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Hammer of Quakes

The Hammer of Quakes is a +4 enchanted warhammer made of cracked crystal. A Detect Magic will radiate strong invocation magic contained within it.
    This hammer was created for Grashad Ironsplitter of the lost dwarven halls of Grimmersore. While exploring deep in the remote heights of the Cruth Mountains, the great explorer Eric Bedswether found the lost entrance to these ancient halls, and explored into their ruins only a short way when he found this crystal hammer in the hands of a dead dwarf, who also had a dagger with the name Grashad Ironsplitter engraved into its pommel.
    Eric took both dagger and hammer, left Grimmersore, and headed back to civilization to share his carefully detailed maps and tale with his friends. Upon returning to the United Kingdoms, Eric found an Inn and met with his friends at a nearby bar and shared his secret with them.
    Retiring from the meeting early Eric left his friends at the bar and headed off to his hotel for the night. His friends returned to the hotel an hour later and found the place in an uproar with guards and townsfolk all around all talking of a spiral of wailing spirits which had descended upon the inn from the skies, and that all that had been found of Eric was his body torn to shreds and scattered through-out his room. No one else was hurt fortunately, but Eric's maps and the hammer disappeared and were not seen again.
    The next day, several terrible earthquakes shook the city and the inn in which Eric was slain was turned to rubble. Months later rumors came down through the town that just before the wailing spirits had descended upon the inn a short and heavily set figure, cloaked in darkness, was seen fleeing the inn. Later, reports that strange foreigners, dwarves from some far land and with strange mannerisms, were said to have entered and left the city the same day as the terrible earthquakes. No guards on duty at the city gates at the time could verify having seen such strange visitors either come in or leave the city.
    Several of Eric's friends who went into the mountains looking for the lost halls of Grimmersore are said to have never been seen again.
    By legend, as it is told by sages familiar with the name Grashad Ironsplitter and the legends surrounding the lost halls of Grimmersore, the hammer was forged by unknown hands and was stolen by the banished Ironsplitter clan from Grimmersore. The second son of Badaxe Ironsplitter, Grashad, is said to have taken the hammer and used it to collapse great swaths of the magnificent underground complex that was Grimmersore, killing many thousands. The spirits of the dead of Grimmersore immediately rose and slew Grashad as he fled from the crumbling ruin of Grimmersore and then descended upon the rest of the Ironsplitter clan and slew every last one.
    Sages reveal that the hammer is said to possess the following powers:

  • With a fierce shout and upon striking the ground, the wielder of the hammer can cause either a rift 5d6 x 10 (50 to 300 ft) feet long and 20 feet deep to open up in the direction that the wielder of the hammer is facing, or may cause an earthquake (as the wizard spell) to strike, centered at a random point within 100 feet of the hammer. Wielders of the hammer with dwarven blood in their veins can control where the earthquake is centered.
  • The wielder is immune to all petrification or paralyzation effects.
  • The hammer has the property of disruption when used against undead.
  • Twice per week, with a successful strength check and a mighty roar, the wielder of the hammer may strike an opponent. The opponent must make a Fortitude save (DC 19) or be disintegrated.
  • Beings of dwarven descent gain a +10 bonus to Appraise, Search, and Knowledge checks made regarding stoneworked items or for finding stoneworked secret doors. Dwarven descendents also gain a +1 bonus to their constitution while in possession of the hammer.

Beings who are not of dwarven descent have a 1% chance per use of the items powers of attracting the attention of 1d4 spirits of Grimmersore who were slain by the weapon shortly after its creation. The ghosts manifest 1d10 rounds after the the items use and attack the wielder without quarter.
Caster Level: 21st;
Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Craft Wonderous Item, Earthquake, Disintegrate, Freedom of Movement;
Market Price: 162,000gp;
Weight: 8 lb.