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Robes of the Sand

These mystic robes, said to originate from the Banderin tribes of the Desert of the Sinnd, are a grainy brown and yellowed color, much like sand, and feel slightly abrasive (like sand) to the touch. The wearer of the robe becomes invisible arid environments and is immune to the fatiguing effects of extreme heat tempretures. Further, the wearer gains damage reduction 3/-. Lastly, the wearer can change their body into sand, allowing them to flow under doors or remain completely disguised in a sandy setting. The transformation lasts for one hour and can be used once per day. While in sand form the wearer's damage reduction becomes 20/+1 and they cannot speak, hear, or smell. Changing shapes while in sand form is a standard action.
Caster Level: 11th;
Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, flesh to stone;
Market Price: 27,400 gp;
Weight: 3 lb.