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Truth is a +5 holy avenger longsword, blessed by the touch of a planetar, one of Lathidus' highest servents. In the hands of any but a paladin of Lathidus the sword is only a +2 longsword. The blade is made from glacial ice and ripples like cold water. It is incredibly sharp and cannot be broken. The pommel is made from crystal, taken from the crystal caves of Nomoth of the Eastern Empire, and burn with a soft golden fire. Evil creatures who attempt to pick up the blade are immolated in holy golden fire for one minute or as long as they hold it (which ever the longer), suffering 1d6 damage per round with no save. Creatures neither evil nor lawful who grasp the sword suffer as if they had been struck by it. The blade has the following powers in the hands of a paladin of Lathidus:

  • On command, the blade radiates light as the spell Daylight.
  • The paladin (and his mount, if within 20 feet of the blade) receives spell resistance 21 and damage resistance 3/-.
  • On command, the touch of the blade can dispel magic three times per day. This power functions as though cast by a sorcerer of the wielders character level.
  • On command, the paladin may bestow the effects of bless upon a kneeling creature by touching the tip of the sword to their shoulder.
  • The sword doubles the healing powers of the paladin and all healing spells cast by the paladin.
  • The golden flames of the sword turn bronze colored when aggressive evil creatures are within 50 feet of the blade.
  • The paladin may use the blade to interpose between himself and a single evil creature. The creature to whom the blade is pointed cannot approach within 40 feet of the wielder and must remove itself to this distance upon the invocation of this power. The paladin receives a +4 sacred bonus to all saving throws against that creature while invoking this power.

Caster Level: 20th;
Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Holy Aura, creator must be good.;
Market Price: 120,315 gp;
Cost to Create: 60,315 gp + 4,800XP
Weight: 4 lb.