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Bracelets of the Sea King

This pair of bracelets are beautifully carved from abalone and embedded with sanded smooth mother of pearl. A detect magic reveals a weak Alteration dweomer. An identify reveals that the bracelets only function once every hundred years and that their true nature is not unlocked until they are worn, but no more.
     Any creature can wear the bracelets; they magically stretch or shrink to fit if necessary. When both are worn, the bracelets fade into the wearer's skin and then beautiful rainbow colored and intricately woven tattoos begin climbing their arms from wrist to elbow.
    They are obviously magical tattoos, such artwork not possible by mundane means. They are also permanent and cannot be removed without magic less powerful than a wish. The receiver of the tattoos will find that any other magical bracers will not function for as long as they have the tattoos. There is no saving throw to avoid the tattoo effect.
    The six colored tattoos bestow six magical abilities unto their wearer. Only one of the tattoos functions may be active at a time. Unless noted otherwise, each function of the tattoos is a supernatural power and requires a standard action to activate. The powers of the tattoos are as follows:

  • The wearer gains a +4 natural armor bonus when fighting defensively (using the Expertise feat) or executing a Total Defense action.
  • The wearer gains a +2 Resistance bonus to all saving throws. This power automatically activates itself if needed and no other power of the tattoos are activated.
  • The wearer can summon at will an unseen servant as per the spell by the same name. This is a spell-like ability which provokes an attack of opportunity.
  • The wearer can cause their hands to burst into flame. The flame emits a light equal to a torch in radiance. Creatures struck by the flames suffer 1d4 points of fire damage in addition to normal damage. This power functions underwater.
  • At will, the bearer of the tattoos can invoke the power of supernatural sight, allowing them to see invisible creatures and creatures lurking in the nearby Border Ethereal. Use of supernatural sight requires continuous concentration and provokes an attack of opportunity. The bearer may make a concentration check (DC 15) to use this power defensively and not provoke attacks of opportunity.
  • Thrice per day the wearer of the tattoos can inscribe an Arcane Mark. This ability functions as the spell by the same name. Use of this power is a spell-like ability and provokes an attack of opportunity.

Caster Level: 20th;
Weight: 3 lbs.