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Axe of Sodex

The beautiful greataxe blade of the Axe of Sodex can be mounted upon any greataxe handle. The axe-head is a polished silver with mysterious runes which slowly writhe across its surface. It is a marvelous weapon, but the weapon has its drawbacks since its power is drained away from other magical items.
    Each time the axe is used in combat it siphons magical energy from one the nearest magical weapon within 30 feet that has an enhancement bonus. The weapon from which the Axe of Sodex steals its power permanently loses one of its +1 enhancement modifiers.
    The axe of Sodex possesses a +3 enhancement bonus to damage and attack rolls. Further, the axe is keen and scores critical hits on attack rolls of 19 or 20 for x3 damage. Finally, the axe is vorpal enchanted.
    Wards have been placed upon the axe to prevent tampering with its magic. Any attempt to alter or add to the axe's powers affects a mental storm upon the spell-caster who made the attempt, inflicting 2d4 points of temporary intelligence damage.
Caster Level: 18th;
Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armors, death spell, keen edge, limited wish;
Market Price: 162,340 gp;
Weight: 20 lbs.