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Shield of Deloni

This relic of the UnHoly wars was prized by the forces led by the Sorceress Sephina. The Shield of Deloni is a large metal shield with a three-dimensional golden embossing of a lion on its front (deloni is Old Tongue for "the lion").
    On command, this magical shield radiates light as the spell daylight. The shield bears a +2 sacred bonus to both the bearer's armor class and saving throws. When used against undead or creatures which draw power from the negative material plane, the bonuses of this shield increase to +4. Thrice per day the bearer of this shield can invoke detect evil, lasting for one hour.
Caster Level: 12th;
Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armors, daylight, detect evil;
Market Price: 108,800 gp;
Weight: 15 lb.