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Graymane of the Moors

This evil +3 bastard sword is so ancient that its true forging is unknown, it is named so because of the gray, misty light which it emits and because its first recorded appearance is from the Peril Swamps of the Eastern Empire. All of the sword, pommel to blade-tip, is colored a plain clay gray color. No shadows nor light will reflect upon its surface. Its blade is straight and unadorned, likewise its pommel and grip are also plain in design.
    Creatures struck by the Graymane must make a Fortitude save (DC 17) or immediately contract a lothsome disease. Each saving throw made to recover from the disease cause the loss of 1d4 Constitution and 1 Dexterity point, if the check is failed.
    Wounds inflicted with this blade fester and stubbornly refuse to heal except through magical means. Healing spells are limited to repairing a number of hitpoints less than or equal to the healers class level.
    Three times per day this blade can emit a fearsome gray radiance of light for 2d6 rounds. All creatures viewing this radiance must make Fortitude saves (DC 15) or become permanently blinded, their eyes painfully swelling shut.
Caster Level: 12th;
Prerequisites: Create Magic Arms and Armor, Blind, Contagion, creator must be evil;
Market Price: 77,000;
Weight: 10 lb.