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Magebane is a +2 enchanted scimitar. When used against spell-casting beings, its enchantment becomes +4 and the blade does an additional 2d6 points of damage. Magebane guards its wielder from magic with the power of spell turning. Each day, the sword will turn 1d4+6 spell levels of magic. Further, 3 times per day, the possessor of the blade can perform a targeted dispel magic by making a successful touch attack against the item to be dispelled. Any spellcaster struck by Magebane must make a will save (DC 20) or suffer the loss of one highest level known memorized spell. Last, the bearer of the blade can create an anti-magic field, on command, once per day. All powers of the blade function as though invoked by a 15th level spell caster.
    The item was created by an evil fighter who made a pact with a demon to have the item made. Hoping to use the item to slay the powerful mages of the Silothreni, the warrior descended into the earth to challenge them and all those he could find who wielded magic. The warrior and the item were never seen again, but later information concerning the powers of the item were divined upon a chance summoning of the same demonic entity.
Caster Level: 15th;
Prerequisites: Create Magic Arms and Armor, antimagic field, dispel magic, modify memory, spell turning, summon monster I;
Market Price: 312,900 gp;
Weight: 4 lb.