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Cloak of Shadows

The Cloak of Shadows is made of the very material of darkness itself, being no more than a shadow itself. It is black of course, and one could slip their hand through its "cloth" with no more than a small amount of effort. Natural shadows react to the presence of this cloak, growing and leaning towards the cloak in such a way that if the wearer of the cloak was to walk down a shadowy street, the shadows from the buildings on either side, and all other shadows, would grow towards the cloak as if wanting to touch the it. Shadow creatures ignore the wearer of the cloak, mistaking them for one of their own kind.
    The cloak grants a +3 deflection bonus to the wearer's armor class. When in the presence of shadows or darkness, the wearer can become invisible at will. Once per week the wearer may summon 1d6 shadows to do his bidding for one hour.
Caster Level: 5th;
Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, deeper darkness;
Market Price: 24,171 gp;
Weight: -