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Arcane Education

The making of these scrolls is a mystery lost to time. These blank sheets of vellum possess a strange magical aura which does not belong to any particular school of magic.
    To use the scroll, the spell-caster writes down their arcane theories of how the spell functions, sets it aflame, and then sprinkles the ashes upon their head. Having done so the spell-caster must make a Will save (DC 10 + spell level). If successful they gain full knowledge of the spell scribed; failure causes 1d4 points of temporary intelligence damage.
    This item can only be used by arcane spell-casters. These scrolls are especially prized by sorcerers for they can be used to add one new spell to their spell list, potentially exceeding the maximum number of spells they can know at their present sorcerer level.
Market Price: 17,500 gp;
Weight: -