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Axe of Arquin

This handaxe has a sturdy ironwood handle with a single bladed woodsman's axe head affixed to its head. There is a small symbol of three wavy lines in parallel burned into the handle near its base. Once held by the warrior Bolas of the Eastern Empire, the Axe of Arquin was lost in the ocean and has not been seen since. It was given to the warrior to assist him in his quest for the Golden Fist, a magical glove or hand (depending on the legend) which was stolen from the Eastern Empire by the Urdain Dwarves of the Underhalls by King Arquin, Son of the Emperor of the Eastern Empire.
    The axe bears a +3 enchantment. When thrown it returns to its users hands at the end of that melee round, ready to be thrown once more the next round of combat. The axe has a range increment of 70 ft. When this axe is held in hand its bearer takes one less point of damage per die roll from any source of damage.
Caster Level: 15th;
Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, telekinesis, resist elements;
Market Price: 32,300 gp;
Weight: 5 lbs.