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Made during the Dark Curse wars for the great elfin warrior Fare Derilin, this sword proved mighty against the undead hordes of the time and against other creatures of the night. The sword blade is made of glass, but is harder than steel and glows a pale white light in a 5 foot radius. Its handle is made of a beautifully carved green jade, covered with the design of many rippling serpents.
    While holding the blade the wielders low-light or darkvision is doubled. Humans and creatures without improved vision gain 60 foot darkvision. Undead of 5 or fewer hit dice who are struck by this blade are disrupted. Against other undead the blade deals an additional 2d6 points of holy damage. Any watery body which this sword is dipped into becomes proof vs poison and is purified into delicious water. Lastly, the sheath of the weapon, blesses its bearer with fast healing 1 if they are a devout follower of a good god. Evil creatures who hold the blade receive 2 negative levels for as long as they hold it. The negative levels disappear when the evil creature ceases to hold the blade.
Caster Level: 18th;
Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, darkvision, holy smite, purify food and drink, creator must be good;
Market Price: 120,000 gp
Weight: 5 lb.