (MC8)TSR2118
TSR HobbiesMonstrous Compendium, Volume 9: Spelljammer Appendix II (MC9)TSR2119
TSR HobbiesMonstrous Compendium, Volume 10: Ravenloft (MC10)TSR2122
TSR HobbiesMonstrous Compendium, Volume 11: Forgotten Realms Appendix 2TSR2125
TSR HobbiesMonstrous Compendium, Volume 12: Dark SunTSR2433
TSR HobbiesMonstrous Compendium, Volume 13: Al-QadimTSR2129
TSR HobbiesMonstrous Compendium, Volume 14: Fiend Folio (MC14)TSR2129
TSR HobbiesMonstrous Compendium, Volume 15: Ravenloft Appendix 2 - Children of the NightTSR2139
TSR HobbiesMonstrous Compendium Annual, Volume OneTSR2145
TSR HobbiesMonstrous Compendium Annual, Volume TwoTSR2158
TSR HobbiesMonstrous Compendium Annual, Volume ThreeTSR2166
TSR HobbiesMonstrous Compendium Annual, Volume FourTSR2173
TSR HobbiesMonstrous Compendium: Dark Sun Appendix II - Terrors Beyond TyrTSR2433
TSR HobbiesMonstrous Compendium: Mystara AppendixTSR2501
TSR HobbiesMonstrous Compendium: Planescape Appendix ITSR2602
TSR HobbiesMonstrous Compendium: Planescape Appendix IITSR2613
TSR HobbiesMonstrous Compendium: Planescape Appendix IIITSR2635
TSR HobbiesMonstrous Compendium: Ravenloft Appendix III: Creatures of DarknessTSR2153
TSR HobbiesMonstrous Compendium: Savage Coast (Red Steel)TSR2524
TSR HobbiesMonstrous Manual [1998]TSR2140
TSR HobbiesMordenkainen's Fantastic Adventure (WG5)TSR9112
TSR HobbiesMystery of the Snow Pearls (CM5)TSR9154
TSR HobbiesNehwon (LNA2)TSR9305
TSR HobbiesNetheril, Empire of MagicTSR1147
TSR HobbiesNew Adventures of Fafhrd and Grey MouserTSR1144
TSR HobbiesNightmare Lands, TheTSR1124
TSR HobbiesNight Below, Evils of HaranshireTSR1125
TSR HobbiesNight of the VampireTSR2509
TSR HobbiesNight's Dark Terror (B10)TSR9149
TSR HobbiesOasis of the White Palm (I4)TSR9053
TSR HobbiesOchimo the Spirit Warrior (OA3)TSR9195
TSR HobbiesOtherlands (DLR1)TSR9278
TSR HobbiesPalace of the Silver Princess (B3)TSR9044
TSR HobbiesPharaoh (I3)TSR9052
TSR HobbiesPlanes of ChaosTSR2603
TSR HobbiesPlanes of ConflictTSR2615
TSR HobbiesPlanes of LawTSR2607
TSR HobbiesPlanescape Campaign SettingTSR2600
TSR HobbiesQuagmire! (X6)TSR9081
TSR HobbiesQueen of the Demonweb Pits (Q1)TSR9035
TSR HobbiesQueen of the Spiders (GDQ1-7)TSR9179
TSR HobbiesQuest for the Heartstone (XL1)TSR9114
TSR HobbiesRahasia (B7)TSR9115
TSR HobbiesRahasia (RPGA1)TSR6064
TSR HobbiesRavager of Time (I8)TSR9169
TSR HobbiesRavenloft (I6)TSR9075
TSR HobbiesRavenloft Appendix III: Creatures of DarknessTSR2153
TSR HobbiesRavenloft: Realm of TerrorTSR1053
TSR HobbiesRed Arrow Black Shield (X10)TSR9160
TSR HobbiesRed Sonja Unconquered (RS1)TSR9183
TSR HobbiesRed Steel Campaign SettingTSR2504
TSR HobbiesRequiem, the Grim HarvestTSR1146
TSR HobbiesReturn to White Plume MountainTSR11434
TSR HobbiesRod of Seven PartsTSR1145
TSR HobbiesRuins of Myth DrannorTSR1084
TSR HobbiesRuins of Undermountain ITSR1060
TSR HobbiesRuins of Undermountain IITSR1104
TSR HobbiesRuins of Zhentil KeepTSR1120
TSR HobbiesRules CyclopediaTSR1071
TSR HobbiesSaga of the Shadow Lord (X11)TSR9165
TSR HobbiesSabre River (CM3)TSR9119
TSR HobbiesSavage Coast, The (X9)TSR9129
TSR HobbiesSecret of the Slavers Stockade (A2)TSR9040
TSR HobbiesSecrets of Bone Hill (L1)TSR9045
TSR HobbiesSentinel, The (UK2)TSR9101
TSR HobbiesShadow Rift, TheTSR1163
TSR HobbiesShip of HorrorTSR9321
TSR HobbiesShrine of the Kuo-Toa (D2)TSR9020
TSR HobbiesSkarda's Mirror (X12)TSR9188
TSR HobbiesSlave Pits of the Undercity (A1)TSR9039
TSR HobbiesSpellboundTSR1121
TSR HobbiesSpelljammer: AD&D Adventures in SpaceTSR1049
TSR HobbiesSpelljammer: The Legend of SpelljammerTSR1065
TSR HobbiesStar Drive Alien CompendiumTSR2805
TSR HobbiesSword of RoeleTSR3118
TSR HobbiesSwords of the DaimyoTSR9164
TSR HobbiesSwords of the Undercity (CA1)TSR9150
TSR HobbiesTaladas: The MinotaursTSR9344
TSR HobbiesTales of the LanceTSR1074
TSR HobbiesTemple of Death (X5)TSR9069
TSR HobbiesThri-Kreen of AthasTSR2437
TSR HobbiesThunderdelve Mountain (XS2)TSR9157
TSR HobbiesTime of the DragonTSR1050
TSR HobbiesTomb of Horrors (S1)TSR9022
TSR HobbiesTomb of the Lizard King (I2)TSR9055
TSR HobbiesTreasure of the Hideous One (AC2)TSR9099
TSR HobbiesTribes of the Heartless WastesTSR3147
TSR HobbiesValley of Dust and Fire (DSR4)TSR2413
TSR HobbiesVan Richten's Guide to the CreatedTSR9417
TSR HobbiesVault of the Drow (D3)TSR9021
TSR HobbiesVeiled Society (B6)TSR9086
TSR HobbiesVengeance of Alphaks (M2)TSR9148
TSR HobbiesVikings Campaign SourcebookTSR9322
TSR HobbiesVolo's Guide to All Things MagicalTSR9535
TSR HobbiesVolo's Departure (MV1)TSR9444
TSR HobbiesWar Rafts of Kron (X7)TSR9079
TSR HobbiesWarlock of the StonecrownsTSR3110
TSR HobbiesWhen a Star Falls (UK4)TSR9120
TSR HobbiesWhite Plume Mountain (S2)TSR9027
TSR HobbiesWindriders of the Jagged CliffsTSR2439
TSR HobbiesWrath of the ImmortalsTSR1082
Thomas Y. Crowell Co.AbyssC.P. Idyll 1971
White WolfCreature CollectionWW8300
White WolfCreature Collection II: Dark MenagerieWW8301
White WolfCreature Collection III: Savage BestiaryWW8303
White WolfEngel: CorebookWW17000
White WolfEngel: Creatures of the DreamseedWW17001
White WolfGame of Thrones RPGWW8345
White WolfNecropolisWW8390
White WolfRavenloft Denizens of DarknessWW15002
White WolfRavenloft Gazetteer, Volume 2WW15021
White WolfRavenloft Gazetteer, Volume 5WW15024
White WolfRelics & Rituals: ExcaliburWW16711
White WolfVan Richten's Guide to the Shadow FeyWW15012
White WolfWarcraft: Magic & MayhemWW17203
White WolfWarcraft: Manual of MonstersWW17201
Wizards of the CoastArms and Equipment Guide881590000
Wizards of the CoastBastion of Broken Souls881670000
Wizards of the CoastBook of Exalted Deeds880260000
Wizards of the CoastBook of Nine Swords95387200
Wizards of the CoastBook of Vile Darkness881610000
Wizards of the CoastCall of Cthulhu886440000
Wizards of the CoastChampions of Ruin178720000
Wizards of the CoastCity of Splendors: Waterdeep881620000
Wizards of the CoastCity of the Spider Queen885740000
Wizards of the CoastCityscape953867200
Wizards of the CoastComplete Arcane179250000
Wizards of the CoastComplete Warrior176640000
Wizards of the CoastD20 Future885970000
Wizards of the CoastD20 Modern Roleplaying Game881900000
Wizards of the CoastDeep Horizon118550000
Wizards of the CoastDeities and Demigods881650000
Wizards of the CoastDraconomicon176680000
Wizards of the CoastDragon Magic953837200
Wizards of the CoastDragonlance Campaign Setting869900000
Wizards of the CoastDungeonscape956847200
Wizards of the CoastEberron Campaign Setting864000000
Wizards of the CoastEpic Level Handbook881690000
Wizards of the CoastExpanded Psionics Handbook966660000
Wizards of the CoastExpedition to the Demonweb Pits955687200
Wizards of the CoastExpedition to the Ruins of Castle Greyhawk109257200
Wizards of the CoastExpedition to Undermountain957327200
Wizards of the CoastFiend Folio886610000
Wizards of the CoastFiendish Codex 1: Hordes of the Abyss953757200
Wizards of the CoastFiendish Codex 2: Tyrants of the Nine Hells953877200
Wizards of the CoastFive Nations178680000
Wizards of the CoastForgotten Realms Campaign SettingWTC11836
Wizards of the CoastFrostburn177580000
Wizards of the CoastGhostwalk885660000
Wizards of the CoastHeart of Nightfang Spire118470000
Wizards of the CoastHeroes of Battle860900000
Wizards of the CoastHeroes of Horror885227200
Wizards of the CoastInto the Dragon's Lair116340000
Wizards of the CoastLibris Mortis179240000
Wizards of the CoastLord of the Iron Fortress881630000
Wizards of the CoastLords of Madness: Book of Aberrations177410000
Wizards of the CoastLost Empires of Faerun177380000
Wizards of the CoastMagic of Eberron882917200
Wizards of the CoastMagic of FaerūnWTC11964
Wizards of the CoastMagic of Incarnum885797200
Wizards of the CoastManual of the PlanesWTC11850
Wizards of the CoastMenace Manual177610000
Wizards of the CoastMiniatures Handbook965820000
Wizards of the CoastMonster Manual 1TSR11552
Wizards of the CoastMonster Manual 1 (v3.5)177550000
Wizards of the CoastMonster Manual 2882680000
Wizards of the CoastMonster Manual 3179210000
Wizards of the CoastMonster Manual 4953767200
Wizards of the CoastMonster Manual 5956817200
Wizards of the CoastMonsters of FaerūnWTC11832
Wizards of the CoastOriental AdventuresWTC12015
Wizards of the CoastPlanar Handbook179200000
Wizards of the CoastPlayer's HandbookTSR11550
Wizards of the CoastPool of Radiance, Attack on Myth Drannor117100000
Wizards of the CoastProphecies of the Dragon882930000
Wizards of the CoastPsionics HandbookWTC11835
Wizards of the CoastRaces of Faerun885780000
Wizards of the CoastRaces of Stone965670000
Wizards of the CoastRaces of the Wild179280000
Wizards of the CoastReturn to the Temple of Elemental EvilWTC11843
Wizards of the CoastSandstorm177390000
Wizards of the CoastSavage Species881580000
Wizards of the CoastSerpent Kingdoms965660000
Wizards of the CoastSharn: City of Towers864200000
Wizards of the CoastShining South179290000
Wizards of the CoastSilver Marches885670000
Wizards of the CoastSpeaker in Dreams, The118300000
Wizards of the CoastStanding Stone, The118380000
Wizards of the CoastStormwrack178670000
Wizards of the CoastSunless Citadel, The116400000
Wizards of the CoastTome of Magic953657200
Wizards of the CoastUnderdark885810000
Wizards of the CoastUrban Arcana Campaign Setting881720000
Wizards of the CoastWheel of Time Roleplaying GameWTC11996